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Sustainable Stylized Shoot: Eco-Friendly, Garden Wedding Inspiration – Tampa, FL

In a setting as beautiful as an outdoor venue in Florida, you don’t have to look far for inspiration. Natural greens from area foliage and silvery-blues found in local airplants were the perfect colors for this stylized shoot, which also incorporated a pop of bright Florida orange. __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1457 Christi Winsor of Winsor Event Studio set out to create a wedding concept that incorporated sustainable and environmentally-friendly elements. “You can have an eco-conscious wedding and have it still be beautiful!”Everything was put to the test of ‘how can this be greener?’, which inspired details like the reclaimed wood tables, potted plants, recycled glass, compostible dinnerware, eco-fabric dresses made from silk and linen, and even a natural cork all-in-one invitation (with email RSVP requested to save even more paper)! __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1036 The bride wore a natural silk gown with a side-swept chignon adorned with a natural airplant. The bridesmaid dress from MSSP was a stunning shade of eucalyptus blue and made of 100% linen! __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1352__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1048 More airplants from a nearby walking trail, along with eucalyptus and succulents comprised the cloudy blue and green hued bouquets, which paired beautifully with the twine-wrapped herb boutonnieres. __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1009  __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1019 __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1022 Gentlemen looked dapper in their wool pants and cotton shirts and bow ties (all eco-friendly fabric selections). __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1487 The suspended silk draping accented with a swag of burlap beautifully framed the waterfront view for the ceremony. The aisle was lined with potted herbs and flowers, and repurposed in the vast wood planter box on the reception table to create the centerpieces. Live potted plants are a great alternative to cut flowers for an eco-conscious bride, because they live on long after the wedding day when sent home with guests or used in the couple’s home or garden!   __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1184 A display of unpolished stones atop a sheet of lush moss directed guests to their tables. The unassuming metal table was so lovely it needed no linen, and was simply dressed with a few macramé vases and recycled glass jugs filled with floral cut right from the garden venue.__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1143__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1144 __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1350 __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1375 __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1376 __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1340 Local Florida oranges studded with wood menu tags popped next to the charming blue patterned cotton napkins and an Italian blown-glass pitcher made for a unique table number. __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1000 The farm style dining table was created using reclaimed wood with a wash of mint paint from a previous life; a perfect compliment to the sage retro metal sweetheart chairs. Cork place mats grounded the palm-leaf plates and recycled glass tumblers. __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1453 __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1467  __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1485__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1002   __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1064  __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1086 For dinner, guests would enjoy an organic pizza truck with personal pies constructed from natural dough, sauce, and home-grown herbs, and then wood-fired on site! All topped off with assorted cupcakes in unique flavors like Florida orange marmalade, blueberry lavender cheesecake, and lemongrass basil! __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1174__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1227__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1151 __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1202 In true Florida fashion, a beverage dispenser offered mimosas made with fresh Florida orange juice and organic sparkling wine, served in recycled glass tumblers with compostable straws. __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1155    __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1222  __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1306  __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1384 __Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1421 Everything was either local, sustainable, or recycled/repurposed! The result was truly incredible, with a Florida eco-chic style that would appeal to any couple!__Life_Long_Studios_LifeLongStudios1625 Event Planner: Winsor Event Studio | Photographer:   Life Long Studios | (BSB Vendor) Makeup Artist: Michele Renee Hair and Makeup Artist Group (BSB Vendor) Equipment Rentals: WISH Vintage Rentals  | Apparel: Isabel O’Neil Bridal CollectionBakery: Sugar Darlings Cones and Cupcakes | Floral Designer: Braun’s Fine Flowers | Reception Venue: Davis Islands Garden Club | DJ: Universal Music Entertainment | Food Truck: Secret Stash | Dinnerware/Flatware/Straws: Susty Party  

