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Styled For a Cause: Jourdan + Solomon- Blind Pass Beach, FL

BSB received an email a few months ago from one of our favorite BSB vendors, sandrachile. It went a little something like this….
‘…I’m don’t even know how to start this email because I have a crazy situation here (crazy awesome!). I found a girl in Ft. Myers that was putting together a styled shoot “with purpose”…’
…and the rest was history!
Thanks to sandrachile for introducing us to Emily Bivens Creative. She has a heart for serving others and recently organized a series of stylized shoot workshops to give back to charity. Emily put together this sweet collection of details, while also highlighting ethical and socially conscious brands. A portion of the attendee ticket costs was donated to A21 (fighting human trafficking) after the event.
Following photos by: Emily Bivens Creative
The bride and groom, Jourdan and Solomon, were a real married couple.  The photoshoot was a celebration of their upcoming anniversary as well as an opportunity for the photographers in attendance to support charity, and add some seaside to their portfolios. And, just as in a real wedding, they rolled with the unpredictable weather. Thankfully, the rain from Hurricane Harvey stopped just long enough to squeeze in the photoshoot. The strong winds made for some beautiful waves! 
BSB Vendor, Celia Grace, was also a part of this fun experience. They are an amazing wedding fashion brand committed to crafting beautiful fair trade wedding dresses. Jourdan wore their lovely ‘Eleanor’ gown for the shoot. Shop their collection here.  The stationery for Design:FL was designed by Emily Bivens Creative and printed on fair trade Mr. Ellie Pooh Paper.DSC_6055
The flowers from this shoot were donated to Douglas T. Jacobson Veteran’s Home after the event.
DSC_5953 Following photos by (BSB Vendor): sandrachile 0009-Florida-Wedding-sandrachile 0012-Florida-Wedding-sandrachile 0013-Florida-Wedding-sandrachile 0015-Florida-Wedding-sandrachile 0016-Florida-Wedding-sandrachile   0019-Florida-Wedding-sandrachile 0025-Florida-Wedding-sandrachile 0028-Florida-Wedding-sandrachile 0031-Florida-Wedding-sandrachile 0044-Florida-Wedding-sandrachile 0064-Florida-Wedding-sandrachile 0065-Florida-Wedding-sandrachile 0077-Florida-Wedding-sandrachile The devastation in Texas and Louisana caused by Hurricane Harvey is heart wrenching. The bride’s mother is undergoing chemo treatments and didn’t evacuate to a shelter due to immune system concerns. The hospital opened to allow her to continue receiving treatments but they were staying in an apartment with a flooded garage. The family opened up a Go Fund Me for her here. Even though Hurricane Harvey has passed, the survivors are still working to rebuild their homes and hearts. Let’s lift up this family and all of those who have been affected by this disaster!   PARTICIPATING VENDORS: Styled by: Emily Bivens Creative | Flowers: Floral Artistry of Sanibel | Dress: Celia Grace | Rentals: So Staged Events | Tablecloth: All Event Rental and Design  | A21 | Cake: Pastries by Design  | Stationery: Emily Bivens Creative | Printed on Mr. Ellie Pooh Paper | Bride and Groom: Jourdan and Solomon *Styled For a Cause: Jourdan + Solomon- Blind Pass Beach, FL

Introducing the Largest Grown-in-the-United States Lab Created Diamond, by MiaDonna

