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Weddings that Give Back: TLove & Jeannette, Maine

In honor of Pride Appreciation, we wanted to celebrate this incredibly compassion-driven love story with you all one more time. This incredible couple used their wedding day to serve and positively impact their family, their community and the environment around them. Thank you to our BSB Vendor, Tara Lynn Bridal, for sharing their story with us and for creating the ethical wedding attire. Molly Haley captured the day in all of it’s locally sourced, organic and intentional goodness. Upon receiving their ‘giving back story’ we were blown away by the sheer magnitude of kind thoughtfulness that went into making their socially conscious wedding a success! See what the couple had to share below: Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900002 ‘For our wedding, we wanted to infuse as much of our personalities and our consciousness into the day as possible.  We are passionate about local farms, the local economy, and local arts as well as cooperative living communities.  Our intention was nurture our guests by practicing consciousness for the environment, our community and ourselves.’ Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900007   Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900044 ‘Our flowers were also organic and purchased from local Maine farms and from a friend’s personal garden. We also had both of our wedding outfits custom-made out of organic hemp and cotton from Tara Lynn Bridal (Tara Lynn is not only eco-friendly, she also donates a portion of her annual profits to a Vermont-based domestic violence non-profit and a few other causes)’. Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900017 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900018 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900021 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900024 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900025 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900026 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900029 ‘As part of our ceremony, we included a group guided kaleidoscope yoga circle with over 120 participants, our guests.’Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900031 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900036Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900033  Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900038 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900039 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900040 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900042  Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900010Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900046 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900047 ‘Our dinner menu was buffet-style, vegan, organic with all produce from local Maine farms and prepared and cooked by us and our friend, who is a vegan chef. We composted everything from our community meal, including our dinner wares, and donated it to Zero Food Waste.’ Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900008Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900050Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900053 ‘Our take away gifts were reusable vintage purple Ball Jars with lids to be used to drink from at the wedding day and beyond. We also held a safe and sober space for the entire weekend.’ Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900004 ‘To support local arts, we hired several local musicians, a local swing dance instructor to help choreograph a group dance for our wedding party, as well as visual artists (live painters) to celebrate the day’Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900055 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900056 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900060 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900061 Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900062 ‘For our gift registry we accepted donations for a cross country road trip to explore and document cooperative living communities throughout the U.S.. We will be compiling this trip into a video documentary screening as a way to educate and give back to our community.’ Smith_Richelson_Molly_Haley_Haley2015082900066 Photographer:  Molly Haley//Event Venue: Live Well Farm//Fashion Designer: Tara Lynn Bridal//    

Military Weddings that Gives Back – Michelle & Dave, Austin, TX

This Memorial Day we wanted to revisit one of our favorite military wedding features in honor of all those that have served and sacrificed their lives for our country. Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311031714 So grateful for today’s featured Real Wedding and how it brings honor and love to those that serve our country! Not only is the groom a selfless man of service, this gorgeous couple is also socially conscious. They decided to get married at the Barr Mansion, ‘The Nation’s only Certified Organic Event Facility’, and donated a portion of their budget t a charity fighting human trafficking, The Polaris Project. Talk about amazing! Their wonderful photographers, at Amanda Summerlin Photography, also pride’s themselves on being green and eco-conscious, as well as donating a portion of their profits to one of several organizations. As a gift for clients that book their wedding day, Amanda Summerlin Photography, provides their couples with a Kiva Card (which provided micro loans to entrepeuners around the world). To date they have provided the Kiva community with over 94 micro loans. Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding2013110345 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding2013110369 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103203 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103249 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103390 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103454 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103536 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103618 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103784 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103810 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103822 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103826 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103837 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103842 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103857 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103870 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311031073 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311031171 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311031344 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311031682 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311031686 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311031708 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311032482 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311032572 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311032911 Venue: Barr Mansion | Photographer: Amanda Summerlin | Floral: Stems Floral | Cake: Polkadots Cup Cake Factory

