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5 Gifts That Give Back: Love Others This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is upon us, friends. In honor of this day of Love, we decided to do something a little different and highlight a few select gifts that give back, as well as charity opportunities, to honor your loved ones in this time of great global need.   1. One Hope Wine Gift Crate, $79: Glitter, bubbles, candle and chocolate – need we say more? Oh yes, they also donate half their profits to WhyHunger – feeding children. Sip for fun, Cheers to charity. Shop the event exclusives for the crate. 16386862_1574895229191915_7617625494053732116_n 2. Trades of Hope, Rosalie Necklace, $38: These Blush colored beauties are empowering women and families in India to be the heroes of their owe stories. 💕 16427771_10101270712159960_6990082596535006227_n 3.’s Valentines Giving Campaign.: Honor those you love with the most thoughtful gift available. Provide comfort and support to a Syrian Refugee family with a donation in their honor, via’s Valentines Giving Campaign. Donation levels: $10: basic hygiene and baby kits for Syrian refugee family, for a week. $15: clean drinking water for Syrian refugee family, for a month $20: basic mattress for Syrian refugee family $30: Comfort-for-Kids workbooks for a class of 12 Syrian children $40: basic hygiene and baby kits for Syrian refugee family, for a month. $50: three blankets to say safe from the cold for Syrian refugee family $75: kit of warm clothing for one Syrian refugee, including a coat, sweater, hat, poncho and rubber boots. $100: Art supplies for 100 Syrian children, that will assist them in healing from their trauma. $250: supplies and warm winter clothing for a Syrian family of five. 16406600_776672302479810_356973417718450828_n 4. We Belong to Each Other T-Shirt, $25 Every shirt you buy helps fund Preemptive Love’s peacemaking work on the front lines of conflict—in Syria, Iraq, and in your community. Catalog-Product-photos-shirt-We_belong_to_each_other_e0e4a2b2-2a61-4e35-b6ee-0e8a9e581d2c_large-2   5. Lifesaving Heart Surgery for Children in Conflict Zones, $1000 *GROUP GIFT IDEA* For nearly a decade, Preemptive Love Coalition has provided urgent medical care, including nearly 2,000 heart surgeries for children in war-torn Iraq, Libya, and beyond. Your gift brings lifesaving care to families disrupted by war—equipping medical clinics, rushing emergency aid to the front lines, and providing heart surgeries for kids who have no other way of getting the care they need. Catalog-Product-photos-medical-2_large Catalog-Product-photos-medical-3_large-2 We wish you all a special Valentine’s Day and hope that you use your love to uplift and impact those around you.

Deck The Halls with… these 10 Eco-Holiday-Goodies… Fa-La-La-La-La-La-La

The holiday season is upon us, friends, and what better way to get your dwelling Santa-Ready, than with these amazing eco-friendly, fair trade and artisan made holiday decorations! Here are our 10 top fav’s for decking the halls this season! via GIPHY   1. Caroline Creates- Geo Tree Gift Wrap (set of 3 rolls), $12 img_9208_1024x1024 Take your packages up a notch with this unique eco-friendly Holiday gift wrap. This unique design features a modern geometric christmas tree. This gift wrap is perfect for wrapping presents, paper projects or scrapbooking.   2. Ten Thousand Villages – Bicycle Chain Menorah, $24 screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-2-03-19-pm Authentic Fair Trade Product, made by Noah’s Ark Int’l Exports. Ethically sourced and Handcrafted in India.   3. Ornaments for Orphans- Jacaranda Nativity Set, $75 


