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Sustainably Styled: Boho Wedding Inspiration

When Black Sheep Bride first saw this amazing inspiration shoot we were swooning over all of the lovely boho-fabulousness! What makes it even more awesome is how sustain and communal the vendors involved are in given back! 
Here is a list of ways this stylized shoot is not only inspiration, but most importantly sustainable: 
Lady Lazzarona: The designer/maker of the little bride and groom’s clothing is Nicole Horstin, owner of Lady Lazzarona. She collects Vintage Clothing patterns from Estate & Garage Sales, whenever possible she uses high quality quilting cottons. 
Milk n’ Honey Farm: The Teepee was made from recycled lace table cloths. Jen Housh the owner of the farm had this to say,  “I up-cycle items and change their original intent. I shop at Habitat for Humanity ReStore often, thrift shops, flea markets, and pick up stuff all the time. Using things like pallets for tables, old lace tables cloths, cut up to make a patchwork teepee, bed spreads for seating covers are just a few ways to reuse items and add to a sustainable future.
Ella and Louie donate every year to charities such as Dream Foundation, Flower Empower luncheon, Community Environmental Council , Earth Day, Farm-to-table Dinner and the Green Gala. 
Joni Lynn Photography traveled to Rwanda, Africa last year and donates her time and skill for a month to a non-profit (Inkomoko). They are a wonderful organization who helps young local Entrepreneurs build business skills and start business that will bring economy back to the country.  She picks a different charity every year and donates this month.
Also, the jewelry worn by the Bride and Groom was made from recycled metals and stones. 
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Photographer:  joni lynn photo | Event Planner: Ann Johnson Events | Floral Designer: Ella and Louie | Event Venue: Milk & Honey Farm | Makeup Artist :Tomiko Taft | Cake Designer: Your Cake Baker//