Made With a Purpose


Made With a Purpose is a social enterprise that sells beautiful, customized, never before seen bags in an effort to empower women and young girls in India. In India, nearly 245 million women do not have a chance to attend school; the primary reasons for this are poverty and the continuing social and cultural beliefs that discriminate against girls. Our hope is that, with the help of brides that are out to make a difference in the world, we can spread the message around what we are doing, expand, and be able to improve these numbers one woman, one bag, and one opportunity for a child at a time! We believe our bags are a perfect addition to wedding events as wedding favors for guests and/or bridesmaids. By including our bags to their wedding events, not only will the brides give out unique wedding favors to their guests, but they will also be supporting our cause and spreading the word about our cause! We know that together we can make a difference in the world, and that’s why we want to join forces with socially conscious brides!

How We Give Back:
  • Poverty/Homelessness
  • Local/International Artisan Support

Location: San Jose, CA - Ships Everywhere

Wedding Category: Product
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