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National Park Wedding: Gina & Bob- Zion National Park, Utah

Get your hiking boots on, because for the next 7 days BSB will be sharing ONLY park weddings and various park wedding round up’s, in honor of National Parks Week (4/15-4/23)! (Refer to the bottom of this post for ways to get involved this week) S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB291low Gina and Bob got married in Zion National Park with the beautiful red walls as the perfect back drop for their photos! They had their ceremony in the late morning at the Temple of Sinawava at the entrance to the narrows followed by a lunch reception with their closest friends and family. Later in the day they met back up with their photographer, Bergreen Photography, for sunset portraits at the canyon overlook. After hiking out the the overlook they enjoyed a spectacular sunset with the glowing canyon walls! S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB048low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB060low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB153low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB164lowS_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB280lowS_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB186lowS_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB187low   S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB254low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB262low  S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB286low  S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB292low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB314low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB315low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB316low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB317low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB318low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB334low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB336low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB348low S_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB219lowS_L_BergreenPhotography_SpinellaSpinellaBergreenPhotographyGB355low National Park: Zion National Park | Photographer: Bergreen Photography ____________________________ WAYS TO GET INVOLVED DURING NATIONAL PARK WEEK! Did you know that the National Park Services has over 12 billion dollars of outstanding repairs and needs across the 2000 parks and forests they maintain? Go grab your annual NPS Pass today and help support the future of our planet for generations to come! April 15-16 and April 22-23 : Free Admission to any National Park in the United States April 15: Jr. Park Ranger Appreciation Day. Buy a National Park Pass (for $80). There are also FREE Passes available for active military, and students in the 4th grade, as well as discounted passes for Seniors. Learn more HERE. Find the closest park to you and volunteer or support their fund raising initiatives!