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Big Fake Wedding- Denver

Big Fake Wedding Denver was amazing! With ‘Roma Red’ as the inspiration for the event they used Italian influence to invade the Mile High City and we must say, the vendors came out strong! This is one of our favorite Big Fake Wedding‘s to share, because you can see the strong vendor relationships and collaborations seamlessly aligned throughout the day… Everything just came together so nicely.  You can also smell the yummy herb infused breads and cheeses, in the images, and taste the sweet goodies… You’ve been warned: Sensory Overload coming at ya! We also want to point out two of our amazing Black Sheep Bride Vendors were there to join in on the fun: Rachel Gomez Photography and MJM Designs! Thank you ladies for standing out by making a difference in the wedding community! Photos below courtesy of Green Blossom Photography 2015-09-04_0001 2015-09-04_0002 2015-09-04_0003 2015-09-04_0004 2015-09-04_0005 2015-09-04_0006 2015-09-04_0007 2015-09-04_0008   2015-09-04_0011 2015-09-04_0012 2015-09-04_0016 2015-09-04_0017 2015-09-04_0018 2015-09-04_0019 2015-09-04_0020 2015-09-04_0021 2015-09-04_0022 2015-09-04_00102015-09-04_0027 2015-09-04_00262015-09-04_0034 2015-09-04_0035 2015-09-04_00092015-09-04_0013 2015-09-04_0014 2015-09-04_0015 2015-09-04_0023 2015-09-04_0024 2015-09-04_0025  2015-09-04_0028 2015-09-04_0029 2015-09-04_0030 2015-09-04_0031 2015-09-04_0032 2015-09-04_0036 2015-09-04_0037 2015-09-04_0038 Photos below courtesy of Rachel Gomez Photography 2015-09-04_01022015-09-04_0076 2015-09-04_0077 2015-09-04_0078 2015-09-04_0079  2015-09-04_01042015-09-04_0081 2015-09-04_0082 2015-09-04_0083 2015-09-04_0084 2015-09-04_0085 2015-09-04_0086 2015-09-04_0087 2015-09-04_0088 2015-09-04_00892015-09-04_0100 2015-09-04_0101  2015-09-04_0103   2015-09-04_00902015-09-04_01062015-09-05_0002 2015-09-04_00912015-09-04_00922015-09-04_00932015-09-04_00942015-09-04_00952015-09-04_00962015-09-04_00972015-09-04_00982015-09-04_0099 2015-09-04_0107 2015-09-04_01052015-09-05_0001  2015-09-05_0003 2015-09-05_0004 Photos below courtesy of Meigan Canfield Photography 2015-09-04_0040 2015-09-04_0041 2015-09-04_0042 2015-09-04_0043 2015-09-04_0044 2015-09-04_0045 2015-09-04_0046 2015-09-04_0047 2015-09-04_0048 2015-09-04_0049 2015-09-04_0050 2015-09-04_00742015-09-04_0051 2015-09-04_0052 2015-09-04_0053 2015-09-04_0054 2015-09-04_0055 2015-09-04_0056 2015-09-04_0057 2015-09-04_0058 2015-09-04_0059 2015-09-04_0060 2015-09-04_0061 2015-09-04_00752015-09-04_0062 2015-09-04_0063 2015-09-04_0064 2015-09-04_0065  2015-09-04_0067  2015-09-04_0069 2015-09-04_0070 2015-09-04_0071 We love how Meigan captured the Behind the Scenes and Vendor Interactions so well! 2015-09-04_0072 2015-09-04_0073   Also…. Who doesn’t love a fun Slow Motion Photo Booth! Bartending: With a Twist Bartending | Cake Stands: Postscripts | Catering + S’mores Bar: Serendipity Catering | Cotton Candy: Colorado Cotton Candy Co. | Custom Koozies + Menu: Rook Design Co. | Day-Of Coordination: Blue Lace Events Colorado | DJ + Emcee: DJ Maestro | Event Rentals: Colorado Party Rentals | Floral + Event Design (Bouquets, Boutonnieres + Tables 2, 7): MJM Designs, LLC | Floral + Event Design (Ceremony Backdrop + Tables 1, 6, 11): ENLY Event Design | Floral + Event Design (Head Table + Tables 3, 9): The Olive & Poppy | Floral + Event Design (Registration Table + Tables 4, 10): MOD Events by Jessie Lynn | Floral + Event Design (Tables 5, 8): We Tie The Knots | Hair + Makeup: Hair & Makeup in Motion LLC | Hair Accessories: Nerida Mason Australia | Invitations (Illustrated, Hand-Lettered Suite): Sugar Ink Design | Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel | Paper Accents + Signage (Hand-Lettered Bunting, Chalkboard Signs, Watercolor Art + More): DWC Creative | Peanut Butter Cup Favors: Justin’s | Photo Booth: Center Stage Photo Booth | Photography: Green Blossom Photography | Photography: Meigan Canfield Photography | Photography: Rachel Gomez Photography | Slow Motion Video: The Slow Motion Booth | Venue: NOAH’s Event Venue | Videography: Infinity Productions | Wedding Cake: Handcraft Bakery | Wedding Dress: Brilliant Bridal | National Sparkling Wine Sponsor: Ferrari Sparkling Wine | National Travel Vendor: Bliss by Luxury Concierge

