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2016 Publication Partnership Intro- The Big Fake Wedding

Last year we began our journey with The Big Fake Wedding and went around the nation sponsoring and featuring their fun wedding events on our site. This year we are bumping it up a notch with more cities, more engagement and more giving back! 10616708_776672849037218_3300790710015603881_n

Photo credit: Josie Kay Photography

The Big Fake Wedding, based out of Atlanta, GA,  is a bridal show alternative in the form of a BIG, FAKE wedding! They have three goals at The Big Fake Wedding: to inspire brides and grooms, to promote local businesses and to encourage solid and committed marriages. As they work to accomplish their third goal, they are implementing the “Start at Marriage, Save a Marriage” campaign in 2016, where a portion of ticket sales from their events will help fund counseling and retreats for couples in marital crisis. We will be sponsoring the following cities: Los Angeles, Atlanta, Portland, Minneapolis, Memphis, Virginia Beach, Dallas, NYC, Chicago, Boulder, Knoxville, Austin, Baltimore, San Fran, St. Louis, ATL, Dallas, Mass, NYC, San Diego and Houston… Yup… All of them! It’s going to be a blast! Check out their website to learn more and reserve your tickets here. FullSizeRender-6  

2016 Publication Partnership Introductions

2016PUBPARTNERS1 This year is going to be huge! We have over 8 committed national publication partnerships and more to come. 2016 is all about brand awareness, increased exposure and connecting our Socially Conscious Wedding Publication with like-minded wedding events around the nation (and around the world in the near future). We will be sponsors/represented at over 50 + national events this year, with the help of these amazing partners, so you will be seeing a lot from these events throughout the upcoming year! With that said, the first three months we will be introducing each one, one by one and chatting about how they are using their events to help others in their communities and around the world. Here is a little ‘cliff-notes’ glimpse at the publication partnerships we have so far: Returning 2015 Publication Partners : 1. The Big Fake Wedding (Nationwide): This will be our second year working with The Big Fake Wedding, based out of Atlanta, GA,  and we couldn’t be more excited! They hop around the US and organize some of the funnest faux-wedding type of showcases I’ve ever seen. This year they will be in over 20 + cities and they are introducing a new giving back element! A portion of their ticket sales in 2016 will be going towards their “Start at Marriage, Save a Marriage” campaign, where a portion of ticket sales to our events from brides-and-grooms-to-be will help fund counseling and retreats for couples in marital crisis. Check out their 2016 list of cities and reserve your tickets today here. 10616708_776672849037218_3300790710015603881_n

Photo credit: Josie Kay Photography

2. Toasted (San Fran, San Diego, Brooklyn): Traditional wedding shows aren’t for everyone. Toasted is a curated indie-wedding show & market aimed towards free-spirited and savvy nearly-weds looking for something a bit different. Combining an eclectic array of independent artisans, modern wedding ideas, handcrafted and eco-friendly goods  and a party-like mood, Toasted is a refuge from traditional wedding planning. Grab your tickets for the March events here.

3. Fresh Bash (San Fran/Sacramento): FRESH is a thoughtfully curated showcase of interactive, on-trend exhibitions meant to raise the creative bar & inspire the senses. In it’s most simple form, FRESH is a kick ass party for the people that know parties best. The FRESH community is a union of the most artistic, inventive minds in the San Francisco, Bay Area, & Sacramento wedding industries. A portion of their ticket sales goes to a variety of local charities. The 2016 annual event is slated for 3.12.16- More info to come!

You can check out the recap of last year’s fun here.


Photo Credit: Hailey Erin Silver

Introducing New 2016 Publication Partners:

4. The Swoon Event (San Diego, Austin, Dallas, & NOLA): The Swoon Event is a fresh take on the standard bridal show. No endless aisles and massive crowds here. Just a dang good time featuring unique and local entrepreneurs and makers. The best part to us is: TSE collects prom and wedding dress donations at the door at each event, for Project Princess in Austin and Princess Project in SD.  BSB readers have been gifted with an awesome 50% off coupon too>> BSBxSWOON. Grab your tickets for their January events here, before it’s too late!

