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The Biggest Fake Wedding Recap – Atlanta

My home away from home, as of late, is Atlanta, GA. It’s a quick 1 hour plane ride and friendly face (with coffee in hand) awaiting my arrival, formally referred to as Liz Townsend of Liddabits Designs. Earlier this month I made a quick trip up there and had the privilege to share space with some of the most creative, inspiring and hard working industry leaders across the nation at the ‘Biggest Fake Wedding‘. For those less familiar with The Big Fake Wedding experience, it is simply put a ‘fake wedding’ (as listed in their title) which is designed and created by an amazing collaboration of wedding vendors across the nation. The wedding ceremony is actually a vow renewal ceremony for an already married couple. When we heard Gina and Edward would be the couple we couldn’t wait to meet them in person, because we featured their socially conscious REAL wedding earlier in the year! The best surprise of the night was when we found out we would actually be witnessing a REAL Wedding (that occurred immediately after Gina and Edward’s vow renewal) shown in the second half of this post. I can’t look at these photos without tearing up, the night was truly special to me (and so many others) … Excited to share more news about our partnership with The Big Fake Wedding in the next week! Photography courtesy of Kaitie Bryant Photography BiggestFakeWedding-1 BiggestFakeWedding-2 BiggestFakeWedding-10 BiggestFakeWedding-18 BiggestFakeWedding-24 BiggestFakeWedding-29 BiggestFakeWedding-100 BiggestFakeWedding-104 BiggestFakeWedding-109 BiggestFakeWedding-114 BiggestFakeWedding-117 BiggestFakeWedding-119 BiggestFakeWedding-122 BiggestFakeWedding-135 BiggestFakeWedding-139 BiggestFakeWedding-143 BiggestFakeWedding-150 BiggestFakeWedding-156 BiggestFakeWedding-159 BiggestFakeWedding-172  BiggestFakeWedding-175 BiggestFakeWedding-176 BiggestFakeWedding-178 BiggestFakeWedding-180 BiggestFakeWedding-185 BiggestFakeWedding-198 BiggestFakeWedding-208 BiggestFakeWedding-235 BiggestFakeWedding-237  BiggestFakeWedding-245 BiggestFakeWedding-247 BiggestFakeWedding-254 BiggestFakeWedding-255 BiggestFakeWedding-262 BiggestFakeWedding-268 BiggestFakeWedding-270 BiggestFakeWedding-276 BiggestFakeWedding-278 BiggestFakeWedding-289 BiggestFakeWedding-291 BiggestFakeWedding-292 BiggestFakeWedding-295 BiggestFakeWedding-297 BiggestFakeWedding-301 BiggestFakeWedding-305 BiggestFakeWedding-307 BiggestFakeWedding-310 BiggestFakeWedding-316 Photography courtesy of Love Ya Jess –  As you will see in the images below, Jess was in charge of photographing our real (surprise) wedding couple Ben & McKenzie. W82A2645 W82A2667 W82A2674 W82A2717 W82A2729 W82A2730 W82A2750 W82A2759 W82A2813  W82A2831 W82A2865 W82A2878 W82A2892 W82A2911 W82A2920 W82A2951 W82A2953 W82A2956 W82A2963 W82A2965 W82A2983 W82A2986 W82A3004 W82A3025 W82A3031 W82A3048 W82A3059 W82A3063 W82A3082 W82A3106 W82A3260 W82A3293  W82A3345 W82A3415 W82A3418 W82A3420 W82A3493 W82A3500 Up & Up Weddings was there capturing all the details in motion and created this stellar trailer. The Biggest Fake Wedding – Trailer from Up & Up Weddings on Vimeo. Gina and Edward also worked with Melody Wed to create a custom love song based on their personal story. Participating Black Sheep Bride vendors: Banners + Flags : Liddabits Paper  | Programs + Party Goods: Custom Cups and Napkins – Cherish Creations Remaining participating vendors:  Bowtie Favors: xoelle  | Bridesmaid Dresses : Adore Bridal Boutique | Calligraphy + Design : Estudio Rojo | Catering : Sun In My Belly | Custom First Dance Song: MelodyWed | Custom Favors: Record Art Q Made It | Day-Of Coordination : Cape Cod Celebrations | Desserts: Marshmallows Malvi | DJ + Emcee : DJ Josh Whitlock | Event Rentals: Clear Chair Atlanta | Floral + Event Design:Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Flower Crown + Tables 2, 5, 8, 11 : Rosemary + Finch | Floral + Event Design: Ceremony Backdrop + Tables 3, 6, 9, 12: Kara Nash Designs | Floral + Event Design: Head Table + Tables 1, 4, 7, 10: Holland Daze Expressions In Bloom | Glassware: Eikoh Design Studio | Hair : 139 Hair By Heidi |Invitations + Atlanta Infographic: Jankun Creative Studio, A Labor Of Love | Makeup : Concepts By Anastasia | Menswear: The Modern Gent | Pearl Jewelry: The Cultured Pearl Of Charleston | Photography: Love Ya Jess | Photography: Kaitie Bryant Photography | Wooden Signage + Custom Stained Glass “Guestbook”: Ever Laser| Venue: Amy Osaba Studio | Videography: Up + Up Weddings | Vintage Rentals: Miss Milly’s Event Rentals + Design | Wedding Cake: Pêche Petite Boutique Bakery | Wedding Dress: Borrowing Magnolia | Wedding Vow Art: The Standard Canvas | National Sparkling Wine Sponsor: Ferrari

