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Melissa, of Contemporary Captures Photography, is a multi-published, award winning photographer based in Tampa, Florida. She has a huge heart and believes “mothering” is one of her greatest gifts. Whether its one of her 5 kids, working with children diagnosed with cancer, or helping families welcome home their loved ones who’ve been serving our country overseas. She loves working in the community whether it be through church, or local schools and clubs planning celebrations and capturing memories.

Melissa works with several non-profits throughout the year and would love to .

Flashes of Hope
Flashes of Hope raises funds to accelerate a cure for children’s cancer while honoring the unique life and memories of every child fighting cancer.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, believes we have a responsibility to be the voice of foster care adoption, so that every child finds a family. They exist to find homes for children who are waiting to be adopted from foster care in North America. In the process, They work to inform adults who may have misperceptions about foster care adoption that keep them from getting involved. Through the money they raise, they are able to provide free educational resources, promote awareness, assist policymakers and employers, and support adoption professionals and agencies throughout the United States and Canada to ensure that every child finds a forever home.

Oplove‘s mission is to boost the morale of deployed service members through photography. The organization helps those long months go by a little faster by capturing the moments that you will long remember and always treasure. It’s art. It’s love. It’s all made possible by artists wanting to give something back to those who make our country what it is, and ask for nothing in return but for these brave men and women to come back home.

How We Give Back:
  • Poverty/Homelessness
  • Orphan Relief
  • Terminal Illness & Disease

Location: Tampa, FL

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