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Lab-Grown Love: An Eco-Friendly Guide to Valentine’s Day

**Editor Note: Thank you MiaDonna & Co. for your ongoing support of our BSB Mission, as a National BSB Partner! **

Lab-Grown Love: An Eco-Friendly Guide to Valentine’s Day Give and go green this Valentine’s day with MiaDonna & Co.’s ethical, beautiful and affordable conflict-free jewelry.   Get this! Their diamonds are made in a LABORATORY and are optically, chemically and physically identical to earth-mined diamonds! This lab-grown process guarantees that no product purchased from MiaDonna will support the conflict-diamond industry. In fact, for each product they sell, 5% of the proceeds are invested back into diamond mining communities where locals are taught to farm rather than mine for diamonds.   As if that’s not enough, these stunning lab-grown diamonds can cost up to 40% less than traditional earth-mined diamonds, making them the more affordable diamond option! Learn more about these man-made diamonds here. MiaDonna-Halo-Earrings Diamond Halo Earrings, 14K White Gold MiaDonna-Wedding-Bands  Hope Wedding Band, Willow Wedding Band, Drew Wedding Band, all in 14K White Gold (top to bottom) MiaDonna-Amore-Text-Necklace Amore Text Necklace, 14K Rose Gold MiaDonna-Eternity-Bands Diamond Hybrid® Eternity Bands, 14K White and Yellow Gold *Contact MiaDonna if interested* MiaDonna-Antique-Halo-Pendant Antique Halo Pendant, 14K White Gold MiaDonna-Basket-Earrings Basket Earrings set with Lab-Grown Diamonds, Platinum   Check out some more of their most popular ringspendants and earrings during the season of love.