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2017 Father’s Day Round-Up

Dads are pretty rad, aren’t they? Before BSB launched, I was spending my weekend’s photographing weddings and my most favorite wedding day images were always during dad moments. It’s just fun to see grown men so uncharacteristically emotional, don’t you agree? Thanks to our BSB vendors for sharing some of their favorite DAD moments with us for this Father’s Day Round Up. Here is to all the DADS out there, furry, old, young, step, adoptive, and everything in between, wishing you all a Happy Father’s Day, near and far! 10991129_10204090044479547_5258038856232029780_n (Bride speaking to her dad, who was bed ridden on her wedding day) Bird On A Wire Photography 18814859_226911144480614_6169942867411730108_o Brandilynn Aines Photography 18766580_226908307814231_2576506713223363562_o Brandilynn Aines Photography 18766530_10158739779105123_1199248283080367833_o Kyra Rane Photography 18765803_1599385926740248_5389344399058615927_n FairyTail Pet Care | Photo: Bumby Photography Tam_Padovan_FamilyCreativeImagery_WinnieDanny10012016145 Family Creative Imagery 18740748_10158739793580123_3640019752012206951_n Kyra Rane Photography 18739218_10154812999231559_3563518197155298894_o Lauren Lindley Photography 18156819_10158739787320123_596766822232149729_o Kyra Rane Photography 18836812_10154813000651559_6357498400476366727_o Lauren Lindley Photography HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, Dads! 

Black Sheep Bride Vendors: Father’s Day Favorites!

Happy Father’s Day Friends! In honor of this sweet holiday we asked our BSB Vendors what were some of their favorite ‘Dad’ images to share with you all! To all the Dad’s everywhere: Father’s of the Bride, Father’s of the Groom, Dad’s that are Grooms- You Matter to US! We appreciate all the hard work you have put into leading and raising your children, and the time and energy you are investing in the lives of someone else! You are forever AWESOME in our eyes! 13403250_10105007727031731_5496878526820800638_o ‘This dad finally got to walk his daughter down the aisle at their vow renewal celebrating 7 years of being married.’ Photo by Green Pearl Photography. 13403358_10209571285463312_6692796511004416419_o ‘This bride pushed her wedding up when her dad was diagnosed with cancer. Loved seeing them laugh and smile together.’ Photo by Sarah Gee Photography 13442636_10209571294863547_6609102456982675777_o ‘Father of the Groom helping him getting ready. He even assisted in making their wooden bow ties!’ Photo by Sarah Gee Photography  IMG_2429 ‘Love how endearing and proud this Father of the Bride was during their First Dance’ via Jerdan Photo. 13442672_10209571305543814_6527399068822391307_o-2 ‘I just LOVE the way he’s looking at her as they came down the aisle. At one point, he got a mischievous grin, and they started skipping down the aisle!’ Photo by Sarah Gee Photography 13497533_10208537846996334_8844624070449808355_o Dad leading the way into the next season of their family’s life! Photo by Rachel Gomez Photography. 13422210_10100800985545739_7422361338760525867_o First Dance’s are the best! Photo by Katey Penton Photography HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!