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Weddings that Give Back: TLove & Jeannette, Maine

In honor of Pride Appreciation, we wanted to celebrate this incredibly compassion-driven love story with you all one more time. This incredible couple used their wedding day to serve and positively impact their family, their community and the environment around them. Thank you to our BSB Vendor, Tara Lynn Bridal, for sharing their story with us and for creating the ethical wedding attire. Molly Haley captured the day in all of it’s locally sourced, organic and intentional goodness. Upon receiving their ‘giving back story’ we were blown away by the sheer magnitude of kind thoughtfulness that went into making their socially conscious wedding a success! See what the couple had to share below: Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900002 ‘For our wedding, we wanted to infuse as much of our personalities and our consciousness into the day as possible.  We are passionate about local farms, the local economy, and local arts as well as cooperative living communities.  Our intention was nurture our guests by practicing consciousness for the environment, our community and ourselves.’ Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900007   Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900044 ‘Our flowers were also organic and purchased from local Maine farms and from a friend’s personal garden. We also had both of our wedding outfits custom-made out of organic hemp and cotton from Tara Lynn Bridal (Tara Lynn is not only eco-friendly, she also donates a portion of her annual profits to a Vermont-based domestic violence non-profit and a few other causes)’. Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900017 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900018 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900021 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900024 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900025 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900026 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900029 ‘As part of our ceremony, we included a group guided kaleidoscope yoga circle with over 120 participants, our guests.’Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900031 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900036Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900033  Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900038 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900039 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900040 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900042  Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900010Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900046 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900047 ‘Our dinner menu was buffet-style, vegan, organic with all produce from local Maine farms and prepared and cooked by us and our friend, who is a vegan chef. We composted everything from our community meal, including our dinner wares, and donated it to Zero Food Waste.’ Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900008Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900050Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900053 ‘Our take away gifts were reusable vintage purple Ball Jars with lids to be used to drink from at the wedding day and beyond. We also held a safe and sober space for the entire weekend.’ Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900004 ‘To support local arts, we hired several local musicians, a local swing dance instructor to help choreograph a group dance for our wedding party, as well as visual artists (live painters) to celebrate the day’Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900055 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900056 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900060 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900061 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900062 ‘For our gift registry we accepted donations for a cross country road trip to explore and document cooperative living communities throughout the U.S.. We will be compiling this trip into a video documentary screening as a way to educate and give back to our community.’ Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900066 Photographer:  Molly Haley//Event Venue: Live Well Farm//Fashion Designer: Tara Lynn Bridal//    

Live Stylized Shoot during Bridal Fashion Week 2014 in NYC

Oldie but Goodie !!! As we prepare for this week’s festivities in New York City at Bridal Fashion Week, we thought we would share this stylized shoot some of our amazing Black Sheep Bride vendors participated in at last year’s event! _______ One of our amazing Black Sheep Bride vendors, Dee Kay Events, was contacted by Wed Altered owner, Christen, to collaborate an amazing Live Stylized Shoot during NY Bridal Fashion Week last fall. Wed Altered hosts a buyers salon during NY Bridal Fashion Week that gathers designers who believe that design should not suffer at the face of sustainability, ethical values and social consciousness. Two of our amazing bridal gown vendors, Celia Grace and Tara Lynn Bridal, are carried at Wed Altered’s Boutique in Cleveland, OH. The gowns adorned in this stylized shoot were designed by Olivia Hwang and photographed by Alexis June Weddings. View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: Diane, of Dee Kay Events, was able to keep her business philanthropy to inspire or lift up at least one person during a styled shoot. ‘I was able to have my cousins, who are sisters, be our models for the day. This was their first time trying on wedding dresses! It was a complete honor to be there with them for this. The first dress I put  Joan in is the one she said she would pick for her wedding dress. What a compliment! By the way, these girls are Iron Man competitors – Iron Women, I should say. They run, swim and bicycle for miles on end…on purpose! Thousand of miles between the two, these two sisters inspire woman and men every day to get up, get out of bed and just go. They coach and train others to keep on going on to reach their marathon goals. I am thrilled I was able to have a day to give back to them for all that they give to the world.’ View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More:   Watch the amazing highlight video below, courtesy of Sweet Start Weddings.   Wed Altered – Bridal Market 2014 from SweetStart on Vimeo. Special Shout Out to The Big Fake Wedding for helping organize the vendors for this shoot. Vendors: Photography: Alexis June Weddings | Event Design: Dee Kay Events | Bridal Gown Boutique : Wed Altered | Bridal Gown Designer: Olivia Hwang | Hair : Styles On B | Makeup: Michelle of Nicole Sievers Make Up Artistry | Venue: The Altman Building  | Florals: Louis Roros Sayrewoods Florist  | Vintage Rentals: Octavia & Brown | Invitation Designer: Corinna Beau Letterpress | Equipment Rentals: Party Vibe Entertainment  | Cinema and Video: Sweet Start Weddings | Live Sketch Artist: Ivana Masic    

Weddings that Give Back : Becca & Gordan

In the midst of one of the hottest months of the season, we thought we’d share a little cooler inspiration of what’s to come with fall! When the wedding couple is studying Environmental Science, its only fair that their wedding be ECO-FRIENDLY to the umpteenth power. One of our awesome Black Sheep Bride Vendors, Tara Lynn Bridal, recently shared this earth-friendly wedding story with us and it has us ‘Green with Envy’! Captured at The Wild Center Natural Museum in Tupper Lake, NY, Becca and Gordon live and love to share awareness of living eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. They both had very unique attire, as well as vegetarian food and setting for their wedding. The bride bought her unique wedding dress from an organic farm in Calfornia, at an auction to help support the farm. The groom’s suit was 100% hemp, made in Vermont by Tara Lynn Bridal. They used sustainable air plants for their florals and both adorned wooden wedding bands, as well. Photography by Out of the Ordinary Photography Ryals_Bennett_Out_of_the_Ordinary_DSC2402bw Ryals_Bennett_Out_of_the_Ordinary_DSC2501cc Ryals_Bennett_Out_of_the_Ordinary_DSC2687cc Ryals_Bennett_Out_of_the_Ordinary_DSC2704cr Ryals_Bennett_Out_of_the_Ordinary_DSC2730ccsunny Ryals_Bennett_Out_of_the_Ordinary_DSC2797cc Ryals_Bennett_Out_of_the_Ordinary_DSC2823cr Ryals_Bennett_Out_of_the_Ordinary_DSC3215 Ryals_Bennett_Out_of_the_Ordinary_DSC3227 Ryals_Bennett_Out_of_the_Ordinary_DSC3347 Ryals_Bennett_Out_of_the_Ordinary_IMG0566 Ryals_Bennett_Out_of_the_Ordinary_DSC3363 Ryals_Bennett_Out_of_the_Ordinary_DSC3386 Ryals_Bennett_Out_of_the_Ordinary_IMG0287 Ryals_Bennett_Out_of_the_Ordinary_IMG0774cc2