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Big Fake Wedding Recap: Houston

The Big Fake Wedding Houston encouraged vendors to give in to their indulgent side with luxurious elements, haute hues, and elegant details. Inspired by glamorous brides, our vendors created designs that were both feminine and totally high fashion. From diamonds to ruffles to sky-high heels, The Big Fake Wedding exemplified what every little girl’s dreams are made of.
The BFW’s stunning bride and groom were the perfect couple for this fashion-forward and luxe event, as they met during a runway tour for Ebony and Jet Magazine. Too sweet!
Photos below courtesy of The Light Company
The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-2 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-4 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-9 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-11 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-12 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-14 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-16 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-18 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-24 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-30 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-35 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-37 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-38 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-43 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-44 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-50 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-58 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-64 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-70 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-72 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-73 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-75 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-77 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-97 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-106 The Light Co_Big Fake Wedding Houston-128
Photos below courtesy of Kristen Curette Photography
Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0022 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0031 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0044 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0072-Edit Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0074 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0083 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0116 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0155 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0168 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0192 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0214 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0393 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0396 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0420 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0425 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0470 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0477 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0489 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0510 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0525 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0539 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0603-Edit Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0682 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0752 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0809 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0909 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-0934 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1055 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1063 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1104 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1106 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1184 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1236 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1264 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1444 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1483 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-1550 Houston,-Texas-The-Big-Fake-Wedding-12.19.15_-Kristen-Curette-Photography-45790
Photos below courtesy of Shutterenvy Photography
 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-3935 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-3944 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-3978 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-3995 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4011 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4343 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4354 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4374 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4405 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4407 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4418 Big Fake Wedding-Shutterenvy-4434
  Also don’t miss this gorgeous and fun highlight reel from Addison J Weddings Special thanks to our BSB vendors, Becki for representing Black Sheep Bride, and Kelsey ( Chloe + Isabel participating vendor ). Participating Vendors: Alcohol: Palace Party Beverage | Bridal Party Gifts: Things Remembered | Cake: Edible Moments | Catering: Cafe Natalie | Ceremony Musician: Resonance Chamber Music | Day of Coordination: Events With Heart | Day-of + Creative Services: Thirty Day Dash | Dessert Bar: Get Caked | Donut Bar + Candy Bar: Sugar Bunch Creations | Entertainment: Royal Dukes Band | Event Lighting: House of Letters Houston | Floral + Event Design (Personal Flowers + Tables 9, 10, 11, 12): Ashlye McCormick – Floral.Design.Studio | Floral + Event Design (Head Table + Tables 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): Heather Benge Events | Floral + Event Design (Ceremony Backdrop + Tables 13, 14, 15, 16): SwaLaRue Events | Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel | Linens: House of Hough | Makeup: Nyoka Gregory Beauty | Menswear: Tailorme | Nails: Essie | Photo Booth: Snapped by Nicole | Photography: The Light Company | Photography: Kristen Curette Photography | Photography: Shutterenvy Photography | Seating Chart: Dove Designs | Wedding and Social Stationery | Slow Motion Photo Booth: The Slow Motion Booth | Specialty Signage: Beau Tied Affair | Spray Tanning: Beautifully Bronzed | Stationery (Invitations + Menu Designs): nine0nine creative | Venue: NOAH’S of Katy | Videography: Addison J Weddings | Wedding Dress: Borrowing Magnolia | National Sparkling Wine Sponsor: Ferrari Sparkling Wine | National Travel Vendor: Bliss by Luxury Concierge   *Black Sheep Bride has a Publication Partnership with Big Fake Wedding. With that said, not all of the weddings featured from these events specially have a socially conscious theme, the event itself gives back by sending couples in marital crisis on marriage counseling retreats, with a % of their ticket sales. We also list any of our participating Black Sheep Bride Vendors on the top of each event posting.