5. Indie Wed (Chicago): Indie Wed is one of the first and longest running independent wedding shows and markets of its kind in the Midwest. Their goal is to present alternatives to the typical wedding show, focusing on vendors with a twist. They appeal to not only those who want a full blown non-traditional event, but also to the more conservative couple who may just want to add a little bit of personality to their special day. They highlight local, independent, edgy, eco-friendly or unconventional exhibitors in wedding related fields such as stationery, fashion & accessories, florists, event coordinators, caterers, stylists and more. Reserve your tickets for their February shows here. A portion of ticket sales from these events is donated to micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing nations, as well as, funding classroom projects in the U.S. 10517648_10153086959412292_9075266911351779436_o  

Photo by: Tuan H. Bui Photography from 2015 Indie Wed event

6. Bridal Wars (Nationwide): Bridal Wars is a team competition event touring the country!  Teams of 3 compete in our one-of-a kind challenges, win great prizes and have a blast doing it! One lucky team in each event will win $1000 cash!! The challenges are a little bit physical (you might break a sweat!!), part hilarious (you’ll die laughing at your friends!!) and a whole lot of fun! Bridal Wars is a proud supporter of K9s For Warriors! K9s For Warriors connects Vet’s suffering from PTSD with Rescue Dogs (now trained service pets) around the nation.

7. The Recycled Wedding Boutique (Akron, OH): One of our awesome Black Sheep Bride vendors, Oak & Honey Events created The Recycled Wedding Boutique, a flea market of sorts in 2014 for Northeast Ohio couples. Soon-to-be couples can shop new, slightly used, and vintage items to create the wedding of their dreams from newlyweds who are looking to off load their wedding items. Next event coming soon this spring.

8. Brides for a Cause (PNW): Brides for a Cause brings its discounted wedding dresses to select cities to give brides in other areas an opportunity to shop through its wedding gowns! We are exclusively partnered with Wish Upon A Wedding, a non profit organization dedicated to granting weddings and vow renewals for couples facing serious illness or a life-altering circumstance​. We collect and resell wedding dresses on behalf of Wish Upon A Wedding to help raise funds for their mission. Donate or purchase your wedding dress from Brides for a Cause and help grant weddings for deserving couples!


More still to come! Keep your eyes peeled!

