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Sarah and Scott’s Big Day in DC- Weddings that Give Back

We recently connected with a super amazing wedding photographer/human trafficking advocate by the name of Chelsea Hudson, out of the DC Area…. We instantly hit it off and she told us about this amazing wedding couple, she recently photographed, that used vendors that were socially conscious. We of course couldn’t keep it a secret… so here you are! Take a moment to read what the bride had to say below. Thank you Chelsea for being such an amazing part of the Black Sheep Bride family and sharing their story! 2014-10-17_0001 ‘Seeing other people make socially-conscious wedding decisions inspired my husband and I to do the same…. 
We definitely can’t claim that our wedding was fair trade or completely socially conscious…. but we did want to make some simple choices that would do a little good and would reflect who we are. It was also really important for us that the wedding be a community event — not just celebrating us, but also celebrating the community of people who have supported us as a couple and who also have amazing gifts and talents of their own.’2014-10-17_0005
‘We were inspired by the wedding of a friend who used DC Central Kitchen as their caterer. The food was great, at a fraction of the cost of comparable caterers, and has a fabulous mission, which reflects my husband’s passion of identifying effective ways to end homelessness.’ DC Central Kitchen catering branch is called Fresh Start. They train unemployed adults for culinary careers and work to rehabilitate the local DC homeless back into the work place. 2014-10-17_0002 2014-10-17_0007 Chelsea Hudson is a dear friend, the sister-in-law of one of my closest girl friends (and one of my bridesmaids). I had been drooling over her photos for years, and [the fact] that she gives a portion of the photography fees to an organization that you get to pick was icing on the cake! Through Chelsea, we choose to donate to Daughters of Hope India, which provides training and employment to impoverished women. ‘ 2014-10-17_0003 2014-10-17_0006‘Planning a wedding can be really stressful and overwhelming. For us, picking one or two simple things that we could do to “give back” was important and realistic.’2014-10-17_0008 Who wouldn’t want to give back on their wedding day … Really people… Look at the fun they are having! 2014-10-17_0009