Big Fake Wedding Recap: Dallas, Take 2

Dallas Big Fake Wedding was like none other. This was our second time around the block to Dallas BFW, and we were so impressed with how incredibly different and unique this event was compared to the last! The vision, venue, vendors all brought the wanderlust inspiration vibe to life! We particularly love all of the ferns, natural bark based design elements, and organic color incorporations (with the fruit). Take a peek! Special shout out to our vendor, Megan Willis, for representing Black Sheep Bride at the event as well! And I spy with my little eye, another Black Sheep Bride vendor, Cherish Creations! Photography below courtesy of Ciera Chante Photography 2015-11-03_0001 2015-11-03_0002 2015-11-03_0003 2015-11-03_0004 2015-11-03_0005 2015-11-03_0006 2015-11-03_0007 2015-11-03_0008 2015-11-03_0009 2015-11-03_0010 2015-11-03_0011 2015-11-03_0012 2015-11-03_0013 2015-11-03_0014 2015-11-03_0015 2015-11-03_0016 2015-11-03_0017 2015-11-03_0018 2015-11-03_0019 2015-11-03_0020 2015-11-03_0021 2015-11-03_0022 2015-11-03_0023 2015-11-03_0024 2015-11-03_0025 2015-11-03_0026 2015-11-03_0027 2015-11-03_0028 2015-11-03_0029 2015-11-03_0030 2015-11-03_0031 2015-11-03_0032 2015-11-03_0033 2015-11-03_0034 2015-11-03_0035 2015-11-03_0036 2015-11-03_0037 2015-11-03_0038 2015-11-03_0039 2015-11-03_0040 2015-11-03_0041 2015-11-03_0042 2015-11-03_0043 2015-11-03_0044 Photography below courtesy of Jennifer Crenshaw Photography 2015-11-03_0045 2015-11-03_0046 2015-11-03_0047 2015-11-03_0048 2015-11-03_0049 2015-11-03_0050 2015-11-03_0051JCP-0082JCP-0093JCP-0098JCP-0104JCP-0119JCP-0122JCP-0142JCP-0154JCP-0157JCP-0160JCP-0167JCP-0181JCP-0199JCP-0204JCP-0207JCP-0215JCP-0287JCP-0291JCP-0300JCP-0304JCP-0316JCP-0344JCP-0350JCP-0366JCP-0377JCP-0379JCP-0384JCP-0391JCP-0410JCP-0412JCP-0449JCP-0419JCP-0475JCP-0484JCP-0492JCP-0505JCP-0467JCP-0537JCP-0519JCP-0588 Photography below courtesy of Lynnet Perez Photography 2015-10-30_0034 2015-10-30_0035 2015-10-30_0036 2015-10-30_0037 2015-10-30_0039 2015-10-30_0040 2015-10-30_0041 2015-10-30_0042 2015-10-30_0043 2015-10-30_0046 2015-10-30_0049 2015-10-30_0050 BFW Highlight from GoMan Productions. Participating Black Sheep Bride Vendors: Paper Goods (Invitations, Menus + Koozies) + Favors- Cherish Creations
Bridal Accessories: Pretty Bitch Pasties | Candy Experience: 2 Sweets | Catering: Gils Elegant Catering | Ceremony Musician: Gailybird – The Dallas Violinist | Cocktail Hour: The Empire Room | Day-Of + Creative Services: Thirty Day Dash | Day-Of Coordination: Made Beautiful Events | Dessert Bar: Pink Apron Pastry | Entertainment: LeForce Entertainment | Event Rentals: United Party Rental | Favors: Cherish Creations | Floral + Event Design (Bouquets, Boutonnieres + Tables 3, 7, 11): Southern Magnolias | Floral + Event Design (Ceremony Backdrop + Tables 4, 8, 12): Query Events | Floral + Event Design (Head Table + Tables 1, 5, 9): The Perfect Plan Events | Floral + Event Design (Registration Table + Tables 2, 6, 1): Dainty Dahlias Events | Fortune Cookies: CRUNCH eats | Groomsmen Attire: Menguin Tuxedos | Hair + Makeup: Concepts by Anastasia | Hair Accessories: Smitha Menon Bridal | Jar Cakes: Jar Cakery | Lighting: Astounding Sounds + Lighting | Linen Sponsor: AM Linen Rental | Makeup Accessories: MUE Lifestyle Powered by Makeup Eraser | Officiant: Memorable Wedding Celebrations | Paper Goods (Invitations): Brown Fox Creative | Paper Goods (Invitations, Menus + Koozies): Cherish Creations | Paper Goods (Programs): Love Betty Creative Design | Photo Booth: LeForce Entertainment | Photography: Ciera Chante Photography | Photography: Jennifer Crenshaw Photography | Photography: Lynnet Perez Photography | Popsicles: Steel City Pops | Slow Motion Video Booth: The Slow Motion Booth | Transportation: Ashley’s Transportation + Limousine Service, LLC. | Venue + Rentals: The Empire Room | Videography: GoMan Productions | Vintage Rentals: Vintage Sparkle Rentals | Wedding Cake: RedRaspberry Cakes | Wedding Dress: Circle Park Bridal Boutique | National Sparkling Wine Sponsor: Ferrari | National Travel Vendor: Bliss by Luxury Concierge Travel
*Black Sheep Bride is a Publication Partnership with Big Fake Wedding, however not all of the weddings may specially be socially conscious themed, the event itself gives back by sending couples in marital crisis on marriage counseling retreats, with a % of their ticket sales. We also list any of our participating Black Sheep Bride Vendors on the top of each event posting.

