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#GiftsthatGive – Man Cans

We’ve gotten some serious interest in our last post on Groom’s Gifts that Give Back! And we decided to show some love to one of the crowd favorites … Man Cans! They are such an awesome company with a super rad story too! Intro1-975x190-975x190 ManCans was started in 2010 by Hart Main when he was 13 years old.  He was looking for a way to make some money to buy a new bicycle and fill a void in the candle market of scented candles for men.  In an attempt to make his product different than others, not only did he want the scents to be different, he wanted the candles to look different too so he decided to put them in a soup can.  Why not, guys like shiny metal objects, exactly what you have after you take the label off of a soup can.   It didn’t take long before Hart had more orders than empty soup cans so he started donating the soup to soup kitchens.  Come to find out it was perfect timing, the economy was in a tail spin, unemployment was approaching record numbers and soup kitchens were serving 25% more meals than the year before and needed every donation they could get.  To date Hart has donated over 90,000 meals and $30,000 to 25 kitchens across 4 states. Over the past two Christmas’ ManCans had an issue with not being about to generate enough empty cans and have had to turn away business.  With some luck ManCans was able to fix that issue this year and found a way to help even more people.  ManCans has partnered with The BeaverCreek Candle Company, a county owned nonprofit MRDD facility.  Now the candles are hand poured by a mentally disabled client of the facility providing them an employment opportunity and we now use soup cans that have not contained soup but ManCans donates money to each of those kitchens.  This has also allowed ManCans to donate to areas that were too far away in the past. Currently ManCans sells both ManCans and SheCans, providing options for everyone and allowing for more donations. giveaway