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Fair Trade Friday- Clutches for a Cause

Woot, woot, Fair Trade Friday is upon us once again!  This week we are sharing some of our favorite clutches with you that support artisans around the world.  Perfect for your bridesmaids or your honeymoon, you can’t go wrong with these picks! Fair Trade Clutches 1. Fashion Conscience– Gabrielle Fair Trade Ruffle Clutch, $75. A collaboration between artisans in NY and Madagascar. Handmade using sustainable materials. 2. Trades of Hope– Esther Clutch, $44. Supports artisans living in poverty in Haiti by providing a sustainable income and life skills. 3. Fair Trade Designs- Palm Tree Clutch, $50. Handcrafted in Colombia using sustainable materials. 4. Purse & Clutch– Woven Geometric Clutch, $95. Handmade in Guatemala using the brocade weaving technique. 5. JOYN– Gold Chevron Pleated Clutch, $12.  Bettering the lives of many in India through sustainable business.

Jewelry with Purpose- Inspiration for Weddings that Give Back

Every bride needs a little bling to fancy up her wardrobe.  These beautiful accessories are fair trade or socially conscious so you can wear them knowing that you are making a difference in the world. Jewelry Inspiration   1. Collective Habit– Leather High Contrast Necklace, $69. Offers a variety of fair trade products. 2. Fashion Conscience– Aqua Petal Ring, $12.  Committed to offering only fashion forward, ethical designers. 3. People Tree – Taja Crescent Earrings, $12.  Pioneers in the fashion industry for fair trade and environmentally sustainable fashion. 4. Fair Indigo– Brass Chevron Necklace, $35. Sells a collection of accessories that are stylish and sustainable and the means to a happy, healthy life for many. 5. Alex and Ani– Whole Heart Charm Bangle, $28.  Committed to building a culture that focuses entirely on mindful actions, selling products made in the US. 6. Ethical Gifts- Silver Spiral Bracelet, $68. Sells Fair trade and eco friendly products.