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In 2011 I had the privilege of traveling to the Maua Methodist Hospital in Kenya with an incredible team from the Memorial Drive United Methodist Church. I had been a Christian all my life, but this was the first time my heart ever broke the way I now believe the Lord intends every heart to break.

I met the most amazing, spirit-filled people on this trip. I learned so much from the joy and the unwavering faith that the Kenyan people exude, but my heart was simultaneously breaking for their living conditions, their lack of homes, water, food, and the rampant spread of AIDS and starvation in the community.

Flash forward a few years, and here we are today. I have now traveled to many other countries, seen many ways of life, learned stories, shared the gospel, and had my heart broken a thousand additional times.

During Advent in 2013, I felt a strong pull towards doing something radical in 2014. Returning to the mission field was not an option for this year, but supporting the mission was (and is). My church home, Ecclesia Houston, is deeply involved with Living Water International, and after many prayers, many conversations with my husband, and a few weeks of going back and forth between feeling certain and feeling crazy, we stepped into a year of radical giving, A Year for Living Water.

All of the profits made from Smith House Photography during 2014 have been donated to Living Water International to support Water Wells and other Clean Water projects around the world while spreading the love of Christ. If you have never heard of Living Water International, or are not familiar with what they do, I would highly encourage you to check out their website. My husband, myself, and two gals from our church small group were also able to go to Leon, Nicaragua in October to participate in the drilling of a well!


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