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Big Fake Wedding NYC Recap

Over the past year, of partnering, participating and promoting Big Fake Wedding, we have noticed one special nugget of goodness: when there are children involved… They come very close to stealing the show and at the Big Fake Wedding NYC…nothing was getting in the way of this family’s cuteness!
We just love the way the brick-walled beer hall venue complimented the feminine soft dainty florals and design elements incorporated into the big city experience. With ‘European Sky’ as the main focus of inspiration the vendor collaboration and vision was a piece of …BIG APPLE Pie, see what I did… BIG APPLE, instead of cake… HA! I kill me!
Photos below : Laura Lee Photography
SophieKawalekPhotography (10 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (22 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (57 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (81 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (105 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (148 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (187 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (213 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (223 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (233 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (238 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (259 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (276 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (294 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (300 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (317 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (319 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (356 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (361 of 506)
 IMG_0927 IMG_1034 IMG_1073 IMG_1116 IMG_1142 IMG_1209 IMG_1318 IMG_1431 IMG_1438 IMG_1447 IMG_1456 IMG_1475 IMG_1490 IMG_1535 IMG_1667 IMG_1674 IMG_1767 IMG_1781 IMG_1784 IMG_1842 IMG_1885 IMG_1939 IMG_1979 IMG_2010 IMG_2059 IMG_2079 IMG_2109 IMG_2186 IMG_2202 IMG_2305 IMG_2327 IMG_2353 IMG_2399 IMG_2459 IMG_2510 IMG_2642 IMG_2669 IMG_2678 IMG_2794 IMG_2963 IMG_3202
And you can never go wrong with a fun highlight video either:
Participating Vendors:
Bath + Body: Olivenar | Bridal Party Gifts: Things Remembered | Catering + Venue: Houston Hall | Ceremony Musician: Natalie Hall Classic Strings | Day-Of Coordination: Look Sharp Events | Dessert Bar: Got Cake! Cake Bar | Entertainment (DJ Shelly): EastCoast Entertainment | Floral + Event Design (Bouquets/Boutonnieres + Tables 4, 8): Flowers by G Bella | Floral + Event Design (Ceremony Backdrop + Table 2): LVR Events | Floral + Event Design (Head Table + Tables 3, 6): White Elephant Events | Floral + Event Design (Registration Area + Tables 5, 7, 9): Ashley Peraino Events | Groomsmen Attire: The Tailory New York | Guest Book: MDB Weddings | Hair + Makeup: Kookla | Hair Accessories: Kerry Ann Stokes | Hotel: Cambria Hotels + Suites NYC – Chelsea | Invitations (Gold Rush Suite): Cariad Lane Calligraphy | Invitations (Golden Floral): Engaging Papers | Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel | Paper Accents: Park Slope Press | Party Favors: Moments On Magnets | Photo Booth: Poppy Booth | Photography: Laura Lee Photography | Photography: Samantha Lauren Photographie | Photography: Sophie Kawalek Photography | Programs: My Darlin’ | Signage: Buffy Weddings | Videography: First Take Filmworks | Wedding Cake: Cake Heights | Wedding Dress: Theia | Whoopie Pies, Mini Brooksters + Mini Bars: Baked | National Sparkling Wine Sponsor: Ferrari Sparkling Wine | National Travel Vendor: Bliss by Luxury Concierge|

Big Fake Wedding Recap- New England

When the inspiration for The Big Fake Wedding New England is ‘Herbs de Provence’, you better believe their florals were impeccably well done! For this event, there were five floral and event designers and three stationery designers ready to make GREATNESS happen and BOYYYYY… did they ever!
We specifically want to call out the beautifully vintage, earthy, and organic tones this event brought together so nicely, between the ‘Herb Send Off’, olive oil favors, himalayan salt and composable cutlery … We are super impressed by the organic elements and designs incorporated within the vision.
Photos below courtesy of Leise Jones Photography:
  Leise Jones Photography_004 Leise Jones Photography_002Leise Jones Photography_009 Leise Jones Photography_014 Leise Jones Photography_019 Leise Jones Photography_026 Leise Jones Photography_029 Leise Jones Photography_032 Leise Jones Photography_033 Leise Jones Photography_039 Leise Jones Photography_042 Leise Jones Photography_051 Leise Jones Photography_058 Leise Jones Photography_070 Leise Jones Photography_075 Leise Jones Photography_082 Leise Jones Photography_086 Leise Jones Photography_092 Leise Jones Photography_095 Leise Jones Photography_097 Leise Jones Photography_102 Leise Jones Photography_104 Leise Jones Photography_110 Leise Jones Photography_118 Leise Jones Photography_121 Leise Jones Photography_122 Leise Jones Photography_129 Leise Jones Photography_132 Leise Jones Photography_138 Leise Jones Photography_144 Leise Jones Photography_145 Leise Jones Photography_152 Leise Jones Photography_157 Leise Jones Photography_161 Leise Jones Photography_166 Leise Jones Photography_174 Leise Jones Photography_181 Leise Jones Photography_183 Leise Jones Photography_186 Leise Jones Photography_201 Leise Jones Photography_203 Leise Jones Photography_226 Leise Jones Photography_233
Photos below courtesy of Kivalo Photography:
BZ8A6593 BZ8A6608 BZ8A6754 BZ8A6779 BZ8A6812 BZ8A6828 BZ8A6831 BZ8A6850 BZ8A6882 BZ8A6909 BZ8A6934 BZ8A6975 BZ8A6997 BZ8A7057 BZ8A7076 BZ8A7211 MS5A7579 MS5A7595 MS5A7689 MS5A7699 MS5A7854 MS5A8047 MS5A8210
Photos below courtesy of Somerby Jones Photography:
BigFakeWedding_NewEngland BigFakeWedding_NewEngland2 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland10 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland14 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland15 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland28 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland31 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland36 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland40 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland57 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland59 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland63 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland67 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland77 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland81 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland83 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland93 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland96 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland101 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland104 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland110 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland114 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland117 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland134 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland138 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland180 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland192 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland199 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland214 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland233 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland237 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland242 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland249 BigFakeWedding_NewEngland254
Also take a moment to check the lovely highlight reel by 617 Weddings!
Catering + Venue: Willowdale Estate | Cupcake Bar: Treat Cupcake Bar | Custom Vinyl Record Crafts: Q Made It | Day-Of Coordination + Event Design (Tables 1, 7): Heather Dawn Events | Entertainment: EastCoast Entertainment | Event Rentals: Peterson Party Center | Floral + Event Design (Personal Flowers, Floral Hair Piece + Tables 4, 10, 14): Bloom Floral + Event Designs | Floral + Event Design (Ceremony Backdrop, Head Table +Tables 5, 15, 16): Style This Shindig | Floral + Event Design (Registration Table + Tables 6, 12): Good Look’n | Floral + Event Design (Tables 2, 8, 11): Moonstone & Moss | Guestbook + Slideshow: Life Remembered | Hair + Makeup: Beautini by B.Lo | Invitations (Herbal Flourish): E+H Creates | Invitations (Vintage French Flourishes): Paper Potpourri | Menswear: Blank Label Group | Photo Booth: ShutterBooth New England | Photography: kivalo photography | Photography: Leise Jones Photography | Photography: Somerby Jones Photography | Programs: Bliss Lettering | Signage: Posh and Prep | Smoothie Cart: Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees and Smoothies | Specialty Cocktails: Deep Eddy Vodka | Transportation: McGinn Bus Company | Videography, DJ + Emcee: 617 Weddings | Wedding Cake: Brown Butter Bakery | Wedding Dresses: Your Dream Bridal (Willow by Sassi Holford + Diana by Celia Grace) | National Sparking Wine Sponsor: Ferrari Sparkling Wine | National Travel Vendor: Bliss by Luxury Concierge

