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Vendors That Give Back: MG Hair and Makeup

Fashion. Lights. Makeup. Hairspray. Sometimes fashion shows can seem like the last place to give back, however, there are definitely the exceptions. -desai_foundation_diwalionthehudson2048-0057 Last week MG Hair and Makeup donated their services as a part of Diwali on The Hudson with the Desai Foundation and fashion designer, Payal Singhal, and performed all of the hair and makeup for their runway show. -desai_foundation_diwalionthehudson2048-0004 Both the Desai Foundation and Payal Singhal wanted to partner and create a ready-to-wear line of clothing to help benefit the great work being done to provide vocational training and economic empowerment to women in rural India and the US. -desai_foundation_diwalionthehudson2048-0323 Featured in both Vogue India and Elle India, this event was a unique collaboration of not just monetary contribution but of deep vocational education as various pieces from the collection are also being made by one of the centers in India. -desai_foundation_diwalionthehudson2048-0042 Your purchase can support this amazing foundation and also be a unique piece of fashion from a top fashion designer. For more information about Payal Singhal x Desai Foundation, visit here. Thanks to our amazing vendor, MG Hair and Makeup, for serving and supporting the global community in such HUGE WAYS!

Giving Back When You Don’t Have The Time, Via MG Hair and Makeup

Giving Back When You Don’t Have the Time By Megan Garmers, MG Hair and Makeup **Editor Note: Thank you MG Hair and Makeup for your ongoing support as a National Partner and believer in the BSB Mission.** freestocks-org-209881 Spring is coming up soon and it serves as a great reminder. It is a time for new life, new opportunities and second chances. No, this is not a plea for you to carve even more time out of your already busy life, but rather a note of encouragement to find a few hours on a couple days throughout the year to make a difference with your talents and time. IMG_0113 One of the ways we (MG Hair and Makeup) like to give back is through volunteering at Covenant House. They have a program for homeless teen moms and we sponsor a fun makeover night for these ladies. These moms have been through a lot during their short life and are forced to grow up quickly. Covenant House does a great job at helping get them off the streets, provide a safe place for the moms and babies to stay, and also provide life and job skills for self-sufficiency. IMG_0111 While the world of beauty can seem full of superficiality, to these ladies, it means something different. Many have never had their makeup done before so sometimes even just some lipstick and being pampered helps restore their self-esteem and confidence to face other life issues. We also help volunteers paint nails and provide polish or makeup samples for the teens to take with them. Something small that can serve as a reminder and be functional to uplift their mood is important when they have so few physical possessions. IMG_0112 There are lots of ways you can volunteer with your skills, even if you’re not a hairstylist or makeup artist. These girls just enjoy having someone make them feel special and beautiful to inspire self-esteem and confidence. Whether it is at a teen shelter or other program, there are lots of ways you can be involved in special events throughout the year. Volunteering your time and talents this way allows you to give back without a weekly commitment many don’t have the extra time to give. Even though it might be one or two nights a year, never underestimate the reach of your kindness and how it encourages another in their own journey. Learn more about MG Hair and Makeup  and Covenant House by visiting their websites today!

Guest Post: Giving Back to the Industry via MG Hair and Makeup NYC

Giving Back to the Industry | Written by: Megan Garmers, MG Hair and Makeup I think that it is fair to say that it is the goal of every entrepreneur to be considered an expert in their field. And this status doesn’t come easily. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears, long nights and many sacrifices to reach your goals. And no matter where you are in your journey, it never gets any easier finding additional hours in the day to get everything done. via GIPHY We do a variety of different things to give back with our talents and other resources, but one way I like to give back is to help teach the next generation of industry professionals. Helping those starting out allows them to focus their talents and resources in perfecting the wheel instead of recreating it. It validates all the hard work and important contributions you’ve made to the industry.  320787_263183767050044_203751716_n Sometimes it’s easy to give back when we think we are helping those less fortunate than us because we don’t feel threatened by what they gain from our gifts. However sometimes we neglect contributing to the community of our industry out of fear the competition will take our business.  10945908_808335509201531_195971373726897432_o Now I’m not saying that you leave your company books open and spill all your secrets via every social media channel you have. And I admit, not all who seek advice are looking for help, some just want a cheat sheet to become the next “you” in the industry. But as an expert, you should be able to discern the difference. There are ways to give back like speaking at industry conferences or mentoring new professionals that help your area of the industry move to another level. 1025569_547251598643258_2134358033_o I speak at schools and industry trade shows across the country and now we are gearing up for our fall North American education tour about the business of bridal beauty. Not every seminar I give is paid, but the rewards for every seminar are great. It’s amazing how grateful those attending the seminars have been with what I’ve shared. It’s not about telling them what to do but helping them understand how to approach it. It is good advice and direction (and sometimes a “what to do”) to help the next generation do better and faster what they are passionate to do – what you were once passionate to do when you were in their shoes starting out. screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-10-57-07-am PC: Joseph Lin Photography At the end of the day, raising the bar for the industry helps everyone like a rising tide raises all boats. I’m certainly not getting any younger and someday I’m going to have to pass the baton to another generation. However sometimes you don’t need to wait to be finished before you pass your baton. I much prefer to have helped shape them and teach my best practices so that what I have accomplished with all my hard work and sacrifice can be improved upon long after I’m gone. screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-11-04-57-am PC: City Love Photography For more information about MG Hair and Makeup visit the website today, and don’t forget to FOLLOW THEM ON INSTAGRAM for all their upcoming NY Bridal Fashion Week fun!