Jacaranda Nativity carved in Rwanda. Wood with a mahogany stain. Nativity set includes 10 pieces: 3 wise men, 2 shepherds, 1 cow, 1 sheep, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.   4. Ten Thousand Villages – New Leaf Garland, $18.99 screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-1-31-21-pm This adorable garland is green in more ways than one. Real recycled newspaper adds a fun texture to leaves that decorate any space for any occasion. Handcrafted by artisans from the Highland Women’s Multipurpose Co-op in the Philippines.   5. Trades of Hope – Noel Trio Ornaments, $28 screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-1-37-09-pm This set of 3 ornaments is handmade with Haitian clay have been hand-dipped in metallic gold and white paint. These will make a great Holiday decoration or gift!   6. Raven and Lily: Classic Afghan Table Runner, $108 bm6b4818__91727-1474921678-450-800 This amazing table runner has been screen printed and uniquely designed by the R&L partners in Pakistan. Use it all year round or for special occasions. This piece is empowering Afghan refugees to improve their livelihood.   7. Noonday Collection- Festive Paper Bead Garland, $36 screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-1-47-45-pm Trim your tree with this bright garland strung with vibrant paper beads, made by artisans in Uganda. Each garland represents the beauty of opportunity for the Artisans who make it.   8. Paper Culture- 6 Forest Bamboo Christmas Ornaments, $34.99 (40% off at checkout) screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-1-50-43-pm These ornaments are all about the forest, not just because of the animal theme, but because they are made from sustainable bamboo, one of the most renewable resources in the world. On top of that, the packaging is made from recycled paper, and they offset the entire carbon footprint, and will plant a tree with every order placed.   9. Paper Culture- Cardboard Wreath, $31.99 (40% off at checkout) screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-1-52-31-pm Each section of the wreath is made by assembling snowflakes in a spiral that creates a unique, modern look for any home. These stylish wreaths are made from recycled paper, can be built in minutes and can be reused and stored flat for the next holiday season. Paper Culture even plants a tree with every order placed. 10. Paper Culture- 14inch Desktop Cardboard Christmas Tree, $19.99 (40% off at checkout) screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-1-52-43-pm Laser-cut on recycled cardboard, each branch of the tree is contructed from stylish snowflake shapes. Together, they create a modern Christmas tree that stands about 14 inches tall and is the perfect fit for any desk. You can even hang light paper ornaments form the branches. In the spirit of Christmas, they will plant a real tree with every order placed.   Happy shopping to you all!   

Fair Trade Friday- Clutches for a Cause

Woot, woot, Fair Trade Friday is upon us once again!  This week we are sharing some of our favorite clutches with you that support artisans around the world.  Perfect for your bridesmaids or your honeymoon, you can’t go wrong with these picks! Fair Trade Clutches 1. Fashion Conscience– Gabrielle Fair Trade Ruffle Clutch, $75. A collaboration between artisans in NY and Madagascar. Handmade using sustainable materials. 2. Trades of Hope– Esther Clutch, $44. Supports artisans living in poverty in Haiti by providing a sustainable income and life skills. 3. Fair Trade Designs- Palm Tree Clutch, $50. Handcrafted in Colombia using sustainable materials. 4. Purse & Clutch– Woven Geometric Clutch, $95. Handmade in Guatemala using the brocade weaving technique. 5. JOYN– Gold Chevron Pleated Clutch, $12.  Bettering the lives of many in India through sustainable business.

Inspiration – Necklaces for the Needy – Wedding Accessories that Give Back.

Necklaces! There is nothing more monumentally important in a girl’s wedding day details quite like her accessories… And these awesome jewelry & accessory companies use every purchase to fulfill equally awesome purpose! 1.Lydali, Monogram Necklace, $30, Made and manufactured right here in the USA… Employing and Restoring women off the streets of Nashville and giving them an opportunity to live a better life. 2. The Giving Keys, Never Ending Necklace, $55,  Employing those transitioning out of homelessness in Los Angeles… with repurposed keys jewelry. 3. Noon Day Collection, Minted Necklace, $28, Empowering artisans around the globe, in Uganda, Ethiopia and Ecuador through jewelry. 4. 31 bits, Havana Trim, $42, Giving displaced women in Northern Uganda an opportunity to combat poverty through fashion. 5. Rose & Fitzgerald, Golden Spikes, $88, Works with master hand-craftsmen in Africa to create and curate unexpected, beautiful pieces mixing traditional craft with a stylish flair. 6..Trades of Hope, Sorbet Teardrops, $36, Empowers women to create sustainable businesses worldwide.   necklaces