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Engagement with Purpose: Amy and Steffon, South Carolina

Today’s Engagement with Purpose couple comes to use from Charleston, SC. Paige Schaberg Photography recently shot this engagement and submitted their story to us to feature. We couldn’t love it more, not only can you feel the love through each image, reading how they help others makes their story that much more awesome!
Steffon is a flight medic in the Air Force Reserve and his civilian job is an EMT, before the Air Force Reserve he also worked in a residential facility for people with developmental disabilities. Amy teaches Special Education with a focus on students with Learning Disabilities and Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. For the past 7 years Amy has volunteered at a week long summer camp for children fighting childhood cancer, called Camp Kemo, and worked as a volunteer in AmeriCorps during college–in local schools to teach children from low income areas social and emotional skills.
Paige Schaberg, their photographer, also has a heart for giving back. She donates her services several times a year to organizations that need coverage, such as The Charleston Coastal Conservation League, the Charleston Supported Art Foundation, The Charleston Cinderella Project, & multiple charities for autism.
We hope you enjoy this sweet engagement and find inspiration in their giving.
 Thank you Paige, Amy & Steffon for having such huge hearts to help others!