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Engagements with Purpose: Jill + Jake, Acadia National Park, Maine

Editor Note: We’re pulling this magical engagement out of the archives to include with this week’s National Park Week celebrations! Enjoy! jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_127 Before we begin to share the giving back story of Jill and Jake, I feel it is important we lay out some ground work, for the WILDNESS of this engagement session….. 1. They are not from Maine, but actually drove from Tampa up the East Coast to meet their photographers Jake & Katie (whom where also visiting) in New England for one EPIC Engagement. 2. They camped at Acadia National Park, in Maine, the night prior to their photo session and woke up got started on their journey to the summit of Cadillac Mountain at around 3:30am, to catch the sunrise at 4:30am… Dedication much? 3. Refer to 1. and 2. … Isn’t that enough!? I’m exhausted just looking at these amazing, natural, love filled (and exertion filled) images. Photography by: Jake & Katie jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_107 How they give: They both work with refugee children from Myanmar and Congo (mentoring/tutoring/teaching) each week. Jill also helps teach English to adult refugees. Jake works for a non-profit called LYF Inc. teaching adult special needs. He is also a youth director and spends time leading and encouraging the youth on Wednesday and Thursday nights and Sunday mornings. Also before relocating to Tampa, Jill was dedicated to coaching soccer for young girls, in Texas. jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_009 How they met (from Jill): ‘We met at age 12, in the seventh grade. We had friends who were friends but did not get in touch again until age 20. We became BEST friends for a whole year and then as I was leaving for Africa for the summer, he told me he was going to miss me. That was when everything changed. We both started considering dating each other and asked advice/prayer to see if this should happen. God changed our hearts from best friends in to loves and now we have been dating for almost three years.’ jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_004 They got married in January, with their reception set at The Rialto Theatre (BSB Vendor) and their intentional wedding kindness didn’t stop there. After announcing our winners for the Wedding World Changer Day last Spring, Jill went out of her way to reach out to several of those volunteering vendors to show her appreciation and support their businesses with her own wedding planning… It was the sweetest gesture of continued generosity! jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_016  jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_021 jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_024 jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_031jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_025   jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_037 jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_039 jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_043 jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_061 jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_064 jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_070   jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_094 jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_106  jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_116  jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_144  jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_153  jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_163  jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_186 jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_194 jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_201 jakejill_engagement_jakeandkatie_203 Thank you Jill and Jake for your amazing dedication to others! ____________________________ WAYS TO GET INVOLVED DURING NATIONAL PARK WEEK! Did you know that the National Park Services has over 12 billion dollars of outstanding repairs and needs across the 2000 parks and forests they maintain? Go grab your annual NPS Pass today and help support the future of our planet for generations to come! April 15-16 and April 22-23 : Free Admission to any National Park in the United States Buy a National Park Pass (for $80). There are also FREE Passes available for active military, and students in the 4th grade, as well as discounted passes for Seniors. Learn more HERE. Find the closest park to you and volunteer or support their fundraising initiatives!