The Biggest Fake Wedding Recap – Atlanta

My home away from home, as of late, is Atlanta, GA. It’s a quick 1 hour plane ride and friendly face (with coffee in hand) awaiting my arrival, formally referred to as Liz Townsend of Liddabits Designs. Earlier this month I made a quick trip up there and had the privilege to share space with some of the most creative, inspiring and hard working industry leaders across the nation at the ‘Biggest Fake Wedding‘. For those less familiar with The Big Fake Wedding experience, it is simply put a ‘fake wedding’ (as listed in their title) which is designed and created by an amazing collaboration of wedding vendors across the nation. The wedding ceremony is actually a vow renewal ceremony for an already married couple. When we heard Gina and Edward would be the couple we couldn’t wait to meet them in person, because we featured their socially conscious REAL wedding earlier in the year! The best surprise of the night was when we found out we would actually be witnessing a REAL Wedding (that occurred immediately after Gina and Edward’s vow renewal) shown in the second half of this post. I can’t look at these photos without tearing up, the night was truly special to me (and so many others) … Excited to share more news about our partnership with The Big Fake Wedding in the next week! Photography courtesy of Kaitie Bryant Photography BiggestFakeWedding-1 BiggestFakeWedding-2 BiggestFakeWedding-10 BiggestFakeWedding-18 BiggestFakeWedding-24 BiggestFakeWedding-29 BiggestFakeWedding-100 BiggestFakeWedding-104 BiggestFakeWedding-109 BiggestFakeWedding-114 BiggestFakeWedding-117 BiggestFakeWedding-119 BiggestFakeWedding-122 BiggestFakeWedding-135 BiggestFakeWedding-139 BiggestFakeWedding-143 BiggestFakeWedding-150 BiggestFakeWedding-156 BiggestFakeWedding-159 BiggestFakeWedding-172  BiggestFakeWedding-175 BiggestFakeWedding-176 BiggestFakeWedding-178 BiggestFakeWedding-180 BiggestFakeWedding-185 BiggestFakeWedding-198 BiggestFakeWedding-208 BiggestFakeWedding-235 BiggestFakeWedding-237  BiggestFakeWedding-245 BiggestFakeWedding-247 BiggestFakeWedding-254 BiggestFakeWedding-255 BiggestFakeWedding-262 BiggestFakeWedding-268 BiggestFakeWedding-270 BiggestFakeWedding-276 BiggestFakeWedding-278 BiggestFakeWedding-289 BiggestFakeWedding-291 BiggestFakeWedding-292 BiggestFakeWedding-295 BiggestFakeWedding-297 BiggestFakeWedding-301 BiggestFakeWedding-305 BiggestFakeWedding-307 BiggestFakeWedding-310 BiggestFakeWedding-316 Photography courtesy of Love Ya Jess –  As you will see in the images below, Jess was in charge of photographing our real (surprise) wedding couple Ben & McKenzie. W82A2645 W82A2667 W82A2674 W82A2717 W82A2729 W82A2730 W82A2750 W82A2759 W82A2813  W82A2831 W82A2865 W82A2878 W82A2892 W82A2911 W82A2920 W82A2951 W82A2953 W82A2956 W82A2963 W82A2965 W82A2983 W82A2986 W82A3004 W82A3025 W82A3031 W82A3048 W82A3059 W82A3063 W82A3082 W82A3106 W82A3260 W82A3293  W82A3345 W82A3415 W82A3418 W82A3420 W82A3493 W82A3500 Up & Up Weddings was there capturing all the details in motion and created this stellar trailer. The Biggest Fake Wedding – Trailer from Up & Up Weddings on Vimeo. Gina and Edward also worked with Melody Wed to create a custom love song based on their personal story. Participating Black Sheep Bride vendors: Banners + Flags : Liddabits Paper  | Programs + Party Goods: Custom Cups and Napkins – Cherish Creations Remaining participating vendors:  Bowtie Favors: xoelle  | Bridesmaid Dresses : Adore Bridal Boutique | Calligraphy + Design : Estudio Rojo | Catering : Sun In My Belly | Custom First Dance Song: MelodyWed | Custom Favors: Record Art Q Made It | Day-Of Coordination : Cape Cod Celebrations | Desserts: Marshmallows Malvi | DJ + Emcee : DJ Josh Whitlock | Event Rentals: Clear Chair Atlanta | Floral + Event Design:Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Flower Crown + Tables 2, 5, 8, 11 : Rosemary + Finch | Floral + Event Design: Ceremony Backdrop + Tables 3, 6, 9, 12: Kara Nash Designs | Floral + Event Design: Head Table + Tables 1, 4, 7, 10: Holland Daze Expressions In Bloom | Glassware: Eikoh Design Studio | Hair : 139 Hair By Heidi |Invitations + Atlanta Infographic: Jankun Creative Studio, A Labor Of Love | Makeup : Concepts By Anastasia | Menswear: The Modern Gent | Pearl Jewelry: The Cultured Pearl Of Charleston | Photography: Love Ya Jess | Photography: Kaitie Bryant Photography | Wooden Signage + Custom Stained Glass “Guestbook”: Ever Laser| Venue: Amy Osaba Studio | Videography: Up + Up Weddings | Vintage Rentals: Miss Milly’s Event Rentals + Design | Wedding Cake: Pêche Petite Boutique Bakery | Wedding Dress: Borrowing Magnolia | Wedding Vow Art: The Standard Canvas | National Sparkling Wine Sponsor: Ferrari

