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Weddings That Give Back: Catherine & Josh- Yosemite National Park, CA

April 15th- 23rd is National Parks Week and with all the fuss in the news, as of late, about the fate of our National Parks, BSB wanted to celebrate the amazing couples that intentionally choose to get married in a National or State Park and bring awareness to the gorgeous all-natural ‘venues’ all around us! Get your hiking boots on, because for the next 7 days BSB will be sharing ONLY park weddings and various park wedding round up’s! (Refer to the bottom of this post for ways to get involved this week)  Catherine.Josh.091016-1 Catherine.Josh.091016-8 Here is what Catherine shared about their National Park wedding! ‘While we were deciding where we would get married we knew that we wanted a small, low-key outdoor wedding. We thought through a few options in our home city, Cincinnati, and the city that we met, Columbus, but we weren’t completely satisfied with our options. Around that time we saw an article about weddings having to be rescheduled in Yosemite National Park because of an ongoing government shutdown. While this was a strange way to discover that we could get married in a National Park, this article is how the idea was sparked. My husband, Josh, has always been more “outdoorsy” than I am and an important part of our relationship has been about me exploring and appreciating the importance of being outside. One of our first real camping trips together was in Yosemite and that is when we both really fell in love with the park. We also discovered that the process to secure a permit for a wedding was fairly simple and inexpensive, as long as you have a small group and plan far in advance. Our wedding day was everything we hoped for and I don’t think we could have found a more beautiful, tranquil location for the wedding. One of our favorite parts of the wedding was showing our friends and family Yosemite and the Eastern Sierras. Many of our close friends and family live in the Midwest and some hadn’t been west of Chicago before our wedding. My uncle traveled all the way from England and I don’t think he had ever been above 3,000ft in elevation. It was a lot of fun to experience these “firsts” with our closest family and friends. When you’re getting married in a beautiful location it is also important to find a photographer that can balance the beauty of the landscape with “portrait” type photography and our photographer Lauren Lindley did an amazing job.  Our wedding was perfect and I would recommend getting married in a National Park to anyone looking for a unique, no –frills location.’ Catherine.Josh.091016-16 Catherine.Josh.091016-60 Catherine.Josh.091016-65 Catherine.Josh.091016-100 Catherine.Josh.091016-117 Truly love this series of images captured by Lauren Lindley! It couldn’t better represent marriage. It demands team work, compromise, uncomfortable, sacrifice… that isn’t always picture perfect, but we can’t help but think the coolest moments are the imperfect ones! Catherine.Josh.091016-188 Catherine.Josh.091016-197 Catherine.Josh.091016-202 This is not the traditional reception photo you might find in a wedding feature, but I found it incredibly important to include. The wedding couple intentionally choose to have a picnic with their intimate wedding party, instead of a formal reception. No need for chairs, chargers, linens… just each other and nature. Isn’t that what love is all about!? We think so! Catherine.Josh.091016-221 Catherine.Josh.091016-237 Catherine.Josh.091016-241 Catherine.Josh.091016-255 Catherine.Josh.091016-319 Catherine.Josh.091016-323Catherine.Josh.091016-274 Catherine.Josh.091016-293 Catherine.Josh.091016-308 Vendors: National Park: Yosemite National Park | Photographer: Lauren Lindley  | Officiant: John Paris | Flowers: Sue Paris | Makeup: Jenny Sickler ____________________________ WAYS TO GET INVOLVED DURING NATIONAL PARK WEEK! Did you know that the National Park Services has over 12 Billion Dollars of outstanding repairs and needs across the 2000 parks and forests they maintain? Go grab your annual NPS Pass today and help support the future of our planet for generations to come! April 15-16 and April 22-23 : Free Admission to any National Park in the United States April 15: Jr. Park Ranger Appreciation Day. Buy a National Park Pass (for $80). There are also FREE Passes available for active military, and students in the 4th grade, as well as discounted passes for Seniors. Learn more HERE. Find the closest park to you and volunteer or support their fund raising initiatives!