Surprise Wedding for Deserving Couple | Big Fake Wedding Style

Our amazing friends at The Big Fake Wedding have done it again, but this time… It wasn’t a fake wedding… it was ‘totes’ REAL! Read the story below, from Big Fake Wedding’s founder and CEO, Callie! The best part of this story is all of the participating vendors donated their services to make this big day a success, for such an amazing couple!
‘My friend Jennifer was planning a wedding in September, but they found out that Brian was being transferred to Tokyo in June, so they started planning to secretly head to the courthouse on May 8. At a dinner in April, Jennifer was telling me about her plans and saying how she was so sad to miss the experience of her dad walking her down the aisle. She wanted Brian to have that moment of seeing her in a dress, but they knew there wasn’t time to make that possible.
I reached out to some of my favorite wedding vendors, and we started planning an amazing surprise wedding for the two of them. Jennifer knew it was happening, but she didn’t know any of the details. Brian just thought that he was going to meet her at the courthouse, but instead his dad dropped him off at the wedding location (a local park where the florist so graciously donated her yard and front porch for the celebration), and his mom was there waiting on him with a boutonniere, in front of a sign that read “Welcome to the wedding of Jennifer and Brian”. She handed him a letter from Jennifer that let him know that they would be able to experience a wedding ceremony after all, and then his parents walked him down the aisle where their family and best friends (who had come in from different parts of the country!) were waiting.
We had a musician who played their song as Jennifer walked down the aisle, and after the ceremony, the musician played as they had their first dance and dances with their parents. They then enjoyed dinner, cake and toasts on the front porch, and they ended with a coffee truck and lantern release.
The next day was their “engagement party” and they got to let everyone in on their little secret: they were married!!’
BrianJennifer(1of523) BrianJennifer(13of523) BrianJennifer(18of523) BrianJennifer(25of523) BrianJennifer(39of523) BrianJennifer(41of523) BrianJennifer(46of523) BrianJennifer(57of523) BrianJennifer(60of523) BrianJennifer(65of523) BrianJennifer(67of523) BrianJennifer(68of523) BrianJennifer(72of523) BrianJennifer(77of523) BrianJennifer(88of523) BrianJennifer(93of523) BrianJennifer(100of523) BrianJennifer(106of523) BrianJennifer(110of523) BrianJennifer(115of523) BrianJennifer(116of523) BrianJennifer(119of523) BrianJennifer(121of523) BrianJennifer(128of523) BrianJennifer(131of523) BrianJennifer(141of523) BrianJennifer(148of523) BrianJennifer(149of523) BrianJennifer(162of523) BrianJennifer(169of523) BrianJennifer(177of523) BrianJennifer(180of523) BrianJennifer(193of523) BrianJennifer(199of523) BrianJennifer(202of523) BrianJennifer(214of523) BrianJennifer(219of523) BrianJennifer(224of523) BrianJennifer(229of523) BrianJennifer(233of523) BrianJennifer(241of523) BrianJennifer(250of523) BrianJennifer(266of523) BrianJennifer(275of523) BrianJennifer(319of523) BrianJennifer(326of523) BrianJennifer(338of523) BrianJennifer(339of523) BrianJennifer(347of523) BrianJennifer(358of523) BrianJennifer(362of523)
Easily the best part for us, besides everyone donating their time to this lovely couple, is REFUGE COFFEE!!!! Refuge Coffee Company is an amazing Atlanta based Coffee Truck that provides a living wage, quality job training and mentorship for resettled refugees in the area.
 BrianJennifer(365of523) BrianJennifer(366of523) BrianJennifer(368of523) BrianJennifer(380of523) BrianJennifer(387of523) BrianJennifer(390of523) BrianJennifer(394of523) BrianJennifer(397of523) BrianJennifer(407of523) BrianJennifer(421of523) BrianJennifer(428of523) BrianJennifer(429of523) BrianJennifer(439of523) BrianJennifer(445of523) BrianJennifer(452of523) BrianJennifer(460of523) BrianJennifer(468of523) BrianJennifer(482of523) BrianJennifer(490of523) BrianJennifer(507of523) BrianJennifer(514of523)
And if these amazing photos weren’t enough… grab the hankie and watch this super endearing video, courtesy of Up and Up Weddings :
Participating Vendors:  Flowers : Holland Daze Weddings | Vintage Rentals: Miss. Milly’s | Cake : GS Bakery | Catering : Farm Burger | Officiant : Bill Murray | Hand Lettering: Fleecher Designs | Photography : Jonathan and Kaye Photography | Ceremony Dress: Rent the Runway | Reception Dress: Wedding Angels | Videography: Up and Up Weddings | Music : Jonathan Wisdom | Coffee Truck: Refuge Coffee Co. | Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel by Brette  | ‘Yay Flag’ : Liddabits Design Shop