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Weddings That Give Back: Devin and Kay- The Lyons Farmette, CO

Truly can’t get enough of this sweet, spring-inspired, farm wedding, photographed by our friend, Meigan Canfield Photography. We loved what she had to share during the submission process, we decided to keep it organic and introduce the wedding story with her words and images alone! Hope this wedding brightens your day, as much as it did ours. Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay014 ‘I met Devin, from DWC Creative, at The Big Fake Wedding a couple of years ago in Denver. If you do not know what the Big Fake Wedding is, it is a wedding show in the form of an actual wedding. Honestly, it was the coolest thing I have ever done in the industry. No regrets … none. I met the most talented and personable vendors there, including the artist/bride, herself! Devin (the bride) took part in the Big Fake Wedding as part of the event design. Fast forward and the wedding vendor is getting married and planning her own wedding! Devin handmade the watercolor, calligraphic table cards and hand painted the mini potted succulent guest gifts, and her mother made the crochet buntings. Her jewelry and shoes were handmade and specially ordered through small, growing businesses, her flowers were arranged by an amazing BSB vendor, MJM Designs, a florist that donates proceeds to the humane society. The thrifted table vases and handmade crochet blankets were donated to the couple’s local homeless shelters this past winter. There was so much kindness and charity gifted behind the scenes of every observable, beautiful little detail. And on top of all of that, I fell completely in love with their love for each other and for every single person they invited to their big celebration. It was one of those weddings that force you to feel all of the feels for people you truly have only met a couple of times, but now feel like you know transparently. Devin and Kay you deserve the BEST of the best.’ –  Meigan Canfield Photography Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay002  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay021  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay029 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay032 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay039  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay059 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay065 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay069 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay075   Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay123 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay130  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay139 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay212  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay224 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay229 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay237 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay238 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay239 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay242    Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay336 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay339  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay346Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay781Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay380 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay421 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay440  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay332Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay344 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay486  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay629Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay529 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay540   Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay561 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay563 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay568  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay576 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay589 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay268 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay271 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay272 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay286 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay258 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay308 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay314  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay132Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay684Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay466Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay624Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay642  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay637 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay656 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay649  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay678  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay693  Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay810 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay848 Cole_Witkiewicz_MeiganCanfieldPhotography_DevinandKay901 Listed below are all of the vendors who helped make the wedding sustainable, green or charitable in some way. Hand-Made Details • DWC Creative : Hand-lettered and watercolored RSVPs, Escort Cards, Guestbook, chalkboard signs, table numbers.• Other things hand-made by Bride (with some help from Groom and MOB) – Painted, potted succulents, candles (including mason jar candles filled with grain from grooms brewery), colorful paper bunting, necklaces worn by bridal party and MOB, picture collage of old wedding photos wrapped around the tree, large frame for hanging polaroids.• Beach Daisy Jewelry (MOB Etsy Store) – Crocheted bunting • Ele Handmade – Handmade leather shoes • Ittybittybunnies (Sarah Buckly Etsy Shop) – Hand-Embroidered quilt hoop that says Devin & KayVendors that Give Back• MJM Designs, LLC (BSB Vendor!) – Floral Arrangements”Sustainable” Details or Hand-Made Goods• Harvest Table Company (The Lyons Farmette) – Wood tables made from locally salvaged barn wood• True Blue Vintage Rentals (Longmont) – Vintage pink velvet Victorian sofa rental•Locally Thrifted – Crocheted blankets by the fire pit and glassware/vases for flower arrangements Photographer:  Meigan Canfield Photography//Event Designer: DWC Creative//Dress Store:A & Be Bridal Shop//Dress Designer: Anais Annette//Jewelry: Beach Daisy Jewelry//Other:Cured//Other: Donna Beth Designs//Shoes: Ele Handmade//Floral Designer: MJM Designs, LLC//Cake Designer:Sweet Cow Ice Cream, Moo Mobile//Event Venue:The Lyons Farmette// Quilted Goods: Ittybittybunnies // Furniture Rental: True Blue Vintage Rentals // Tables: Harvest Table Company   

