Better Life Bags


Better Life Bags is a custom leather and fabric handbag company based in Detroit, Michigan. We hire local women who can’t otherwise work to manufacture our bags. We pay a living wage and give them the opportunity to provide for their families.

Our women are trained in a skill, given a sewing machine, and able to increase their self worth because of their job.

We think your bridesmaids would love a custom clutch, pouch, or handbag from our socially conscious company. We offer a discount on five our more items and would love to help you design some bags to match the personality of each of your bridesmaids.

Local to Detroit? Make it an experience, gather your bridesmaids, and come into the studio to design your bags together!

How We Give Back:
  • Poverty/Homelessness
  • Local/International Artisan Support
  • Faith Based

Location: Detroit, MI (ships everywhere)

Wedding Category: Attire
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