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Imagine the bouquet you carry for your wedding has beautiful white daisies in it.  Not daisies that will wither, but daisies that will last.  Handmade daisies, from hemp.  Carefully made, by the hands of Anite.  They can be put in a little vase in your bedroom for years to come, to remind you of that special day.  And Anite.  The sweet, tiny mother who made them.  Her life changed by the decision of you and others, to buy her little daisies.  Now she has clean water for her children.  Now she is a leader in her community and teaching the young girls that they too can work with dignity and respect, using the skills they have.

This is 107 Market Street, where style meets need.  We bring you high quality, beautiful hand made goods from around the world.  We carefully curate to bring only the best to market and we have capability to design and customize for weddings and wedding parties.  Our passion is keeping families together so we partner with organizations who are working with artisans to make this happen.  We partner with organizations in Ghana West Africa, Haiti, Guatemala and India.  As part of our passion, we continue to do our part to encourage and build a socially conscious community.

How We Give Back:
  • Poverty/Homelessness
  • Orphan Relief
  • Local/International Artisan Support

Location: Saint Simons Island, GA (Available Everywhere)

Wedding Category: Florals
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