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Weddings that Give Back- Gina & Edward

Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm2 Black Sheep Bride just celebrated our first birthday this week. It has been a momentous 12 months and sincerely couldn’t have been accomplished with out the love and support from a very small community of wedding industry leaders. One person in particular that has had a huge influence on this process over the past year is the founder of Love Gives Way, Andy Brophy. Love Gives Way is a wedding directory of vendors that give back specifically to human trafficking organizations within their specific communities. So it was such an honor it was to receive this submission from a LGW vendor,  Claire Diana Photography, and read about how this couple was impacted to STAND OUT and do so much more with their love and wedding day planning by GIVING BACK! Here is what  Claire Diana Photography had to share with us about this amazing couple: “Gina & Edward’s paths had crossed before, but it wasn’t until the Peachtree Road Race that their romance really began. As it turns out, one of Edward’s earbuds got stuck in his ear during the race. At the finish line, Gina & Edward ran into each other (not literally) and Gina helped him pry the earpiece out (after she took a photo of it!). Edward got Gina’s number by asking her to text him the photo… and that’s how it all began. :) The couple has run the Peachtree Road Race every year since, first as friends, then as an engaged couple, and this year they will be running it as a married couple. What I love most about this sweet couple is their love and heart for others. When they began looking at their wedding day budget and realized how much money goes into a single day, they wondered what they could do to make it “bigger” than themselves… They wanted to use their day to give back to others, and that’s when they found me….” Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm4 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm5 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm6 “Gina & Edward were my first-ever Love Gives Way couple. Essentially, a portion of their wedding photography package was donated to Out of Darkness, a nonprofit organization in Atlanta who’s mission is to reach, rescue, and restore victims of sex trafficking in the city. But Gina & Edward didn’t stop at that; many of their vendors give back in one way or another. Gina’s good friend & wedding planner, CarolynA Events, is also apart of LGW and partners with Wellspring Living.”Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm12 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm14 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm18 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm21 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm34 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm41 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm67 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm73 “You’ll notice in the photos that the entire bridal party is wearing TOMS shoes and DivvyUp socks. The shoes that Gina & Edward decorated at their gorgeous Fall styled engagement session were signed by wedding guests during the reception. They also used The Modern Gent for the (groomsmen apparel), Headbands of Hope (for the flower girls), Feed Bags, and Writefully His for ‘Thank You’ cards.” Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm80 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm82 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm88 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm92 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm95 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm106 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm108 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm114 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm118 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm120 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm125 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm129 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm134 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm141 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm147 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm148 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm149 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm151 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm152 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm166 “Even Gina’s ring was chosen carefully and purposefully; Edward found a company, Mia Donna, that made a custom made/ethical ring and they also give back to those that were affected by the blood diamond industry with every purchase.”Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm169 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm177 “And in lieu of wedding favors for their friends/family, Gina & Edward decided to spend money on toys, supplies, and equipment for kids in Cancun. They planned a joint bachelor/bachelorette trip to Cancun and spent a day at Back2Back and Tree of Life playing with the children and cooking/feeding them. Gina and Edward were not just a pleasure to photograph, they became an inspiration and reminder to think of others and how to make things bigger than ourselves.” Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm181 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm188 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm192 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm198 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm201 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm218 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm223 Lee_Kim_Claire_Diana_Photography_clairedianaphotographyweddingginaedwardchukkarfarm226   And the best part about their wedding story … They got engaged at The Big Fake Wedding (Courtesy of Incer Studios) !   Photographer:  Claire Diana Photography | Cinema and Video:Bob’s Eye View Weddings | Event Designer: carolyn a. events | Event Venue:Chukkar Farm Polo Club | Caterer:Freckled & Blue | Shoes: TOMS |Grooms Apparel: The Modern Gent  

