Cat Lemus Photography


My photography is for the passionate entrepreneurs, the world travelers, the fun seekers and those who want images that stand out, win award and belong on your living room walls. I love brides who enjoy pretty things but when all the pinterest buttons have worn out they value most their relationships. The girl that comes to me and says “on my big day I want photos of my mom cause she’s the most incredible person I know” or “candids of my sorority sisters who are all still best friends 10 years later” – that’s my kinda bride!

I am a huge advocate for pet rescue. My husband and I adopted 1 cat and 2 dogs over the years and it spurred an absolute love of fur babies and trying to make sure they’re all adopted to great homes and well taken care of. Every week I volunteer as a shelter photographer and photograph (as well as play with, walk, bathe and feed) animals in need of adoption. I do this in the hopes that professional photos will help people see the true awesomeness of these animals and get them adopted. I also do personal projects involving people and their pets (like the woof photo booth) in which the proceeds are given to shelters and rescues. In the future I’m hoping to continue to grow and give and partner with more rescues in need!

How We Give Back:
  • Animals

Location: Winter Park, FL

Wedding Category: Photographer