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State Park Wedding: Holly & Ben- Stonewall Jackson State Park, WV

Here is our second installment of National/State Park Wedding/Couple VIDEOS features! This sweet hillside wedding was brought to BSB by Rebecca of WV Motionworks! We love this wedding for many reasons, the live blue grass band, the local community vendors, they potted a tree during their wedding ceremony and most importantly …. their love for each other and their love for nature! We’re particularly fond of the bride’s vows: ‘I vow to always be your camping partner….even if you forget the tent poles…’ State Park: Stonewall Jackson State Park, WV | Videography: WV Motionworks | Venue: Stonewall Resort | Florals: Blooms Florist | Cupcakes: Bonnie Belle’s | Photography (Featured image): Britani Edwards Photography | Hair: Emily from Tonique’s Trilogy | Make Up Artist: Flawless Faces by Megan