Big Fake Wedding Recap Baltimore

Baltimore, oh sweet, beautiful, Baltimore, you have stolen our hearts with this gorgeous Big Fake Wedding set up. The venue, the floral patterns, the ‘RoseMarry’ packets, the dress, the ceremony backdrop, the cute popsicle stand… We are so in LOVE! Everything about this vendor collaboration and vision makes our creative wedding brainstorming minds explode with colorful joy! It’s also exciting when we have our own Black Sheep Bride vendors representing on their home turf! Brandilynn Aines Photography! Find out how she gives back to her community and the globe over on her vendor profile here. Photos below courtesy of Brandilynn Aines Photography BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg01 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg2 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg3-1 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg3 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg4 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg5 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg8 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg9 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg10 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg11 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg12 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg13-1 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg13 BFW Brandilynn Aines.jpg14 Photos below courtesy of Kimberly Brooke Photography Kimberly Brooke BFW1 Kimberly Brooke BFW2 Kimberly Brooke BFW3 Kimberly Brooke BFW4 Kimberly Brooke BFW5 Kimberly Brooke BFW6 Kimberly Brooke BFW7 Kimberly Brooke BFW8 Kimberly Brooke BFW9 Kimberly Brooke BFW11 Kimberly Brooke BFW12 Kimberly Brooke BFW13 Kimberly Brooke BFW14 Photos below courtesy of Shannon Bishop Photography Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0005Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0010Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0001 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0002 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0003 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0004  Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0006 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0007 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0008 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0009  Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0011 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0012 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0013 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0014 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0015 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0016 Shannon Bishop BFW Baltimore_0017 Don’t forget to really see the whole event on the Highlight Video via Gifted Films :   Vision board for the day: farmhousefete Band (HERO Band): EastCoast Entertainment | Bridesmaid Dresses: Dress Up | Catering: Sascha’s Catering | Ceremony Musician: Two Rivers Chamber Music | Custom Glassware: Eikoh Design Studio | Day-Of Coordination: Ivori Nicole Events | Deodorant: Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant | Favors: Dessert Beauty and Cosmetics | Floral + Event Design (Bouquets/Boutonnieres + Tables 1, 4, 7, 8): Arrica Lindsay Events | Floral + Event Design (Ceremony Backdrop + Tables 2 ,5): Ruie & Grace | Floral + Event Design (Head Table + Tables 3, 6): Celebrating Love by Marcie | Groomsmen Accessories (Bow Ties): xoelle | Hair + Makeup: Silver Immersion, LLC | Invitations + Seed Favors (Wildflower Seed Paper Suite): Tomahawk Design Co. | Invitations (Illustrated Floral Suite with Map): Anchor Point Paper Co. | Invitations (Painted Floral Suite): Mayla Studios, Invitations & Fine Paper Goods | Invitations (Blue + Green Watercolor Suite): Beloved Paper | Jewelry: J’Adorn Designs Handmade Jewelry | Linens, Tables + Rentals: Select Event Group | Oral Care: Colgate Optic White | Photo Booth: Baltimore Photo Social | Photography: Brandilynn Aines Photography | Photography: Kimberly Brooke Photography | Photography: Shannon Bishop Photography | Popsicles: Picnic Pops | Programs (Fuchsia + Orange Watercolor): Lauren Mattes Design | Specialty Cocktails: Deep Eddy Vodka | Venue: Gramercy Mansion | Videography: Gifted Films | Wedding Cake: SugarBakers Cakes | National Sparking Wine Sponsor: Ferrari Sparkling Wine | National Travel Vendor: Bliss by Luxury Concierge | Presenting Partner: BRIDES Magazine