Big Fake Wedding- Denver

Big Fake Wedding Denver was amazing! With ‘Roma Red’ as the inspiration for the event they used Italian influence to invade the Mile High City and we must say, the vendors came out strong! This is one of our favorite Big Fake Wedding‘s to share, because you can see the strong vendor relationships and collaborations seamlessly aligned throughout the day… Everything just came together so nicely.  You can also smell the yummy herb infused breads and cheeses, in the images, and taste the sweet goodies… You’ve been warned: Sensory Overload coming at ya! We also want to point out two of our amazing Black Sheep Bride Vendors were there to join in on the fun: Rachel Gomez Photography and MJM Designs! Thank you ladies for standing out by making a difference in the wedding community! Photos below courtesy of Green Blossom Photography 2015-09-04_0001 2015-09-04_0002 2015-09-04_0003 2015-09-04_0004 2015-09-04_0005 2015-09-04_0006 2015-09-04_0007 2015-09-04_0008   2015-09-04_0011 2015-09-04_0012 2015-09-04_0016 2015-09-04_0017 2015-09-04_0018 2015-09-04_0019 2015-09-04_0020 2015-09-04_0021 2015-09-04_0022 2015-09-04_00102015-09-04_0027 2015-09-04_00262015-09-04_0034 2015-09-04_0035 2015-09-04_00092015-09-04_0013 2015-09-04_0014 2015-09-04_0015 2015-09-04_0023 2015-09-04_0024 2015-09-04_0025  2015-09-04_0028 2015-09-04_0029 2015-09-04_0030 2015-09-04_0031 2015-09-04_0032 2015-09-04_0036 2015-09-04_0037 2015-09-04_0038 Photos below courtesy of Rachel Gomez Photography 2015-09-04_01022015-09-04_0076 2015-09-04_0077 2015-09-04_0078 2015-09-04_0079  2015-09-04_01042015-09-04_0081 2015-09-04_0082 2015-09-04_0083 2015-09-04_0084 2015-09-04_0085 2015-09-04_0086 2015-09-04_0087 2015-09-04_0088 2015-09-04_00892015-09-04_0100 2015-09-04_0101  2015-09-04_0103   2015-09-04_00902015-09-04_01062015-09-05_0002 2015-09-04_00912015-09-04_00922015-09-04_00932015-09-04_00942015-09-04_00952015-09-04_00962015-09-04_00972015-09-04_00982015-09-04_0099 2015-09-04_0107 2015-09-04_01052015-09-05_0001  2015-09-05_0003 2015-09-05_0004 Photos below courtesy of Meigan Canfield Photography 2015-09-04_0040 2015-09-04_0041 2015-09-04_0042 2015-09-04_0043 2015-09-04_0044 2015-09-04_0045 2015-09-04_0046 2015-09-04_0047 2015-09-04_0048 2015-09-04_0049 2015-09-04_0050 2015-09-04_00742015-09-04_0051 2015-09-04_0052 2015-09-04_0053 2015-09-04_0054 2015-09-04_0055 2015-09-04_0056 2015-09-04_0057 2015-09-04_0058 2015-09-04_0059 2015-09-04_0060 2015-09-04_0061 2015-09-04_00752015-09-04_0062 2015-09-04_0063 2015-09-04_0064 2015-09-04_0065  2015-09-04_0067  2015-09-04_0069 2015-09-04_0070 2015-09-04_0071 We love how Meigan captured the Behind the Scenes and Vendor Interactions so well! 2015-09-04_0072 2015-09-04_0073   Also…. Who doesn’t love a fun Slow Motion Photo Booth! Bartending: With a Twist Bartending | Cake Stands: Postscripts | Catering + S’mores Bar: Serendipity Catering | Cotton Candy: Colorado Cotton Candy Co. | Custom Koozies + Menu: Rook Design Co. | Day-Of Coordination: Blue Lace Events Colorado | DJ + Emcee: DJ Maestro | Event Rentals: Colorado Party Rentals | Floral + Event Design (Bouquets, Boutonnieres + Tables 2, 7): MJM Designs, LLC | Floral + Event Design (Ceremony Backdrop + Tables 1, 6, 11): ENLY Event Design | Floral + Event Design (Head Table + Tables 3, 9): The Olive & Poppy | Floral + Event Design (Registration Table + Tables 4, 10): MOD Events by Jessie Lynn | Floral + Event Design (Tables 5, 8): We Tie The Knots | Hair + Makeup: Hair & Makeup in Motion LLC | Hair Accessories: Nerida Mason Australia | Invitations (Illustrated, Hand-Lettered Suite): Sugar Ink Design | Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel | Paper Accents + Signage (Hand-Lettered Bunting, Chalkboard Signs, Watercolor Art + More): DWC Creative | Peanut Butter Cup Favors: Justin’s | Photo Booth: Center Stage Photo Booth | Photography: Green Blossom Photography | Photography: Meigan Canfield Photography | Photography: Rachel Gomez Photography | Slow Motion Video: The Slow Motion Booth | Venue: NOAH’s Event Venue | Videography: Infinity Productions | Wedding Cake: Handcraft Bakery | Wedding Dress: Brilliant Bridal | National Sparkling Wine Sponsor: Ferrari Sparkling Wine | National Travel Vendor: Bliss by Luxury Concierge