Heartful.ly is a charitable wedding registry platform for engaged couples to register for specific infrastructure and development projects around the world. By partnering with vetted organizations with boots on the ground, we offer couples an opportunity to confidently and directly support charitable projects that reflect their values.

From building classrooms to lighting up communities with solar energy, Heartful.ly curates a diverse range of projects across many sectors and price points. Once a project is selected, registries are broken down into individual “gifts” like bricks, cement, and buckets of paint so that guests feel connected to their contribution.

No matter the size of a Heartful.ly registry, we help couples find projects that make their heart sing.


How We Give Back:
  • Poverty/Homelessness
  • Orphan Relief
  • Human Trafficking
  • Local/International Artisan Support
  • Education/Arts
  • Terminal Illness & Disease
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Animals
  • Faith Based
  • Disabilities - Physical
  • Special Needs
  • Youth
  • Military

Location: Online

Wedding Category: Other