Green Pearl Photography


Green Pearl Photography is dedicated to choosing products made by companies that are environmentally conscious. Photography relies on the use of paper, we would not be able to visibly cherish our memories without it, but I strongly feel that the materials in the paper, ink and albums do not negatively affect our living environment. I also follow this belief into my business practices by utilizing online contracts and proofing galleries. I also love to share with my brides how they can reduce waste during their wedding give them resource options to recycle their decor after the big day.

Aside from striving to be an eco-friendly photography service. I have committed to saving the life of at least one baby through the Pregnancy Centers of Pinellas County. They work with mothers who are not prepared to have a child and who may be leaning in the direction that could potentially cost them their child. God has weighed on my heart for awhile to help in this way and I look forward to what he will do this year and years to come through my business to reach out father than I can currently grasp.


How We Give Back:
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Faith Based

Location: Tampa, FL

Wedding Category: Photographer