Ethical Fashion gets even bigger! Today we are excited to announce something huge! Ethical and eco-friendly jewelry company, MiaDonna, celebrates the announcement of a modern-day scientific breakthrough: The unveiling of the Largest Grown-in-the-USA Laboratory Diamond at 6.28 carats! Humanitarian Ambassador and Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Khaliah, along with MiaDonna & Company and The Greener Diamond CEO, Anna-Mieke Anderson, launched the 6.28 carat laboratory-grown diamond at the company’s Portland, Oregon showroom along with a global initiative to give back to those negatively impacted by the blood diamond industry. Five percent of all sales fund educational, mentoring and agricultural programs in diamond-mining communities with the goal of preventing blood diamond orphan-victims from living a life of poverty. screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-8-07-37-am screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-12-08-01-pm MiaDonna offers a large variety of conflict-free diamond engagement rings and accessories that make the perfect gift for this holiday season. Their lab-grown diamonds are not only socially conscious, they are also amazingly affordable–especially in comparison to earth mined diamonds! This 6.28ct, J-Color, VS2 clarity, cushion-cut diamond costs just $52,000 while an earth-mined equivalent can cost upwards of $100,000. screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-8-08-05-am In lieu of this groundbreaking news, we feel it’s only right to share some of our favorite MiaDonna lab-grown diamond engagement rings… just in time for engagement season! Hope Accented Engagement Ring | $4,247 Diamond Specifications: Round cut, 1.07ct, K color, SI1 clarity screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-8-08-17-am Heroine Accented Engagement Ring | $6,276 Diamond Specifications: Pear cut, 1.20ct, I color, VS1 clarity screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-8-08-30-am Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring | Cost: $4,910 Diamond Specifications: Oval cut, 1.0ct, G color, SI1 clarity screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-12-05-43-pm Grace Vintage Engagement Ring | Cost $2,151 Diamond Specifications: Round cut, 0.72ct, K color, SI1 clarity screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-8-08-51-am Frost Engagement Ring | $1,903 Diamond Specifications: Princess cut, 0.50ct, H color, SI2 clarity screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-8-09-02-am When you’re ready to find the ring of your dreams, visit and let your love be a part of the solution.

Dressember : 31 Days 1 Dress Challenge

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday and we have a lot planned to share how our BSB Vendors are using their businesses to serve others on one of the BEST DAYS of the YEAR! In honor of that we’re a few days early with this post, but we wanted to give everyone a head start to giving back and DECEMBER and introduce you all to what’s in store with Dressember this year! finny-hill-photography_travel-photographers_bsb_189 finny-hill-photography_travel-photographers_bsb_039 finny-hill-photography_travel-photographers_bsb_087 finny-hill-photography_travel-photographers_bsb_121 This will be my (Danielle here, Black Sheep Bride Founder) second year participating in Dressember and challenging myself to wear the same dress the entire month of December to help advocate and fundraise for human trafficking initiatives! Dressember is also a personal challenge for me, because as you might notice at the photos above (courtesy of Finny Hill Photography) I am a bit goofy and do much better taking photos vs. being the subject. HAHA! It also challenges me to be intentional about getting dressier than usual, because my normal everyday ‘uniform’ consists of jeans, t-shirt, messy-unbrushed-top-bun, and no makeup. I love participating in this event because it gives me an easy, ethical fashion-centric, opportunity to bring up a very touchy and hard topic: Human Trafficking. We have over 27 million people in bondage across the globe, with the average age of 12. Over 300,000 of those in bondage are children in the US, stolen or sold into the sex/slave trade right here on our own turf. My goal is to spark conversation and bring awareness to the amazing organizations fighting this battle on the front lines, like A21 Campaign and IJM. So for every day in December I am seeking out 31Day Sponsors, willing to support my #31Days1Dress Challenge. All you have to do is donate $20 to this fundraising page and I’ll be sure to tag you in my daily FB or IG post and thank you for your day sponsorship! Will you help me reach my goal of $650?   For only $20 Donation to my Dressember Fundraising Page you can SPONSOR A DAY in my #31Days1DressChallenge and receive a sweet air-hug, and gratitude-filled message on my social media posts for that day! DONATE $20 HERE! This year I was able to snag a fantastically ethical, and buttery soft, Carly Dress from LulaRoe and couldn’t have been more stoked about planning how to style this simple set up with a few creative add-on’s. Grateful to Heather for the dress and dotted leggingsKristen for the purple leggingsOliberte for the artisan made leather boots from Africa, and How We Soul for my favorite diamond shirt and plaid leggings. I also incorporated a few ethical and/or socially conscious items: black paper bead necklace from Take Heart, earrings from Meyelo, wooden accent necklace from Mata Traders, purple paper bead necklace from Watoto, and Tom’s Wedges. And all of the other remaining wardrobe add-on’s were already in my closet—> It’s amazing how creative you can get with a few basic pieces you already have. And I was taught by my dear wedding blogger sister-from-another-mister, Anna, you can never go wrong with a fat black buckle belt to bring it all together (including your post-childbirth waist line). Also incredibly grateful to Liz, of Finny Hill Photography, for capturing these images and encouraging my awkward silliness to shine through. I’m normally behind the camera, not in front of it, so you can imagine the struggle was real, for HER, and me.

