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Sustainable Wedding Fashion for All Sizes: Rebecca Schoneveld- New York City, NY

Ever heard of Rebecca Schoneveld in Brooklyn? Of course, you have! WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-51 copy What started as an Etsy shop in 2010 has now blossomed into a nationwide brand with collections available across the country and at their flagship store in Brooklyn, NY.  For those of you who are lucky enough to visit Brooklyn and make it to the Schone Bride flagship store, they offer a very unique and exclusive custom gown experience.  Close to 80% of the flagship wedding clients select a custom Rebecca Schoneveld gown that is one of a kind.  Schone Bride loves encouraging the creative minds of their wedding clients and allows them to be a part of the “dress design” experience.  You can change a color, match the top of one gown with the skirt of another, add a sleeve, raise a neckline, as long as the “laws of gown making” say it can be done, Rebecca Schoneveld’s team will say ‘Absolutely’! Schone Bride has the honor of dressing a diverse group of wedding design clients and they are proud of that, as are we. They focus on heirloom quality fabrics and fits that work on a wide range of body types to highlight the unique beauty of the diverse women who wear their gowns. Schone Bride offers sizing from 00-30, and unlike many other wedding design and clothing brands, they do not apply surcharges for a dress being a different size.  From body shape to background, culture, gender, age, and religion, they celebrate each individual who walks through their doors. The majority of Rebecca Schoneveld gowns are produced in Gowanus Brooklyn, right down the street from our flagship store Schone Bride.  We believe in keeping the “New York Atelier” tradition alive and well. Take a peek at their latest collection below. Rebecca Schoneveld is a National BSB Partner and we are forever grateful for her support and alignment in our mission to give back and waste less!  WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-23 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-42   WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-99 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-136 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-145 copy WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-151 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-216 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-244 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-269 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-298 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-343 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-350 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-450 WSPCo-11282017-Rebecca-Schoneveld-Shoot-462 Photographer: Katherine Marchand | Wild Scout Photo Co. Model: Krista Mays Dresses: Rebecca Schoneveld Accessories: Lulu Frost // Eugenie Bee Rings: Digby and Iona Florals: Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design