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Giving Back When You Don’t Have The Time, Via MG Hair and Makeup

Giving Back When You Don’t Have the Time By Megan Garmers, MG Hair and Makeup **Editor Note: Thank you MG Hair and Makeup for your ongoing support as a National Partner and believer in the BSB Mission.** freestocks-org-209881 Spring is coming up soon and it serves as a great reminder. It is a time for new life, new opportunities and second chances. No, this is not a plea for you to carve even more time out of your already busy life, but rather a note of encouragement to find a few hours on a couple days throughout the year to make a difference with your talents and time. IMG_0113 One of the ways we (MG Hair and Makeup) like to give back is through volunteering at Covenant House. They have a program for homeless teen moms and we sponsor a fun makeover night for these ladies. These moms have been through a lot during their short life and are forced to grow up quickly. Covenant House does a great job at helping get them off the streets, provide a safe place for the moms and babies to stay, and also provide life and job skills for self-sufficiency. IMG_0111 While the world of beauty can seem full of superficiality, to these ladies, it means something different. Many have never had their makeup done before so sometimes even just some lipstick and being pampered helps restore their self-esteem and confidence to face other life issues. We also help volunteers paint nails and provide polish or makeup samples for the teens to take with them. Something small that can serve as a reminder and be functional to uplift their mood is important when they have so few physical possessions. IMG_0112 There are lots of ways you can volunteer with your skills, even if you’re not a hairstylist or makeup artist. These girls just enjoy having someone make them feel special and beautiful to inspire self-esteem and confidence. Whether it is at a teen shelter or other program, there are lots of ways you can be involved in special events throughout the year. Volunteering your time and talents this way allows you to give back without a weekly commitment many don’t have the extra time to give. Even though it might be one or two nights a year, never underestimate the reach of your kindness and how it encourages another in their own journey. Learn more about MG Hair and Makeup  and Covenant House by visiting their websites today!


So often we hear the negatives in the news about celebrities.  And if it’s a positive, it’s the birth of a baby or a wedding…. which are great things!  But what about celebrities that are using their status to give back in amazing ways? We are so excited to share about one of those today.  Blake Lively, known as Serena on Gossip Girl or the beautiful wife of Ryan Reynolds, is so much more than a face on the big screen.  She is the heart behind, an avenue which showcases handicrafts designed and produced in the US by skilled artisans.  In the first year of operation, Preserve will donate 5% of each purchase to the Covenant House, which protects and serves homeless, trafficked, and abused youth.  The goal is to provide 5,000 meals, 2,000 blankets and 2,700 sweatshirts to children in need.  As the business grows, Preserve will increase their percentage donated. Preserve is loaded with gorgeous home decor and pieces you can incorporate right into your wedding day!  Enjoy shopping knowing that your purchases support a great cause and are made by artisans right in your backyard! This hand carved porcelain vase would make the perfect centerpiece at your reception. Preserve vase Your groom will love you extra when you present him with this timeless watch on your wedding day. 😉 Preserve Watch Start your honeymoon off right, stirring your coffee with these matching hand-engraved Mr. and Mrs. spoons. Preserve Milk Honey spoons So check out their awesome shop and do good!