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Thankful Thursdays: YouAreRaven

Thankful Thursday’s is a series we started at the beginning of 2016 to bring awareness to our amazing BSB Vendors that Give Back and share how they use their businesses to serve the environment and their local and global communities! Today we are sharing The Giving Back Story of one of our newest BSB vendors/photographers, You Are Raven. Based in Atlanta, GA, You Are Raven has a true heart for fun and quirky couples. Her free-spirited photography style screams loudly through each picture and shows the world there are still amazingly epic and killer-funny and creative people to befriend all around us, they just all happen to be her clients. Not only does she have amazing images, she also has an amazing heart for helping the planet, see what she has to say below…
‘I’m a wedding & portrait photographer based just north of Atlanta, GA.
My couples are the kind of people who are not afraid to be themselves, and they certainly are not going to follow a trend just because it’s a trend. They are the type of couple who celebrates getting married in a way that’s meaningful to them – no pretenses, no “I have to do this because so-and-so did this.” They make their own choices and honor who they really are and what they want in their lives and in their wedding, and they have fun doing it. As a photographer, I really respect that, because that’s exactly how I work, too.’
‘Over the past several years, and especially the past few months, I’ve been working hard to better understand exactly what I bring to the table for my couples. I realized I’m the kind of photographer who invites couples to come play in the spotlight so that I can showcase all the cool and amazing things they bring to the world and to each other in their relationship. I appreciate the fact that my clients are more than just their car, their job, or their brand of coffee, and their wedding is going to be more than just a ceremony, a ring, and a party. It’s going to be an expression of all that they are and, even more importantly, all that they are together. They might be introverts or extroverts, tattooed or buttoned-up, lions or unicorns, or all of the above. No matter what kind of magical creatures they are, I am here to frame them in a way that rings true and shows all that’s unique and wondrous about them.’
‘Part of this journey for me has been really honing in on what’s important to me as a person as well as a photographer, which means giving back in any and every way that I can. Every day I get a little closer to running my business in the most sustainable and green way possible. I focus on labs that offer eco-friendly and sustainable products and methods of printing, and I do almost every bit of my contracts, paperwork, and notes digitally.’11794218_749705098484645_4955494966834577994_ounspecified-3
‘My main charity of choice is Stand for Trees, and though working to save our planet and especially our trees has always been a bit of a passion of mine, since discovering this charity it’s been even more at the forefront of my mind. One of the things that I love about Stand for Trees is that they’ve been growing bigger every year. They’re always adding new projects, and when you donate, you can choose which project you’d like to support, or have them choose which project needs the most help at that moment. There are projects that benefit specific groups of peoples, or an animal habitat, or the land itself, though most benefit all of the above.’
‘Though I have other charities I’m a part of and support, I think that this Stand for Trees will always be the one closest to my heart. Without our planet, we would literally have nothing. We owe her everything, and I want to give back when and how I can.’
For more information about having your wedding photographed by You Are Raven, visit her website here.

Sarah and Scott’s Big Day in DC- Weddings that Give Back

We recently connected with a super amazing wedding photographer/human trafficking advocate by the name of Chelsea Hudson, out of the DC Area…. We instantly hit it off and she told us about this amazing wedding couple, she recently photographed, that used vendors that were socially conscious. We of course couldn’t keep it a secret… so here you are! Take a moment to read what the bride had to say below. Thank you Chelsea for being such an amazing part of the Black Sheep Bride family and sharing their story! 2014-10-17_0001 ‘Seeing other people make socially-conscious wedding decisions inspired my husband and I to do the same…. 
We definitely can’t claim that our wedding was fair trade or completely socially conscious…. but we did want to make some simple choices that would do a little good and would reflect who we are. It was also really important for us that the wedding be a community event — not just celebrating us, but also celebrating the community of people who have supported us as a couple and who also have amazing gifts and talents of their own.’2014-10-17_0005
‘We were inspired by the wedding of a friend who used DC Central Kitchen as their caterer. The food was great, at a fraction of the cost of comparable caterers, and has a fabulous mission, which reflects my husband’s passion of identifying effective ways to end homelessness.’ DC Central Kitchen catering branch is called Fresh Start. They train unemployed adults for culinary careers and work to rehabilitate the local DC homeless back into the work place. 2014-10-17_0002 2014-10-17_0007 Chelsea Hudson is a dear friend, the sister-in-law of one of my closest girl friends (and one of my bridesmaids). I had been drooling over her photos for years, and [the fact] that she gives a portion of the photography fees to an organization that you get to pick was icing on the cake! Through Chelsea, we choose to donate to Daughters of Hope India, which provides training and employment to impoverished women. ‘ 2014-10-17_0003 2014-10-17_0006‘Planning a wedding can be really stressful and overwhelming. For us, picking one or two simple things that we could do to “give back” was important and realistic.’2014-10-17_0008 Who wouldn’t want to give back on their wedding day … Really people… Look at the fun they are having! 2014-10-17_0009