Big Fake Wedding Recap Baltimore

Baltimore, oh sweet, beautiful, Baltimore, you have stolen our hearts with this gorgeous Big Fake Wedding set up. The venue, the floral patterns, the ‘RoseMarry’ packets, the dress, the ceremony backdrop, the cute popsicle stand… We are so in LOVE! Everything about this vendor collaboration and vision makes our creative wedding brainstorming minds explode with colorful joy! It’s also exciting when we have our own Black Sheep Bride vendors representing on their home turf! Brandilynn Aines Photography! Find out how she gives back to her community and the globe over on her vendor profile here. Photos below courtesy of Brandilynn Aines Photography BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg01 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg2 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg3-1 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg3 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg4 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg5 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg8 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg9 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg10 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg11 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg12 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg13-1 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg13 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg14 Photos below courtesy of Kimberly Brooke Photography Kimberly Brooke BFW1 Kimberly Brooke BFW2 Kimberly Brooke BFW3 Kimberly Brooke BFW4 Kimberly Brooke BFW5 Kimberly Brooke BFW6 Kimberly Brooke BFW7 Kimberly Brooke BFW8 Kimberly Brooke BFW9 Kimberly Brooke BFW11 Kimberly Brooke BFW12 Kimberly Brooke BFW13 Kimberly Brooke BFW14 Photos below courtesy of Shannon Bishop Photography Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0005Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0010Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0001 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0002 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0003 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0004  Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0006 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0007 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0008 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0009  Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0011 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0012 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0013 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0014 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0015 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0016 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0017 Don’t forget to really see the whole event on the Highlight Video via Gifted Films :   Vision board for the day: farmhousefete Band (HERO Band): EastCoast Entertainment | Bridesmaid Dresses: Dress Up | Catering: Sascha’s Catering | Ceremony Musician: Two Rivers Chamber Music | Custom Glassware: Eikoh Design Studio | Day-Of Coordination: Ivori Nicole Events | Deodorant: Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant | Favors: Dessert Beauty and Cosmetics | Floral + Event Design (Bouquets/Boutonnieres + Tables 1, 4, 7, 8): Arrica Lindsay Events | Floral + Event Design (Ceremony Backdrop + Tables 2 ,5): Ruie & Grace | Floral + Event Design (Head Table + Tables 3, 6): Celebrating Love by Marcie | Groomsmen Accessories (Bow Ties): xoelle | Hair + Makeup: Silver Immersion, LLC | Invitations + Seed Favors (Wildflower Seed Paper Suite): Tomahawk Design Co. | Invitations (Illustrated Floral Suite with Map): Anchor Point Paper Co. | Invitations (Painted Floral Suite): Mayla Studios, Invitations & Fine Paper Goods | Invitations (Blue + Green Watercolor Suite): Beloved Paper | Jewelry: J’Adorn Designs Handmade Jewelry | Linens, Tables + Rentals: Select Event Group | Oral Care: Colgate Optic White | Photo Booth: Baltimore Photo Social | Photography: Brandilynn Aines Photography | Photography: Kimberly Brooke Photography | Photography: Shannon Bishop Photography | Popsicles: Picnic Pops | Programs (Fuchsia + Orange Watercolor): Lauren Mattes Design | Specialty Cocktails: Deep Eddy Vodka | Venue: Gramercy Mansion | Videography: Gifted Films | Wedding Cake: SugarBakers Cakes | National Sparking Wine Sponsor: Ferrari Sparkling Wine | National Travel Vendor: Bliss by Luxury Concierge | Presenting Partner: BRIDES Magazine