Big Fake Wedding Recap- New England

When the inspiration for The Big Fake Wedding New England is ‘Herbs de Provence’, you better believe their florals were impeccably well done! For this event, there were five floral and event designers and three stationery designers ready to make GREATNESS happen and BOYYYYY… did they ever!
We specifically want to call out the beautifully vintage, earthy, and organic tones this event brought together so nicely, between the ‘Herb Send Off’, olive oil favors, himalayan salt and composable cutlery … We are super impressed by the organic elements and designs incorporated within the vision.
Photos below courtesy of Leise Jones Photography:
  Leise Jones Photography_004 Leise Jones Photography_002Leise Jones Photography_009 Leise Jones Photography_014 Leise Jones Photography_019 Leise Jones Photography_026 Leise Jones Photography_029 Leise Jones Photography_032 Leise Jones Photography_033 Leise Jones Photography_039 Leise Jones Photography_042 Leise Jones Photography_051 Leise Jones Photography_058 Leise Jones Photography_070 Leise Jones Photography_075 Leise Jones Photography_082 Leise Jones Photography_086 Leise Jones Photography_092 Leise Jones Photography_095 Leise Jones Photography_097 Leise Jones Photography_102 Leise Jones Photography_104 Leise Jones Photography_110 Leise Jones Photography_118 Leise Jones Photography_121 Leise Jones Photography_122 Leise Jones Photography_129 Leise Jones Photography_132 Leise Jones Photography_138 Leise Jones Photography_144 Leise Jones Photography_145 Leise Jones Photography_152 Leise Jones Photography_157 Leise Jones Photography_161 Leise Jones Photography_166 Leise Jones Photography_174 Leise Jones Photography_181 Leise Jones Photography_183 Leise Jones Photography_186 Leise Jones Photography_201 Leise Jones Photography_203 Leise Jones Photography_226 Leise Jones Photography_233
Photos below courtesy of Kivalo Photography:
BZ8A6593 BZ8A6608 BZ8A6754 BZ8A6779 BZ8A6812 BZ8A6828 BZ8A6831 BZ8A6850 BZ8A6882 BZ8A6909 BZ8A6934 BZ8A6975 BZ8A6997 BZ8A7057 BZ8A7076 BZ8A7211 MS5A7579 MS5A7595 MS5A7689 MS5A7699 MS5A7854 MS5A8047 MS5A8210
Photos below courtesy of Somerby Jones Photography:
BigFakeWedding_NewEngland BigFakeWedding_NewEngland2 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland10 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland14 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland15 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland28 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland31 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland36 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland40 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland57 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland59 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland63 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland67 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland77 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland81 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland83 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland93 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland96 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland101 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland104 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland110 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland114 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland117 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland134 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland138 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland180 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland192 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland199 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland214 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland233 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland237 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland242 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland249 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland254
Also take a moment to check the lovely highlight reel by 617 Weddings!
Catering + Venue: Willowdale Estate | Cupcake Bar: Treat Cupcake Bar | Custom Vinyl Record Crafts: Q Made It | Day-Of Coordination + Event Design (Tables 1, 7): Heather Dawn Events | Entertainment: EastCoast Entertainment | Event Rentals: Peterson Party Center | Floral + Event Design (Personal Flowers, Floral Hair Piece + Tables 4, 10, 14): Bloom Floral + Event Designs | Floral + Event Design (Ceremony Backdrop, Head Table +Tables 5, 15, 16): Style This Shindig | Floral + Event Design (Registration Table + Tables 6, 12): Good Look’n | Floral + Event Design (Tables 2, 8, 11): Moonstone & Moss | Guestbook + Slideshow: Life Remembered | Hair + Makeup: Beautini by B.Lo | Invitations (Herbal Flourish): E+H Creates | Invitations (Vintage French Flourishes): Paper Potpourri | Menswear: Blank Label Group | Photo Booth: ShutterBooth New England | Photography: kivalo photography | Photography: Leise Jones Photography | Photography: Somerby Jones Photography | Programs: Bliss Lettering | Signage: Posh and Prep | Smoothie Cart: Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees and Smoothies | Specialty Cocktails: Deep Eddy Vodka | Transportation: McGinn Bus Company | Videography, DJ + Emcee: 617 Weddings | Wedding Cake: Brown Butter Bakery | Wedding Dresses: Your Dream Bridal (Willow by Sassi Holford + Diana by Celia Grace) | National Sparking Wine Sponsor: Ferrari Sparkling Wine | National Travel Vendor: Bliss by Luxury Concierge

