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A little giving goes a long way – Weddings that give back

472Brown Almost 2 years ago I helped with a nation wide shoe drive for Dando Amor… It was a huge task! I had schools collecting unwanted shoes across the city of Tampa and ended up with almost 4,000 pairs to add to the final tally (nearly 100,000 collected altogether). While picking up a car load of shoes at a local school I met a lovely teacher with a recently engaged daughter, whom also had a heart for Africa. We swapped information and not a week later Jamie and I were sipping coffee with her finance, Robbie, and we were selected as their wedding photographers. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected: 1…. Collecting unwanted shoes would lead me to one of my most cherished client/friendships in personal business history. 2. … the following summer she would also end up collecting shoes and sitting on the plane next to me heading to West Africa. There is great opportunity for Brides and Vendors to join forces for good… Take a moment to look around and see the needs you could fulfill with  your wedding partnerships and shared passions, a little giving goes a long way. 10350997_10154325961205601_5786844973546307755_n

10 Ways to SAVE… the world! Weddings that Give Back!

Let us pretend for a moment… that we ALL fall into the average wedding budget category. According to Wedding Stats the average wedding in 2014 cost roughly $28,671… and if you took 10% of that budget and dedicated it to completely selfless awesomeness… that would be $2,867 !! 2014-07-17_0003 Here are some ways to take your 10% and Change the World! 1. 102 orphans could be fed for 30 days. (Dando Amor) 2. 28,000 trees planted (Trees for the future) 3. 10 girls would be able to attend school (Heifer) 4. 1892 meals will be provided to the homeless. 5. 143 people will receive clean water (Let it flow) 6. 5 oncology  family support groups/Dinners (for up to 100 people)  can be organized for children diagnosed with cancer.  (Children’s Cancer Center) 7. 76 children sponsored for one month. (Compassion International) 8. 50 Microloans rewarded to impoverish women to start a business. (Global Giving) 9. 2,867 of Malaria Treated lives saved ( 10. 11,468 children everywhere will get one meal to eat. (Feeding Children Everywhere) Isn’t it crazy how such a small number… 10%… can make such a big impact on others! How will you use your 10% of wedding change to make world change?

BSB Inspiration Shoot- Winthrop Barn Theatre, Riverview, FL

Jerdan Photo Winthrop Barn_0066 In leau of the Black Sheep Bride Debut… I put together a stylized shoot that out-shined all the rest. The purpose of the shoot was to inspire, challenge and encourage wedding couples/vendors to consider their day a gift… not completely for themselves, but rather a gift for those in need, they help with each vendor/product choice they make in the process.  Each participating vendors helps on a local or global level in their giving and each choice made in the planning process was with the intention of taking each $ and making it count for GOOD. Jerdan Photo Winthrop Barn_0069 Jerdan Photo Winthrop Barn_0071 Jerdan Photo Winthrop Barn_0074 Jerdan Photo Winthrop Barn_0073 Jerdan Photo Winthrop Barn_0067 Jerdan Photo Winthrop Barn_0068 Jerdan Photo Winthrop Barn_0072 Participating Vendors: Accessories: The Giving Keys Dress: Rent The Runway Cake/Treats: Piquant Venue: The Barn Theatre at Winthrop Paper Goods: Invitation Consultants/Oh Hello Events Furniture/Rentals: Anna Jane Styling Shoe Drop Off Organization: Dando Amor Confetti Wands: Oh Goodie Design and Events Flags/Cake Topper: I Heart Flags Photography: Jerdan Photography (and the lovely help of Out of the Box Photography) Cinematographer: John Roquemore Florals: TaylorMade Wedding and Event Flowers  Succulent pieces: Flowers on the Fly Ceramics: Don Sizemore Ceramics Turf Table Top: Forever Lawn Tampa