Big Fake Wedding Nashville Recap

The Big Fake Wedding Nashville was such a great time! We truly love to travel to new markets and Nashville was such a treat! The wedding scene there is something that totally caught me off guard. I must confess, I was expecting a few cowboy boots and maybe a steel guitar, but man was I ever so wrong! However Nashville is best known for its country music influence, the indie/creative culture there is alive and well!
With an intimate wedding in Italy as the inspiration, The Big Fake Wedding Nashville was set-up for success! The deeps reds from the venue were gorgeous alongside the floral ceremony set-up, and the intricate designs of the bride’s dress could not have been a better match!
We especially loved the emphasis on intimate candle-lighting at the reception tables; they drew us in, and the way these details were creatively captured are sure to grab your attention as well!
Our very own Black Sheep Bride vendor, Caroline Creates, was a part of the adventure at the Big Fake Wedding Nashville — and if you have seen her work, you know that it is nothing short of gorgeous and eco-friendly! You can read more about Caroline Creates and how she “Gives Back” in this vendor spotlight.
Photos below courtesy of Castro Photography & Cinema
2015-06-11_0061 2015-06-11_0062 2015-06-11_0063 2015-06-11_0064 2015-06-11_0065 2015-06-11_0066 2015-06-11_0067 2015-06-11_0068 2015-06-11_0069 2015-06-11_0070 2015-06-11_0071 2015-06-11_0072 2015-06-11_0073 2015-06-11_0074 2015-06-11_0075 2015-06-11_0076 2015-06-11_0077 2015-06-11_0078 2015-06-11_0079 2015-06-11_0080
Photos below courtesy of Melanie Grady Photography
2015-07-01_0001 2015-07-01_0023 2015-07-01_0012 2015-07-01_0010 2015-07-01_0018  2015-07-01_0011 2015-07-01_0014 2015-07-01_0020 2015-07-01_0004 2015-07-01_0008 2015-07-01_0015 2015-07-01_0006 2015-07-01_0016 2015-07-01_0013 2015-07-01_0022 2015-07-01_0019 2015-07-01_0007 2015-07-01_0021 2015-07-01_0002 2015-07-01_0005 2015-07-01_0017 2015-07-01_0009 2015-07-01_0003 2015-07-01_0024
Photos below courtesy of Laura Kay Photography
 2015-06-11_0045 2015-06-11_0046 2015-06-11_0047 2015-06-11_0048 2015-06-11_0049 2015-06-11_0050 2015-06-11_0051 2015-06-11_0052 2015-06-11_0053 2015-06-11_0054 2015-06-11_0055 2015-06-11_0056 2015-06-11_0057 2015-06-11_0058 2015-06-11_0059 2015-06-11_0060
Bar + Staffing: D&D Events Management | Bridesmaid Attire: Brideside | Catering: Chef Penelope’s Catering | Day-Of Coordination: Bella Bleu Weddings and Events | Favors: Two Vintage Drums | Floral + Event Design (Head Table, Personal Flowers + Tables 5, 6): Rosemary and Finch | Floral + Event Design (Ceremony Backdrop + Tables 1, 2, 3, 4): Yellow Rose Co. | Gift Baskets: Batch | Hair: Abby Artistry | Health + Lifestyle: Neighborhood Barre Nashville | Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s | Jewelry: Shane Co. | Paper Goods – Accents: Caroline Creates | Paper Goods: Invitations (tan and brown, hand-lettered tri-fold suite): Prints for Events | Paper Goods: Save the Dates + Invitations (french-inspired watercolor suite): Simply Jessica Marie | Photo Booth: Shutterbooth Photo & Video Booths | Photography: Casto Photography & Cinema | Photography: Laura Kay Photography | Photography: Melanie Grady Photography | Skin Care: Rodan + Fields | Skinny Wraps: Wraps by Sarah | Specialty Lighting + Pipe and Drape: Nashville Audio Visual | Transportation: Nashville Wedding Trolley | Venue: The Cannery Ballroom | Videography: Casey & Kristin | Wedding Band: Rachel Rogers & The Real Good Feel Goods | Wedding Cake: Lil Cakes and Custom Creations | Wedding Dance Choreographer: Charlie Knows Homes | Wedding Dress: Borrowing Magnolia | Title Sponsor: Shane Co. | National Sparkling Wine Sponsor: Ferrari | National Travel Vendor: Bliss by Luxury Concierge Travel