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2016 Gifts That Give Series: Themis and Thread

Editor Note: Black Sheep Bride is excited to continue our 2016 Holiday – Gifts That Give Series devoted to sustainable, charitable, eco friendly and/or artisan made products to gift your friends and family this holiday season! From now throughout Mid December we will be sharing various product sponsored features devoted to products that value supporting others and/or the environment.
Today we’re taking a peek at some fun goodies by Themis and Thread! T & T is an ethically developed & produced clothing and accessory brand, made entirely in The United States of America, with 100% American-made, organic and zero-waste, components! They do their best to thread lightly through WIND POWERED domestic production and sourcing, while also using environmentally friendly materials in their vertically integrated sewing studio in New York State’s Finger Lakes region.
Themis and Thread makes a myriad of creatively ethical fashion items, but their 100% Organic Cotton Bow Ties, Repurposed Guitar String Bangles, and Upcycled Denim Sash Belts are extra special, because they donate 20% of those sales directly to Dig Deep’s Navajo Water Project. Dig Deep’s Navajo Water Project provides desperately needed water to Native Americans in New Mexico.
Check out these awesome items and consider snagging a few gifts from her ethical shop here.
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2. Upcycled Woven Denim Belt, $35 (An Eco-Hipster’s dream come true)
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The three items highlighted above are amazing gift options for your holiday wish list, not only cause they are upcycled and awesome, but because 20% of their sales will be directly impact those in need of clean drinking water.
Did you know 40% of Navajo People live without running tap water or toilets. They are 67 times more likely than other Americans to live in water poverty. Darlene Arviso is a Navajo woman dedicated to providing her people with clean water. Every day she wakes up at 6am to drive the school bus. When she completes her route, she then fills the water truck and delivers to every home she can in a 70 mile radius. She doesn’t get home until well after 8pm every night.
Darlene’s dedication is incredible, but she has reached her limit. With over 250 homes to visit every month, there’s never enough water (or enough Darlene) to go around. Darlene’s dedication is not uncommon here. Dig Deep’s Navajo Water Project is working directly with the Smith Lake community to empower people like Darlene. Local ownership of the project will ensure it’s long-term success.
(Lindsey Johnson got running water this fall for the first time since the 60’s, shown above)
So now that you’ve been inspired by her upcycled and ethical goodness, and a little bit more about the impact she is making with her goods, make sure to stop by her website HERE and let her know we sent you!

