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Eco-Friendly Wedding Shower- Holland, MI

Ashley Paige of APaige Photography has been one of the most active and encouraging vendors we’ve had on Black Sheep Bride, since our conception last year. She proves not only to ‘talk the talk’, but also to ‘walk the walk’ straight down the aisle, as a soon-to-be socially conscious bride. We featured their eco-wedding plans and engagement session a few months back and you can take a peek here. As the soon-to-be’s draw closer to their October ECO-Wedding date, they decided to have an Eco Wedding Shower to start up the wedding festivities with a green spirit! Not only was the wedding shower eco-friendly, she also took a break from the Bridal Spotlight to capture all the fun/decor, camera in hand, and caught some of the sweetest moments with her beautiful guests! APA_2326
Here is what she had to say: ‘When people have weddings, tons of food is thrown out, tons of trash is created, and a ton of lives are harmed (for food)… and that has never been okay with me. I have never wanted more damage to be done because I Was getting married… The more I talked to my mom about this, the more she just hopped on board with my idea. I have been so blessed to have her because I am crazy busy focusing on other bride’s weddings, that it’s been hard to focus on my own. So she took off running. Finding every eco-online store we could – thinking about where we could buy or make our simplistic food – and how to recycle/upcycle as much as possible. It’s been a great experience and I’m just really looking forward to my wedding day, because it’s on my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary (and even at their home), and I get to wear her refashioned wedding dress as a big thank you to all she has done for me through this process.’
She wanted to put a lot of focus on thrifted, local and upcycled planning decisions. All of the wild flowers came from a local stand that they found down their road, the cupcakes were made by a local vegan-friendly cupcakery, Yummy Cupcakes in South Bend, and a large majority of the goods were thrifted from a local antique shop in Holland, MI called Not So Shabby .
APA_2367APA_2369APA_2377APA_2388 The mason jars were almost all exclusively owned by her grand parents, they cleaned and recycled them and all of the guests brought a coffee cup for the coffee bar at the wedding, so those will be on display for their actual wedding use as well. APA_2391APA_2442APA_2443
They also used bamboo utensils and decomposable plates made from sugar cane, which will be used for the wedding fun as well!
APA_2448 And when she wasn’t running around taking photos of her guests and awesomely thrifted decor, she snagged a few sweet moments with her groom, friends and family! APA_2460APA_2520APA_2438APA_2346APA_2526 And this pretty much sums up the cuteness of the day! You can feel all the love that surrounded them as they celebrated their upcoming vows! Can’t wait to share their wedding. Self 08