Kera Photography


I am a lover, a friend, the quirky girl who loves old photographs, colors, music and nature. I am a baker, a runner, a peanut butter loving fanatic – but most of all, I am an artist and a professional, your friend, someone to share your laughter and stories. I am a person that is so humbled by the mission of Black Sheep Bride that it only made sense to be a part of a community dedicated in helping better the world around us.

Kéra has a passion for people, the passion for love and light and the want to make people happy. Her job is not to make you someone you aren’t, but to highlight the simple features and best features of you. Kéra loves to give back to those in need of a little self confidence boost. Specializing in Therapeutic Photography , Kéra helps to allow people to feel comfortable with themselves. This type of therapy increases people’s own self-knowledge, awareness, and well-being, improving their relationships with themselves and others.

Kéra supports this cause by getting involved in her own local cause for people in need, as well as Beauty Revived. In 2015, Kéra plans to expand her giving reach by also contributing one tree per wedding booked to help brides and grooms give back.


How We Give Back:
  • Terminal Illness & Disease
  • Environmentally Conscious

Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Wedding Category: Photographer