BSB Vendor Round-Up: Giving Tuesday

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is called ‘Giving Tuesday’ and is one of our favorite days of the year. Giving Tuesday is all about dedicating your holiday time, love, energy, $, to a non-profit near and dear to your heart vs. spending money on useless decorative soap sets for your grandparents, for the sake of checking them off the gift list. In honor of today, we wanted to take a moment and identify how some of our vendor-friends are using their businesses to GIVE BACK on this great occasion. 2016-gt-logo-wdate1 Love Offering: Well we had the people in my lettering workshop write Christmas cards to the military. And tomorrow we will finish passing out our thank you cards from the summer to our Police Department. 14289911_1146256025451336_9018032491357709239_o 15271746_10208466669412435_1390219805_o  Finny Hill PhotographyFinny Hill will be selling Limited Edition prints and donating a portion of all sales to the A21 Campaign, that Danielle will also be supporting this December, through the Dressember Challenge. screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-10-09-08-am Larkspur + Laurel: I’ve committed to donating 10% of all sales from 11/24-11/29 to Standing Rock. 15085728_734939663324751_1257517735511006459_n Pop Goes The Party : We are supporting Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County personally and through our business. Affordable housing in Pinellas County is a significant challenge for families! Angie is also a participating member of the Hammers & Heel’s Women’s Giving Circle. 14715010_1248176781871119_5735347939341573751_oangie The Tote Project: 50% of our sales will be going to Two Wings to help them reach their fundraising goal. Two Wings uses education, mentoring and life coaching to empower at-risk youth and survivors of sex trafficking in achieving their dreams. 13988162_1007929565971289_1584816689078178980_o Carla Ten Eyck: I just recently found out my friend Erica and her three sons were living in a shelter for the past 3 weeks. She has a 2 month old son, Dante who is in kindergarden, and Memphis who is a happy fourth grader. I offered up my home to them until she can land on her feet and get a job and an apartment, but there are many things that she and her family need. My Giving Tuesday efforts will be dedicated to them. Want to help, visit their Go Fund Me here. 15110887_10158019749190495_2957676593737299875_o Chalk Board Special Mobile Event Service: Chalkboard Special Food Truck will be on-site serving up eats at Hidden Springs Ale Works, as a fundraiser for Current Initiatives Affordable Christmas Project in Tampa, FL.  14457423_1586842244675500_3676371723386532867_n Styled by Kelsey V : Announcing that all of our 2017 Q1 profits will be going directly toward materials and teaching tools for Shear Love International in Thailand. These tools include: curling irons, bobby pins, hair pins, rat-tail combs, teasing combs, round brushes, paddle brushes, crocodile clips, etc… plus shipping costs to get these materials to Thailand. Shear Love International is designed to educate and empower women (in all walks of life) by providing an education in hair design. 14495394_1597581757211887_5605051319150517188_n SandraChile Photography: I am encouraging my current couples to take a discount from what they owe me by helping others. “This Giving Tuesday, donate $50 to Too Young to Wed, show me the receipt and I will discount $100 off your balance.” All of today’s donations will go to “Too Young to Wed“. 12322926_977500949061896_2808444523007082491_o Shelby Wright- Trades of Hope: I am donating 25% of sales to Love Not Lost . We also have a huge Fair Tuesday special throughout the day, as well. 15284022_10101187092893640_3084120494592341323_n Imagine Goods: 25% off the entire site. Code “CyberAndFair”. 15181355_10211113909143189_4485705851011401064_n Vinson Images: We are discounting our prints, and on top of this giving 25% of proceeds back to a handful of organizations! 15195857_10100220947362315_5401256830458810092_o Sasa Designs: Get 10% off all Sasa Designs today with code “DREAMBIG”, and your purchase will support GROW (Girls’ Right to Opportunity Worldwide) by donating a percentage of each sale to the program. Every dollar raised provides a girl with one day of education at the primary or secondary level, which includes the cost of uniforms, books, tuition, room and board, safe travel to school, and any number of other typical barriers to a girl’s education. 15193500_10104400641106835_4193423966947779708_n15194326_10104400655557875_7385656284240436741_o APaige Photography: In honor of #GivingTuesdayAPaige Photography is giving away an engagement OR couple shoot to be booked in the month of March! Check out our FB Page for the rules. 15195931_1446686402009924_7856179256745671691_o Karen J Hawley Photography: Today I will be making my annual donation to World Vision. As a Black Sheep Bride vendor I have chosen to give a portion of each wedding to World Vision, and their micro-loan program for women who need a boost up for their families, and their future. unnamed-71 We’ll be sure to be sharing more ways to give as the day progresses, so keep your eyes peeled!

