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Neon Wedding Inspiration, Radical Love: Carolyn A Events, Atlanta, GA

If you have followed Black Sheep Bride’s story in any capacity, you may know that we are great friends with some great people, in this instance Love Gives Way (LGW), founded by Andy Brophy. In researching other wedding professionals that actively give back to the greater good, I ran across Andy and reached out, the rest is friendship history. LGW was founded to give wedding couples an opportunity to give back on their wedding day by using vendors who specifically commit to give a portion of their proceeds to the fight against sex trafficking. Its amazing how much our visions align and we are so honored and grateful for the friendship that’s been made with this amazing group of wedding professionals looking to fight the war on human trafficking! Special shout out to our Black Sheep Bride vendor, Carolyn A Events, for submitting this feature to Black Sheep Bride!
Last fall, select Atlanta based vendors gathered to put on a styled shoot in an effort to increase awareness around local human trafficking organizations. The came up with the theme, Radical Love, because LGW, alongside a few others, are helping revolutionize the wedding industry by providing couples with a way to give to others on their wedding day in a radical way.They chose to portray this through the use of neon colors and clean modern lines; the former being something that was out of the box and simply radical. They utilized neon pinks, oranges, blues, and yellows to give the white brick photo studio some pop and then integrated furniture and fashion that would allow details to shine. The models were actually married already and used their real wedding to give back to a local human trafficking non-profit, as well. All participating vendors use their businesses to give back to human trafficking causes in the Atlanta area:
Planning + Styling: Carolyn A Events | Photography: Audra Starr Photography & Claire Diana Photography & Dash Photography | Venue: Ambient Plus | Florist: Bloomin’ Bouquets | Chairs: Sweet Seats | Napkins: Linen Hero | Hair and Makeup: Corianne Elizabeth | Cake: Peche Petite | Desserts: The Sweet Trend | Confetti: Confetti Bar | Sign/Cake Topper/Drink Stirrers: Jenn and Jules Designs | Stationary: Jankun Creative | Dress: The Sentimentalist | Bridal Jewelry: Kendra Scott | Tux: The Modern Gent
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Thank you to all of the participating vendors: Planning + Styling: Carolyn A Events | Photography: Audra Starr Photography & Claire Diana Photography & Dash Photography | Venue: Ambient Plus | Florist: Bloomin’ Bouquets | Chairs: Sweet Seats | Napkins: Linen Hero | Hair and Makeup: Corianne Elizabeth | Cake: Peche Petite | Desserts: The Sweet Trend | Confetti: Confetti Bar | Sign/Cake Topper/Drink Stirrers: Jenn and Jules Designs | Stationary: Jankun Creative | Dress: The Sentimentalist | Bridal Jewelry: Kendra Scott | Tux: The Modern Gent For a list of Human Trafficking Non-Profits in your area visit Love Gives Way!