Astronomy Themed Sustainable Wedding Inspiration: Fort Wayne, Indiana

‘Love with reckless abandon,’ that’s our motto! Ohhhhh and if there happens to be an open-air abandoned building nearby to organize a gorgeous, sustainable, inspiration shoot in, we won’t sttttt….. we won’t encourage you to trespass! Ha! We’re just starry-eyed over today’s astronomy inspired sustainable wedding shoot via our BSB vendor, Morgan of  Indigo Lace Collective! We love all she had to share about their ethereal vision and how it turned out so organically stunning! __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective103 ‘Living in Northern Indiana, we don’t have beach weddings, forests or mountains to explore with our couples like the rest of the world. But because we’re away from the big city lights and the busy roads, we have the stars. If you turn away from the night lights and look at the dark sky, the billions of glimmering stars that appear are unreal. The abandoned warehouse was a perfect location to showcase our love of the universe and our astronomy-inspired intimate wedding set up.’ __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective22 ‘Northern Indiana is scarce for amazing wedding venues, so our couples are constantly on the search for something unique and out of this world to get married in. The warehouse is abandoned and allows the breeze to enter and the light to fill up the once dark building. You’re away from the city and the people. Nature has slowly grown into the building and has taken back what was once hers. You can feel the raindrops. The wind. When it gets dark, you can look directly up into the sky full of Midwest stars. It’s quiet, natural, and feels separated from the world – almost like you’re on a different planet.’ __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective119__Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective18 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective21  __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective14 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective25 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective6    __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective26 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective29  __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective42__Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective17__Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective45__Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective140__Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective124 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective1 ‘We wanted to create a magical scene for an intimate wedding in this warehouse. The Midwest is very traditional with weddings, and a lot of our couples get pushback for being artistic, unique, or wanting a different theme than the typical rustic Midwest wedding. We wanted to create a different venue, theme, and vibes for our couples to see. There’s no right or wrong way to do a wedding, but we wanted to give couples the inspiration to be true to themselves and really explore some magical and unique options when it came to wedding planning.’ __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective65 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective108  __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective114 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective118   __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective151 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective104  __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective84   __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective91__Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective94 ‘We knew we couldn’t properly execute our vision of an organic, ethereal wedding without making sure that the vendors were partners with nature. Our florals were provided by The Bouqs Company, who grow their flowers through responsible farming that’s sustainable and eco-friendly. In order to eliminate waste, they only cut what they sell- unlike others. They provide healthcare, child watch, and adult education to their partners and employees.’ __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective86__Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective79The Red Stiletto, who provided the amazing hair and makeup, use Surface hair and styling products. Surface products are sulfate and paragon free, 100% vegan, gluten free, and chemical and cardigan free. The bottles and containers are made of recycled materials and Surface chooses to donate 10% of proceeds to World Vision.’ __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective80__Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective63  __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective62 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective61Maeve Vintage, the stylists behind the shoot, started their business by giving new life to old, forgotten furniture. They started collecting pieces to share with couples to help embellish their special day and bring character and life to their photos or events. They’re always on the search for something unique- whether its found in the back corner of an antique shop or in an unwanted pile waiting for the the donation truck. They clean it, paint it, and give it a completely new life to share with other lovers of unique details here in Indiana.’ __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective67__Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective133 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective28 ‘Ethereal Hibiscus-Infused Champagne Directions: You will need Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup, 3-4 Sprigs of Rosemary, Champagne of your choosing. Drop 1-2 Wild Hibiscus Flowers in the bottom of champagne glass and slowly pour champagne over top until glass is full. Garnish with a few sprigs of rosemary and allow flavors to seep together for a few minutes before drinking.’ __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective99 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective102 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective100__Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective76 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective134 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective132 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective135 __Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective126__Indigo_Lace_Collective_indigolacecollective52 Photographer:  Indigo Lace Collective | Heirlooms and Extras: Maeve Vintage | Dress Store: One Fine Day Bridal and Gown Boutique | Floral Designer: The Bouqs | Hair Stylist: The Red Stiletto | Makeup Artist: The Red Stiletto Salon