2016 Gifts That Give Series: rePURPOSE Accessories

Editor Note: Black Sheep Bride is excited to introduce the 2016 Holiday – Gifts That Give Series devoted to sustainable, charitable, eco friendly and/or artisan made products to gift your friends and family this holiday season! From now throughout next month we will be sharing various product sponsored featured devoted to products that value supporting others and/or the environment. 1-dsc_6931-watermark rePURPOSE Accessories are more than a fashion brand, and much more than a typical social enterprise. They give back in every way possible. Their accessories (mostly headbands) are only made from used or ethical materials, to avoid putting money back into companies that use slave labor. By using recycled materials (such as fabrics, t-shirts, dresses, curtains, etc), they’re also keeping textile waste out of landfills. rePURPOSE Accessories are more than a fashion brand, and much more than a typical social enterprise. They give back in every way possible. Their accessories (mostly headbands) are only made from used or ethical materials, to avoid putting money back into companies that use slave labor. By using recycled materials (such as fabrics, t-shirts, dresses, curtains, etc), they’re also keeping textile waste out of landfills. All rePURPOSE Accessories are made by refugee women who have resettled in NY. Without the ability to speak fluent English, it is difficult for these women to find work. rePURPOSE Accessories has created a program that helps cross the language barrier, create unlikely friendships, and provide an opportunity to work from home.   2-dsc_1366 Once the products are sold, 100% of the profits are donated to The Exodus Road and Make Way Partners, two amazing organizations who prevent and fight against human trafficking. Raising awareness is another key purpose for the company. Speaking at colleges, churches and events is as much a part of the business as their products are. They share stories of trafficking victims, statistics on slavery and anecdotes of hope. They even share other ethical brands, because creating a world with conscience consumers is more important to them than profit. You can check out their complete ethical shopping guide on their website. The newest addition to rePURPOSE Accessories is the art therapy program for students with disabilities. At shows and events, the typical marketing materials are replaced by beautiful and colorful headband cards that were hand painted by these students. If you’re ready to support rePURPOSE Accessories, all you have to do is shop! If you’re searching for the perfect Christmas gift, there are so many options to choose from. You can find headbands for fitness, fashion or function. Launching this week are their brand new sweater ear warmers, which are made out of recycled sweaters and t-shirts. They are so cozy and comfortable you will never take them off.  3-dsc_6822 The holiday sparkle collection will return this week as well, with some old favorites and some new designs!  4-dsc_7003 There are still many products available from the fall collection, which consist of vintage florals, leather headbands and earrings, and fabrics from artisans in Guatemala and India.   5-dsc_4599 Their best sellers are the Yoga Tie-Wraps and Yoga Boho Wraps, which are made from soft recycled t-shirts. These wraps are so versatile they’ve discovered over twelve ways to wear them!  6-yoga-wraps If headbands aren’t your thing, check out their apparel collection. All shirts and sweaters are made from a company in the US that is sweatshop free and eco friendly. The apparel collection represents their mission to end slavery, love others and change the world.  7-dsc_6263 Don’t miss out on their huge Black Friday sale, starting at 12am on Friday. Check out rePURPOSE Accessories and grab the perfect goodies, just in time for the holidays!  Support refugees, fight to end human trafficking and raise awareness – just by purchasing a headband!  

Wedding Party Gifts that Give Back: rePurpose Accessories

When you are planning a wedding there are always so many opportunities to coordinate fun and exciting looks for your wedding party festivities! From your wedding shower, to bachelorette/bachelor parties, to rehearsals to honeymoons… You have lots of chances to shower love on your gals (or guys) with gifts and we thought rePurpose Accessories would be a lovely add-on to your growing ethical & sustainable wedding purchasing to-do list! rePURPOSE Accessories is an ethical company that creates fashionable accessories made from mostly used clothing. They employ local women to help create their products, which are sold for the sole purpose of raising money for Make Way Partners and The Exodus Road. 100% of their profits support unadoptable orphans in war torn areas of Sudan, and also fund undercover investigators and their covert equipment to stop underage sex trafficking internationally and in America. As they grow, they continue to find ways in every aspect of their business to make a difference. In fall of 2015 they expanded their collection with a new fair-trade t-shirt line. These t-shirts support workers in Cambodia by providing fair wages, good working conditions and health care. In early 2016 they also launched a refugee work program in Syracuse, NY, employing three refugee women to make some of their products. This will help them earn extra money while creating lasting and empowering relationships with other women in their situation. They are also available to make custom pieces for bridal parties on their wedding days or for gifts for the bridal party that are ethical and give back to the organizations that they support. unnamed-57 Loving their head wraps/bands and what a perfect add-on to the bridesmaid’s day-of look, that will also be empowering someone else’s life along the way! unnamed-58 Photos above courtesy of Lauren Harrienger Photography We are also really in love with their amazingly empowering t-shirt options! Perfect for engagement shoots, or daily wedding planning adventures, especially fun when you dress it up with one of their turbans/ head bands! Grateful to rePurpose for sending us a few of their amazing products to rock out as well! We love it when we can advocate for brands like theirs, in person, as well as online! unnamed-55   unnamed-59 unnamed-60unnamed-56 Photos above courtesy of Jovial Photography For more information on ways to score your rePurpose Accessories for your wedding party or just daily living, visit their website here!