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Weddings that Give Back: Heather & Matthew

There are couples that get us on a level that would seem un-get-able to most, but when we find said couples, we can’t help but want to daydream about being their best friends and just enjoying their intentionally light hearted and joy-filled love stories! Heather and Matthew are one of those types of couples. Every tiny detail was planned out with intention, consideration for others, and with giving back in mind, all of which were wonderfully captured by Kelly Ginn Photography. Oh man… and I almost forgot the most important part, their 90’s memorabilia is FUN as heck! Without further adieu, here is what Heather (the bride) had to share with BSB:
‘Featuring as much fair trade and upcycled material for our wedding was of utmost importance to us, because this is the most money we have ever spent in our lives and the biggest party we may ever throw (until hopefully one day our kids let us fair trade-up their weddings).  We strongly believe that we vote with our money and I have a pledged to myself to try and only make fair trade/eco friendly purchases, when possible.  I fail at this every day, but trying it has been a great challenge and one that opens my eyes so often to how much production out there mistreats employees and gives no regard to the Earth.  I am so happy to know your blog exists to spread the word on the vendors and brands that give back and treat their employees fairly and with respect.  Thank you for being a blog that I love!! …’
‘Our engagement ring and wedding bands were purchased from Brilliant Earth with ethically sourced and recycled stones and bands. My husband made our wedding invites (as pictured underneath our rings) himself and we printed them on recycled paper, and sent them in recycled envelopes.’ 
‘My something blue and something borrowed was a small pillow that my Great Grandmother hand made herself for her own wedding passed down to my Mom, and then me. My Nana hand made our wedding quilt guest book also.’
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‘The shoes I’ve had for 6 years that my dad glued on extra fabric from the Mata Traders dresses after they were tailored to match my bridesmaids.’
‘Our florist worked with us to make a lot of our arrangements be live plants that our guests could take home. We also reused the cups that a family friend got us for our engagement party to use to blend soil from the houses we each grew up in to plant a tree.
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‘The toys for the groomsmen’s flowers and bridesmaid’s bouquets were bought from a second hand vintage toy store.’
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‘I bought all our bridesmaids dresses, and some jewelry, from Mata Traders (fair trade fashion brand, also a BSB Vendor), and the Mother of Bride, Mother of the Groom and my sisters-in-law’s dresses were from Mata Traders also.’
‘I borrowed my grandmother’s necklace that contains her wedding ring diamond and borrowed my mother’s earrings, my dad gave her when they got engaged, for my jewelry instead of buying new.’
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‘My Godson and one of my best friend’s daughters were our ring bearer and flower girl.  Kai my godson and best friend’s son was dressed as Frodo from Lord of the Rings and my mom made his here comes your precious sign.  My Nana hand made the flower girl’s pokeball flower basket.’
‘We used my husband’s parents’ cake toppers from their wedding cake and our charizard pokemon figurines to represent us, equally bad ass charizards, in our own ways.’
‘My best friend’s sister-in-law is an incredible artist who made some original art to fit our “A Tribe Called Prest..on” wedding, based on how much my husband and I love A Tribe Called Quest.’kgp-1470
‘I also scored some roller skates from a second hand used sports equipment shop to relive my glory days at the roller rink, on the dance floor at the reception.
‘Our getaway golf cart decorations came from Ten Thousand Villages in Chicago.’
Photographer: Kelly Ginn Photography
Fair trade/upcycling vendors and brands: Ten Thousand Villages | Mata Traders  | Toy De Jour | Brilliant Earth  | Ashlye McCormick  | DeepBlu