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Weddings That Give Back: Samantha and Ricky – Orlando, FL

We love alternative, tiny, weddings that have intention and generosity at their core! Skipping the traditional wedding HOOPLA, Samantha and Ricky went for a wetter alternative and decided to tie the knot the best way the knew how… in the water at Typhoon Lagoon! Instead of a first dance, they choose to ride their first wave as man and wife and we couldn’t be more in love with their non-confirmative way of getting hitched! Well done guys! Read more from Ricky below. img_0020 “Samantha and I chose to have the ceremony we did because we wanted it to be a genuine expression of who we are, doing something we both love to do, with the people we love. Our intent was to keep it simple, fun, and relaxed for the small group that came. Part of our strength, as a couple, comes from supporting, encouraging, and inspiring each other, and those around us, to be our best and pursue our dreams. Whether it be making a difference directly through our work, Sam through her art and me through my books, speaking engagements, and You Are Valued – the movement to value others, or a random person we feel inspired to help, giving is instrumental in the richness of our relationship.” The best part of their wedding story was that they packed up all their goods in storage and went on a cross-country road trip spreading the love and mission behind You Are Valued across the United States. img_0016img_0015 img_0014 img_0013 You Are Valued is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing about change in our society by reminding people of the value in who they are and what they have to offer the world around them. From bullying, to teen suicide, to drug abuse, low self esteem is at the root of the negative behavior. When someone feels better about who they are, the more likely they are to make healthier choices. By embracing the value of others through various initiatives, lasting change will be inspired, cultivating peace in our world. 12888527_1172756852758812_2887051769852874617_o Their programs on Empowerment, Goal Development, Cultivating Peace/Promoting Compassion for others, and Building Community/Being the Change have received approval by Pinellas County, Florida School Board to be used in the schools health education programs in their Middle School Health Education Classes, High School Classes (Hope, Life Managment Skills, Teen Pregnancy or Teen Parenting Classes, other Health Education or Family and Consumer Science Classes). Other organizations that have used the programs are the Pinellas County Council of PTA’s, FACE IT Program (Families Acting Collaborativel To Educate And Involve Teens), the Coordinated Childcare of Pinellas Overlay program, as well as various private schools and community centers. 11703090_1028399203861245_6221359091926291027_n 11902591_1041374219230410_3785935885208965801_n Wedding Photos by Keith Burnson