2016 Gifts That Give Series: rePURPOSE Accessories

Editor Note: Black Sheep Bride is excited to introduce the 2016 Holiday – Gifts That Give Series devoted to sustainable, charitable, eco friendly and/or artisan made products to gift your friends and family this holiday season! From now throughout next month we will be sharing various product sponsored featured devoted to products that value supporting others and/or the environment. 1-dsc_6931-watermark rePURPOSE Accessories are more than a fashion brand, and much more than a typical social enterprise. They give back in every way possible. Their accessories (mostly headbands) are only made from used or ethical materials, to avoid putting money back into companies that use slave labor. By using recycled materials (such as fabrics, t-shirts, dresses, curtains, etc), they’re also keeping textile waste out of landfills. rePURPOSE Accessories are more than a fashion brand, and much more than a typical social enterprise. They give back in every way possible. Their accessories (mostly headbands) are only made from used or ethical materials, to avoid putting money back into companies that use slave labor. By using recycled materials (such as fabrics, t-shirts, dresses, curtains, etc), they’re also keeping textile waste out of landfills. All rePURPOSE Accessories are made by refugee women who have resettled in NY. Without the ability to speak fluent English, it is difficult for these women to find work. rePURPOSE Accessories has created a program that helps cross the language barrier, create unlikely friendships, and provide an opportunity to work from home.   2-dsc_1366 Once the products are sold, 100% of the profits are donated to The Exodus Road and Make Way Partners, two amazing organizations who prevent and fight against human trafficking. Raising awareness is another key purpose for the company. Speaking at colleges, churches and events is as much a part of the business as their products are. They share stories of trafficking victims, statistics on slavery and anecdotes of hope. They even share other ethical brands, because creating a world with conscience consumers is more important to them than profit. You can check out their complete ethical shopping guide on their website. The newest addition to rePURPOSE Accessories is the art therapy program for students with disabilities. At shows and events, the typical marketing materials are replaced by beautiful and colorful headband cards that were hand painted by these students. If you’re ready to support rePURPOSE Accessories, all you have to do is shop! If you’re searching for the perfect Christmas gift, there are so many options to choose from. You can find headbands for fitness, fashion or function. Launching this week are their brand new sweater ear warmers, which are made out of recycled sweaters and t-shirts. They are so cozy and comfortable you will never take them off.  3-dsc_6822 The holiday sparkle collection will return this week as well, with some old favorites and some new designs!  4-dsc_7003 There are still many products available from the fall collection, which consist of vintage florals, leather headbands and earrings, and fabrics from artisans in Guatemala and India.   5-dsc_4599 Their best sellers are the Yoga Tie-Wraps and Yoga Boho Wraps, which are made from soft recycled t-shirts. These wraps are so versatile they’ve discovered over twelve ways to wear them!  6-yoga-wraps If headbands aren’t your thing, check out their apparel collection. All shirts and sweaters are made from a company in the US that is sweatshop free and eco friendly. The apparel collection represents their mission to end slavery, love others and change the world.  7-dsc_6263 Don’t miss out on their huge Black Friday sale, starting at 12am on Friday. Check out rePURPOSE Accessories and grab the perfect goodies, just in time for the holidays!  Support refugees, fight to end human trafficking and raise awareness – just by purchasing a headband!