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Product Spotlight- Philantropic Panda- Jewelry that Gives Back!

As I happened to be paroosing around Etsy… looking up all things ‘Giving’… I came across this amazing jewelry shop, Philanthropic Panda,  and their awesome mission… Using handmade jewelry to help others! 2014-07-23_0001
Tell us about your business?
Philanthropic Panda is a jewelry company that helps customers change lives through donations to amazing non-profit organizations. Our partners focus on empowering communities to lift themselves out of poverty.  
Where in the world did your name come from… Its Awesome?
I’ve loved pandas for as long as I can remember. When I first came up with the idea to make jewelry and donate a portion of the proceeds to non-profits, a  friend thought of the name, and I loved it.  
What made you model your business around giving?
My outlook on life changed dramatically in 2010 when I left a stable job to travel and volunteer with NGOs across Asia. After seeing extreme poverty firsthand, I wanted to dedicate time and money to support organizations that provide sustainable and culturally responsible solutions to poverty. Upon my return to the US, I created Philanthropic Panda to combine my drive to make an impact with my lifelong passion for making jewelry.  
Is there one particular piece of jewelry that has brought in more profits (donations) then others?
The Water Empowerment Necklace has been one of my most popular pieces. 20% of proceeds go to fund clean water projects for rural families in Cambodia. To date, proceeds from sales have funded four bio-sand water filters and one pull-pump well.  
How can brides use Philanthropic Panda into their wedding day details?
I love working with brides to customize pieces for their wedding parties or a special mother of the bride item. I can be reached via the contact form on the Philanthropic Panda website.

10 Ways to SAVE… the world! Weddings that Give Back!

Let us pretend for a moment… that we ALL fall into the average wedding budget category. According to Wedding Stats the average wedding in 2014 cost roughly $28,671… and if you took 10% of that budget and dedicated it to completely selfless awesomeness… that would be $2,867 !! 2014-07-17_0003 Here are some ways to take your 10% and Change the World! 1. 102 orphans could be fed for 30 days. (Dando Amor) 2. 28,000 trees planted (Trees for the future) 3. 10 girls would be able to attend school (Heifer) 4. 1892 meals will be provided to the homeless. 5. 143 people will receive clean water (Let it flow) 6. 5 oncology  family support groups/Dinners (for up to 100 people)  can be organized for children diagnosed with cancer.  (Children’s Cancer Center) 7. 76 children sponsored for one month. (Compassion International) 8. 50 Microloans rewarded to impoverish women to start a business. (Global Giving) 9. 2,867 of Malaria Treated lives saved ( 10. 11,468 children everywhere will get one meal to eat. (Feeding Children Everywhere) Isn’t it crazy how such a small number… 10%… can make such a big impact on others! How will you use your 10% of wedding change to make world change?