Big Fake Wedding Nashville Recap

The Big Fake Wedding Nashville was such a great time! We truly love to travel to new markets and Nashville was such a treat! The wedding scene there is something that totally caught me off guard. I must confess, I was expecting a few cowboy boots and maybe a steel guitar, but man was I ever so wrong! However Nashville is best known for its country music influence, the indie/creative culture there is alive and well!
With an intimate wedding in Italy as the inspiration, The Big Fake Wedding Nashville was set-up for success! The deeps reds from the venue were gorgeous alongside the floral ceremony set-up, and the intricate designs of the bride’s dress could not have been a better match!
We especially loved the emphasis on intimate candle-lighting at the reception tables; they drew us in, and the way these details were creatively captured are sure to grab your attention as well!
Our very own Black Sheep Bride vendor, Caroline Creates, was a part of the adventure at the Big Fake Wedding Nashville — and if you have seen her work, you know that it is nothing short of gorgeous and eco-friendly! You can read more about Caroline Creates and how she “Gives Back” in this vendor spotlight.
Photos below courtesy of Castro Photography & Cinema
2015-06-11_0061 2015-06-11_0062 2015-06-11_0063 2015-06-11_0064 2015-06-11_0065 2015-06-11_0066 2015-06-11_0067 2015-06-11_0068 2015-06-11_0069 2015-06-11_0070 2015-06-11_0071 2015-06-11_0072 2015-06-11_0073 2015-06-11_0074 2015-06-11_0075 2015-06-11_0076 2015-06-11_0077 2015-06-11_0078 2015-06-11_0079 2015-06-11_0080
Photos below courtesy of Melanie Grady Photography
2015-07-01_0001 2015-07-01_0023 2015-07-01_0012 2015-07-01_0010 2015-07-01_0018  2015-07-01_0011 2015-07-01_0014 2015-07-01_0020 2015-07-01_0004 2015-07-01_0008 2015-07-01_0015 2015-07-01_0006 2015-07-01_0016 2015-07-01_0013 2015-07-01_0022 2015-07-01_0019 2015-07-01_0007 2015-07-01_0021 2015-07-01_0002 2015-07-01_0005 2015-07-01_0017 2015-07-01_0009 2015-07-01_0003 2015-07-01_0024
Photos below courtesy of Laura Kay Photography
 2015-06-11_0045 2015-06-11_0046 2015-06-11_0047 2015-06-11_0048 2015-06-11_0049 2015-06-11_0050 2015-06-11_0051 2015-06-11_0052 2015-06-11_0053 2015-06-11_0054 2015-06-11_0055 2015-06-11_0056 2015-06-11_0057 2015-06-11_0058 2015-06-11_0059 2015-06-11_0060
Bar + Staffing: D&D Events Management | Bridesmaid Attire: Brideside | Catering: Chef Penelope’s Catering | Day-Of Coordination: Bella Bleu Weddings and Events | Favors: Two Vintage Drums | Floral + Event Design (Head Table, Personal Flowers + Tables 5, 6): Rosemary and Finch | Floral + Event Design (Ceremony Backdrop + Tables 1, 2, 3, 4): Yellow Rose Co. | Gift Baskets: Batch | Hair: Abby Artistry | Health + Lifestyle: Neighborhood Barre Nashville | Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s | Jewelry: Shane Co. | Paper Goods – Accents: Caroline Creates | Paper Goods: Invitations (tan and brown, hand-lettered tri-fold suite): Prints for Events | Paper Goods: Save the Dates + Invitations (french-inspired watercolor suite): Simply Jessica Marie | Photo Booth: Shutterbooth Photo & Video Booths | Photography: Casto Photography & Cinema | Photography: Laura Kay Photography | Photography: Melanie Grady Photography | Skin Care: Rodan + Fields | Skinny Wraps: Wraps by Sarah | Specialty Lighting + Pipe and Drape: Nashville Audio Visual | Transportation: Nashville Wedding Trolley | Venue: The Cannery Ballroom | Videography: Casey & Kristin | Wedding Band: Rachel Rogers & The Real Good Feel Goods | Wedding Cake: Lil Cakes and Custom Creations | Wedding Dance Choreographer: Charlie Knows Homes | Wedding Dress: Borrowing Magnolia | Title Sponsor: Shane Co. | National Sparkling Wine Sponsor: Ferrari | National Travel Vendor: Bliss by Luxury Concierge Travel

