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2017 Mother’s Day Round Up

Happy Mother’s Day, friends! via GIPHY In honor of this special day, we are celebrating some favorite Wedding Mom Moments from our BSB vendors and friends! 17620094_10212246607456161_6537423670639149283_oThis bride Sarah, is not only wearing the dress her mother, and her mother’s mother wore before her, she honored both of her grandmothers by asking them to be her flower girls! Photo: Karen J Hawley Photography 17917765_10154670321756559_4837993967453568876_oDon’t you just love the mom’s reaction in this image, after seeing her daughter in her wedding gown!? Photo: Lauren Lindley Photography 18403512_1574993765846131_5830236332095007556_n Bride and her fur-baby on her wedding day. Submitted by: FairyTail Pet Care | Photo: Bumby Photography, LLC 18425549_1365844580165094_6431935103572596556_n Photo: Sandra Chile Photography 18449702_10211494682176129_1638470760163846057_o A mother’s job is never done! Love that this mom didn’t skip a beat, even in her wedding gown! Photo: Jeannie Capellan Photography 18485654_1365844456831773_955138098413304699_n Mom sharing a moment with the groom, as she puts on his boutonniere. Photo: Sandra Chile Photography 18485961_10211657555705796_6981341344042275492_n Mother and Grandmother and the Bride spending the last few minutes before the ceremony in prayer. Photo: Monica Puryear Photography 18491670_10211494704856696_3387519940384275447_o This bride gave her daughter this hanker chief on her wedding day, to save for her own wedding day in the future. Photo: Jeannie Capellan Photography 17807530_10101040057284059_7147428293395969197_o Mother of the Bride getting emotional putting the bride’s jewelry on. Photo: Katey Penton Photography 17880500_10154670320816559_6509173624165017443_o This is such a great representation of so many of our moms, on our wedding days… This mom is walking her daughter down the aisle and just as excited to see the guests as the bride is- love it! Photo: Lauren Lindley Photography 18447321_10100147776598039_350789708971334464_n Amber Veatch Designs on her wedding day sharing a moment with her sweet little girl. Photo: Jessica Lea Photography 18423219_1511601282204638_1281658552285968583_o Mother and Daughter at a Destination Wedding Experience, thanks to TruBlue Travel. 18404157_10155356778545238_1682719809678791684_o Nicky got married recently here in the US after living here for about 20 years. Her Irish mom (and the whole family) flew in for the wedding. Photo: Julie Verlinden Photography 18423727_10154572056622544_2732888286380221260_n-2 This bride’s mom capturing a glimpse of her daughter in her wedding dress and ended up in sweet tears.  Submitted by: Sandra Explains It All | Photo: Leah Dor Photography.   We wish you all a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! 

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts (That Give Back Instead)

Is your Mom like mine? via GIPHY For many years, Mother’s Day was a real challenge for me to prepare for, my mother could care less about brunch, rose bushes, or jewelry. Her love language happens to be quality time, and so is mine… I also love to receive words of affirmation, but that is neither here, nor there (you can email me your kind affirmations at anytime). It wasn’t until I had children, that this dilemma was resolved, due to my own selfish desires. Three years ago, my husband asked me what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day and after much pondering I suggested we go tubing down Rainbow River, a sacred place, for local Floridians, in the spring and summer. I pitched the idea to my Mom and that has been our Mother’s Day tradition ever since. via GIPHY No fancy gifts, no overcrowded restaurants, no need to get dolled up. We take a short road trip north, lock our phones in the cars (hence no photos), tie some tubes together, and float in crystal clear water for half the day. This is my idea of fun, where I can JUST BE in the sunshine and refreshing spring-fed waters, with no responsibilities, while my boys hop in and out of the tubes, periodically snorkeling and exploring with their daddy, like untamed baby river otters. via GIPHY However we don’t share traditional gifts these days, we still value giving back to others on Hallmark Holidays!   Here is a list of 5 amazing organizations and projects you could give to, in honor of your mom!   Preemptive Love Coalition – Donate $25 and help refugee moms in Syria and Iraq, by donating in your mom’s honor and receive this sweet digital download to deliver the news. 18404174_10155344952449343_6132866201767739394_o Mother’s Day Campaign – Donate $20 to provide a week of healthy meals to one woman residing at N Street Village, in Washington D.C.. 14692146_10154115627203095_8623675151447297861_o     Every Mother Counts: Donate $25 and provide the basic supplies and treatment needed for a new mother in Uganda to give a safe and healthy birth. #OrangeRose 16403251_1273610469353699_5910819535052379971_o   Promise Love Foundation: PLF is in place to assist families in need with fundraising the cost of adoption and providing resources to the community about the fostering and adoption process. #NationalFosterCareMonth 18341754_10155409581886336_6057403286401540105_n   ApParent Project: Host a Mother/Daughter Cereal Box Drive! One cereal box can produce over 50 paper beads and provide over 11 jobs in Haiti! ApParent Project is a social enterprise non-profit that offers opportunities for the Haitians be able to provide for themselves and their families, empowering them to rise up out of poverty… to be able to keep their families together… to avoid relinquishing their children to orphanages, through upcycled jewelry, home decor, etc.   Hope you all have a lovely Mother’s Day!