Honeymoons with Purpose Series: Celia Grace Bridal Shoot – Belize

Here is an inspiring throwback to Celia Grace‘s Bridal Shoot in Belize! Love the gorgeous greenery and natural beauty radiating inside and out every aspect of these image. Celia Grace is the wedding industry leader in fair trade wedding gown design. Not only are they helping the environment with their eco silks, natural dyes, and sustainable processes, they also provide a fair wage to female seamstresses in Cambodia and provides them with a skill to support their families. On top of that, every gown sold also provides a school uniform to a girl in need through Tailored for Education. They recently visited Belize’s Eco Resort and Reserve, Hidden Valley Inn, and had the opportunity to capture these awesome gowns in a Bridal photo shoot that will make us all want to quit our jobs and go take a vacation. 20121209_16-06-56-09_Belize_FASHION_j1 Hidden Valley Inn is a private nature reserve set on 7,200 acres of wilderness in the Maya Mountains of Belize. An area of awesome beauty and diverse landscape, the Reserve is home to many of Belize’s native cats, rare raptors and wildlife. The Reserve includes miles of trails, crystal clear creeks, majestic waterfalls, verdant ravines and breathtaking vistas.  Over 81 species of wild orchids thrive here, clinging to the walls of rocks and fern that line aqua-blue jungle pools. Hidden Valley Inn is a sanctuary and paradise for the wild, and an exclusive experience for our guests…where else can one have a private waterfall for the day? 20121210_18-28-01-62_Belize_FASHION_j8 20121210_18-38-27-21_Belize_FASHION_j8 20121210_18-31-16-55_Belize_FASHION_j8 20121210_17-58-48-07_Belize_FASHION_j6 20121210_18-40-29-77_Belize_FASHION_j8 20121210_18-13-55-03_Belize_FASHION_j8 20121210_18-23-53-02_Belize_FASHION_j8 20121210_18-21-09-99_Belize_FASHION_j8 20121210_18-52-33-60_Belize_FASHION_j8 Participating Vendors:  Photography: Jacklyn Greenberg/JAGstudios  | Belize Destination Coordinator: Romantic Travel Belize | Destination Wedding Planner: Destination Bride | Eco Resort: Hidden Valley Inn | Animal Rescue: The Belize Zoo | Wedding Gowns: Celia Grace | Models: Destinee Arnold (Miss Belize 2012, Miss Ethnic World 2013), Grace Whitney

Celia Grace Fair Trade Wedding Gown Designer

In all of the research and time we’ve invested in ‘Socially Conscious Wedding Planning’ not a Google search goes by without the name “Celia Grace” coming up! If there was one business leading the front of wedding products that give back… It would be Celia Grace!  Each Celia Grace wedding dress is exquisitely handcrafted using vintage-inspired lace, exclusive hand woven silks, and stunning beading and detail work. Not only are these gowns gorgeous and the desire of many a bride’s wedding day vision, they also made in safe, fair and empowering fair trade conditions. A Water Filter is donated with each dress sold and their eco silks respect and protect the environment! (Bride Photography courtesy of Loveridge Photography) 2014-09-26_0002 BSB: Who is Celia Grace and where did this idea come from? CG: Celia Grace isn’t a person but an idea for how a wedding dress should be- both beautiful and good. Two of the meanings of word is “grace”. “Celia” comes from a name that has been handed down in my family through six generations of strong, beautiful women trying to make the world a better place.   BSB: When brides find out about your gowns, what is the main reason that pick your dresses over others? CG: Lots of our brides find our gowns when they search for a fair trade, eco, ethical, or socially-conscious wedding dress.  Brides love our heirloom silks and vintage-inspired laces and the story and connection between their dress and empowering work for women (and men!) in the developing world. That said, some brides find our dresses in a store and buy it because of the gorgeous fabrics, flattering and comfortable fit, and romantic style and then later find out that their dress is so much more. 2014-09-26_0003 BSB: Do you feel the Wedding industry is heading towards a culture of more brides that give back? CG: I think that more and more couples and wedding vendors are moving towards meaningful celebrations which give back.  I love that there are so many options for charity gift registries and ethical jewelry, clothing, favors, food, and drink that don’t sacrifice style or taste. That said, most weddings remain highly materialistic.  The average wedding costs almost $30,000–that’s $51 billion a year in the US alone.  Imagine the difference we could make locally and around the world if every couple changed one element of their wedding so it gave back? celia-grace-mission-impact-eco-fair-trade BSB: Any projects your working on now and excited to share about the future? CG: We are working on so many exciting things that it is hard to choose just one!  Right now we are finalizing our new collection of gowns – get ready for gorgeous silks, lots of lace, romantic and vintage-inspired designs, and a few other new twists that will redefine the perfect wedding dress… 2014-09-26_0001 BSB: How has your business of ethical, socially conscious practices helped your bottom line? CG: As an ethical business Celia Grace has more than just fashion to get excited about and fall in love with.  Like with any brand, people can swoon over our dress styles, but then they can also learn how silk has been made on traditional looms for generations or how our safe and fair work conditions allow women and men to better themselves, their families, and their communities. celia-grace-meet-your-fair-trade-seamstress   So as you plan your Big Day and the time comes to ‘Say Yes to the Dress!’ Consider one that says Yes to helping others too with a Celia Grace Dress!