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2016 Gifts That Give Series: Color By Amber

Editor Note: Black Sheep Bride is excited to introduce the 2016 Holiday – Gifts That Give Series devoted to sustainable, charitable, eco friendly and/or artisan made products to gift your friends and family this holiday season! From now throughout next month we will be sharing various product sponsored featured devoted to products that value supporting others and/or the environment. 14876579_1247014198688968_3265437655884878922_o Color by Amber is an eco-friendly jewelry line made in the United States. Their jewelry is constructed with over 40% recycled content, so you’ll feel 100% good about wearing it. It’s such a fun, easy way to help nurture the planet and look great at the same time. 413054_415500048507058_633937095_o As well as being constructed from recycled content, each piece of Color by Amber is made in an award-winning, eco-friendly facility. Nothing ends up at the landfill. Zero. Nada. Any unused materials,  are repurposed for other environmentally friendly purposed, keeping our planet as beautiful as their jewelry. 1119806_567925709931157_16990490_o The Color by Amber facility is also completely carbon neutral. Conservation, increased efficiency, renewable energy, and verifiable offsets have allowed them to drastically reduce their personal contribution to global warming. sa608 They also only use non-toxic materials, without BPA or other harmful chemicals. Ultimately creating  products with concern for end-of-use: reusability, recyclability and safety. Color by Amber has a fantastic collection called Full Circle. Full Circle textiles are made around the world by female artisans. They are trained in how to produce the textile, paid a fair trade wage and 10% of the net profits from Full Circle pieces go back to the artisans’ villages. While they work with artisans around the world, all of their products are made here in the USA. Print cb609 For more information about Color by Amber and where to grab your own eco friendly check out their shop and follow them on Instagram!