Surprise Wedding for Deserving Couple | Big Fake Wedding Style

Our amazing friends at The Big Fake Wedding have done it again, but this time… It wasn’t a fake wedding… it was ‘totes’ REAL! Read the story below, from Big Fake Wedding’s founder and CEO, Callie! The best part of this story is all of the participating vendors donated their services to make this big day a success, for such an amazing couple!
‘My friend Jennifer was planning a wedding in September, but they found out that Brian was being transferred to Tokyo in June, so they started planning to secretly head to the courthouse on May 8. At a dinner in April, Jennifer was telling me about her plans and saying how she was so sad to miss the experience of her dad walking her down the aisle. She wanted Brian to have that moment of seeing her in a dress, but they knew there wasn’t time to make that possible.
I reached out to some of my favorite wedding vendors, and we started planning an amazing surprise wedding for the two of them. Jennifer knew it was happening, but she didn’t know any of the details. Brian just thought that he was going to meet her at the courthouse, but instead his dad dropped him off at the wedding location (a local park where the florist so graciously donated her yard and front porch for the celebration), and his mom was there waiting on him with a boutonniere, in front of a sign that read “Welcome to the wedding of Jennifer and Brian”. She handed him a letter from Jennifer that let him know that they would be able to experience a wedding ceremony after all, and then his parents walked him down the aisle where their family and best friends (who had come in from different parts of the country!) were waiting.
We had a musician who played their song as Jennifer walked down the aisle, and after the ceremony, the musician played as they had their first dance and dances with their parents. They then enjoyed dinner, cake and toasts on the front porch, and they ended with a coffee truck and lantern release.
The next day was their “engagement party” and they got to let everyone in on their little secret: they were married!!’
BrianJennifer(1of523) BrianJennifer(13of523) BrianJennifer(18of523) BrianJennifer(25of523) BrianJennifer(39of523) BrianJennifer(41of523) BrianJennifer(46of523) BrianJennifer(57of523) BrianJennifer(60of523) BrianJennifer(65of523) BrianJennifer(67of523) BrianJennifer(68of523) BrianJennifer(72of523) BrianJennifer(77of523) BrianJennifer(88of523) BrianJennifer(93of523) BrianJennifer(100of523) BrianJennifer(106of523) BrianJennifer(110of523) BrianJennifer(115of523) BrianJennifer(116of523) BrianJennifer(119of523) BrianJennifer(121of523) BrianJennifer(128of523) BrianJennifer(131of523) BrianJennifer(141of523) BrianJennifer(148of523) BrianJennifer(149of523) BrianJennifer(162of523) BrianJennifer(169of523) BrianJennifer(177of523) BrianJennifer(180of523) BrianJennifer(193of523) BrianJennifer(199of523) BrianJennifer(202of523) BrianJennifer(214of523) BrianJennifer(219of523) BrianJennifer(224of523) BrianJennifer(229of523) BrianJennifer(233of523) BrianJennifer(241of523) BrianJennifer(250of523) BrianJennifer(266of523) BrianJennifer(275of523) BrianJennifer(319of523) BrianJennifer(326of523) BrianJennifer(338of523) BrianJennifer(339of523) BrianJennifer(347of523) BrianJennifer(358of523) BrianJennifer(362of523)
Easily the best part for us, besides everyone donating their time to this lovely couple, is REFUGE COFFEE!!!! Refuge Coffee Company is an amazing Atlanta based Coffee Truck that provides a living wage, quality job training and mentorship for resettled refugees in the area.
 BrianJennifer(365of523) BrianJennifer(366of523) BrianJennifer(368of523) BrianJennifer(380of523) BrianJennifer(387of523) BrianJennifer(390of523) BrianJennifer(394of523) BrianJennifer(397of523) BrianJennifer(407of523) BrianJennifer(421of523) BrianJennifer(428of523) BrianJennifer(429of523) BrianJennifer(439of523) BrianJennifer(445of523) BrianJennifer(452of523) BrianJennifer(460of523) BrianJennifer(468of523) BrianJennifer(482of523) BrianJennifer(490of523) BrianJennifer(507of523) BrianJennifer(514of523)
And if these amazing photos weren’t enough… grab the hankie and watch this super endearing video, courtesy of Up and Up Weddings :
Participating Vendors:  Flowers : Holland Daze Weddings | Vintage Rentals: Miss. Milly’s | Cake : GS Bakery | Catering : Farm Burger | Officiant : Bill Murray | Hand Lettering: Fleecher Designs | Photography : Jonathan and Kaye Photography | Ceremony Dress: Rent the Runway | Reception Dress: Wedding Angels | Videography: Up and Up Weddings | Music : Jonathan Wisdom | Coffee Truck: Refuge Coffee Co. | Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel by Brette  | ‘Yay Flag’ : Liddabits Design Shop