Amanda Lenhardt Photography


Giving back to me has always been more then just giving money, but what can I do with my talents to help others around me. I’ve been working with FSS to help photograph children for the local Heart Gallery. The Heart Gallery is a place that tells a little bit of the stories about the children that are up for adoption, and where families that are looking to adopt can go and see pictures of each of the kids that’s in foster care. More the 500 kids have found their homes through the efforts of the heart gallery and I am so thankful that I can be a small part of that journey for a lot of them. 

Along with helping with FSS I make sure my products that I use are green and eco-friendly. I use packaging companies like Loktah, to make sure that there is care going into each package that I send out. 

Both of these things have given me a better perspective as a business owner, especially working with FSS. Each child deserves a family and it shows me that I should work toward something more then just always trying to build my business, but helping others around me.

How We Give Back:
  • Orphan Relief
  • Youth

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Wedding Category: Photographer