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6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Hour

Today is the day, the day we turn our lights off, to shine light on our planet! At 8:30pm (your local time) join the world in dedicating one hour without electricity and bringing awareness to climate change! Each year, millions come together to make Earth Hour happen. Coordinated by World Wildlife Fund and other volunteer organisations, together we’re shining a light on the need for action on climate change. Around the globe, millions of people, businesses, and landmarks set aside an hour to host events, switch off their lights, and make noise for climate change action and the 300 billion + individuals that live without electricity every day. nasa-53884 Here are few ways to have fun with Earth Hour, today and throughout the year! 1. Invest in Solar Powered Jars (Consol Solar Jar) and go on a hike (or just hang out outside, around the soft magically moody solar light source)! 12068846_1641777219396526_4434447879264293043_o 2. Create a romantic dinner by candle light. vinicius-amano-136465 fabio-issao-123332 3. Camp out at the beach and share spooky stories around solar jars, or by the fire! 14991092_1785376245036622_7655504766923724881_o 4. Grab a couple pillows and blankets and spend the evening star gazing! felix-plakolb-137007 5. Find a couple kids, or kids-at-heart, and organize an epic battle of Flash Light Tag! josh-felise-10264 6. Take it back to the old school days and start a glow stick dance party! Here is some inspiration we found on Youtube, via Moke Jacobs. For more ways to get involved visit Earth Hour to take action and shine a light on our planet! ____ All images sourced from Unsplash or Consol Solar Jars.