Weddings that Give Back- Sandra & Aaron

Florida based photographer, Leah Dorr Photography recently submitted an awesome ONE themed beach wedding that was THE PERFECT EXAMPLE of Giving Back- Goodness! Leah shares a little about the couple and the wedding day details:  ‘Sandra volunteers for the campaign ONE, which advocates for the world’s poorest. She is very involved in the campaign and her wedding details showed how giving back is important to both the bride and groom. While planning her wedding, Sandra asked all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen to wear TOMS shoes on the big day as part of her ‘give back wedding’. Sandra rocked a pair of TOMS wedges herself! TOMS is a one for one company, which means for every pair of shoes you purchase, TOMS will give one to a person in need. The groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen all wore shirts and dresses made by one of ONE’s favorite partners, Global Mamas. The company’s goal is to change the lives of women in Africa through selling handmade products of the highest quality. Each bridesmaid got to chose which style dress she wanted to wear! The shirts and dresses were beautifully made and definitely added a unique alternative to traditional bridesmaid dresses and groom/groomsmen suits. The bride and bridesmaids also wore the ONE Beaded Bracelet from Relate, a South African Not-For-Profit social enterprise that creates social investment opportunities to change lives. Sandra also has a love for all things Peter Pan, so there was a Neverland theme at the reception, and boy was it beautiful! The cake was probably my favorite detail! When it was cut into, fairy dust came out…fairy dust! The big hit of the reception was when Sandra sang a song (a twist on Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours’) to their wedding guests spilling the beans that she and Aaron were already hitched! The guests cheered and loved her unique way of sharing the news!’
2015-05-05_0001 2015-05-05_0003
Herrera_Wagner_Leah_Dorr_Photography_DSC3719Copy Herrera_Wagner_Leah_Dorr_Photography_DSC3787Copy Herrera_Wagner_Leah_Dorr_Photography_DSC3805Copy Herrera_Wagner_Leah_Dorr_Photography_DSC3919Copy Herrera_Wagner_Leah_Dorr_Photography_DSC3946Copy Herrera_Wagner_Leah_Dorr_Photography_DSC3964Copy Herrera_Wagner_Leah_Dorr_Photography_DSC3990Copy Herrera_Wagner_Leah_Dorr_Photography_DSC4089Copy Herrera_Wagner_Leah_Dorr_Photography_DSC4220Copy Herrera_Wagner_Leah_Dorr_Photography_DSC4304Copy Herrera_Wagner_Leah_Dorr_Photography_DSC4314Copy Herrera_Wagner_Leah_Dorr_Photography_DSC4346Copy Herrera_Wagner_Leah_Dorr_Photography_DSC4361Copy Herrera_Wagner_Leah_Dorr_Photography_DSC4373Copy 2015-05-05_0012 2015-05-05_0013 2015-05-05_0014 2015-05-05_0015 2015-05-05_0016 2015-05-05_0017 They also asked all of their wedding day guest to help speak out and help ONE furtherer their cause. ONE created cards where they asked Senator Marco Rubio to support the Electrify Africa Act that could provide up to 50 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa electricity for the very 1st time with no cost to the US taxpayer. (See attached image) They put the cards at the bar so everyone would see them! And ONE Campaign Regional field director, Abby Sasser, even flew in from DC to talk to the wedding guests. ONE even featured their BIG DAY on the ONE site and can be seen here. Rubio Card 2015-05-05_0018 2015-05-05_0019 Vendors: Photography : Leah Dorr Photography | Venue: Atlantic Center for the Arts

Ultimate Black Sheep Bride Wedding- Lauren & Brian, Colorado recently featuring a wedding couple that used One, along side of other charities, in their wedding day details. Naturally, Black Sheep Bride needed to find out more and we were pleasantly surprised to see it didn’t just stop with supporting One… The amount of thought and love that went into to incorporating socially conscious products on their Big Day is so overwhelmingly amazing! See for yourself! Photo’s Courtesy of Lisa Anne Photography 2014-09-23_0002 Lauren and Brian are both teachers for at-risk students and had huge passions for supporting causes near and dear to their hearts! The invitations were the catalyst, they wanted something eco-friendly, and then saw that they could also help other people in the process, when they came across Cards for Causes. From there it was ON! They began brainstorming ways to incorporate causes into almost every facet of their wedding day! It made their BIG Day even more worth celebrating! 2014-09-23_0003 2014-09-23_0004 They had a board showcasing each cause represented and provided their guests with information about ways to help. The list of causes/products represented on their big day is awe-inspiring: Bead for Life, TOMS, Sseko, Endangered Species Chocolate, Peru Paper, To Write Love on Her Arms, One, Feed, Unicef, Live Strong, White Knot, Big Hearts Fund, Charity Water, The Alzheimer Foundation, Human Rights Campaign, Wildfire Relief Fund. 2014-09-23_0005 2014-09-23_0006 2014-09-23_0007 2014-09-23_0008 2014-09-23_0009 2014-09-23_0010 2014-09-23_0001 2014-09-23_0011 2014-09-23_0012 2014-09-23_0013 2014-09-23_0014 2014-09-23_0016 As if that wasn’t enough awesome do goody’ness… they took it up a notch further and spent a week of their honeymoon volunteering at an animal sanctuary… These are the kinds of friends you need in your life, right?? Such an amazing example of using love to love others! 2014-09-23_0015