4th of the July Black Sheep Bride Vendor Promos

Happy 4th of July Everyone!  Thought we would bring awareness to some of our amazing Black Sheep Bride vendors and how they are celebrating the fourth in style with special offers! Here is an ever growing list of some promo opportunities available from our BSB Vendors to you! *All Black Sheep Bride vendors give back 10% of their time, product and/or profits to a charity/s of their choosing* The No-Think Thank You: Have some thank you cards you need to get done? Celebrate with The No-Think Thank You by getting every 4th card FREE!! 10557566_725437364172516_3230619784456910391_o Give Cookies: In honor of my FAVORITE American cookie recipe (the good ole Chocolate Chip Cookie) we’re going to celebrate by giving 30% off any order of cookies now through Sunday! Enter code: cookies4all at checkout 11667358_709291809173875_8756868692079419049_n Chris Wojdak Photography: In celebration of #marriageequality, Chris Wojdak Photography has a special offer on ALL weddings booked by July 31st for $300 off Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 10.24.32 AM   Caroline Creates: Free Shipping in the USA for all Caroline Creates Eco-Paper Goods orders through the weekend. 4th-Email Kelsey Vawter/Chloe + Isabel: Free gift and free shipping on all orders over $100. $50 credit for every $200 spent. 11659254_10155792262315644_9016676412939039250_n Cherish Creations: Offering Free Domestic Shipping on all orders. 11692982_10100676328246564_594138724_n

Surprise Wedding for Deserving Couple | Big Fake Wedding Style

Our amazing friends at The Big Fake Wedding have done it again, but this time… It wasn’t a fake wedding… it was ‘totes’ REAL! Read the story below, from Big Fake Wedding’s founder and CEO, Callie! The best part of this story is all of the participating vendors donated their services to make this big day a success, for such an amazing couple!
‘My friend Jennifer was planning a wedding in September, but they found out that Brian was being transferred to Tokyo in June, so they started planning to secretly head to the courthouse on May 8. At a dinner in April, Jennifer was telling me about her plans and saying how she was so sad to miss the experience of her dad walking her down the aisle. She wanted Brian to have that moment of seeing her in a dress, but they knew there wasn’t time to make that possible.
I reached out to some of my favorite wedding vendors, and we started planning an amazing surprise wedding for the two of them. Jennifer knew it was happening, but she didn’t know any of the details. Brian just thought that he was going to meet her at the courthouse, but instead his dad dropped him off at the wedding location (a local park where the florist so graciously donated her yard and front porch for the celebration), and his mom was there waiting on him with a boutonniere, in front of a sign that read “Welcome to the wedding of Jennifer and Brian”. She handed him a letter from Jennifer that let him know that they would be able to experience a wedding ceremony after all, and then his parents walked him down the aisle where their family and best friends (who had come in from different parts of the country!) were waiting.
We had a musician who played their song as Jennifer walked down the aisle, and after the ceremony, the musician played as they had their first dance and dances with their parents. They then enjoyed dinner, cake and toasts on the front porch, and they ended with a coffee truck and lantern release.
The next day was their “engagement party” and they got to let everyone in on their little secret: they were married!!’
BrianJennifer(1of523) BrianJennifer(13of523) BrianJennifer(18of523) BrianJennifer(25of523) BrianJennifer(39of523) BrianJennifer(41of523) BrianJennifer(46of523) BrianJennifer(57of523) BrianJennifer(60of523) BrianJennifer(65of523) BrianJennifer(67of523) BrianJennifer(68of523) BrianJennifer(72of523) BrianJennifer(77of523) BrianJennifer(88of523) BrianJennifer(93of523) BrianJennifer(100of523) BrianJennifer(106of523) BrianJennifer(110of523) BrianJennifer(115of523) BrianJennifer(116of523) BrianJennifer(119of523) BrianJennifer(121of523) BrianJennifer(128of523) BrianJennifer(131of523) BrianJennifer(141of523) BrianJennifer(148of523) BrianJennifer(149of523) BrianJennifer(162of523) BrianJennifer(169of523) BrianJennifer(177of523) BrianJennifer(180of523) BrianJennifer(193of523) BrianJennifer(199of523) BrianJennifer(202of523) BrianJennifer(214of523) BrianJennifer(219of523) BrianJennifer(224of523) BrianJennifer(229of523) BrianJennifer(233of523) BrianJennifer(241of523) BrianJennifer(250of523) BrianJennifer(266of523) BrianJennifer(275of523) BrianJennifer(319of523) BrianJennifer(326of523) BrianJennifer(338of523) BrianJennifer(339of523) BrianJennifer(347of523) BrianJennifer(358of523) BrianJennifer(362of523)
Easily the best part for us, besides everyone donating their time to this lovely couple, is REFUGE COFFEE!!!! Refuge Coffee Company is an amazing Atlanta based Coffee Truck that provides a living wage, quality job training and mentorship for resettled refugees in the area.
 BrianJennifer(365of523) BrianJennifer(366of523) BrianJennifer(368of523) BrianJennifer(380of523) BrianJennifer(387of523) BrianJennifer(390of523) BrianJennifer(394of523) BrianJennifer(397of523) BrianJennifer(407of523) BrianJennifer(421of523) BrianJennifer(428of523) BrianJennifer(429of523) BrianJennifer(439of523) BrianJennifer(445of523) BrianJennifer(452of523) BrianJennifer(460of523) BrianJennifer(468of523) BrianJennifer(482of523) BrianJennifer(490of523) BrianJennifer(507of523) BrianJennifer(514of523)
And if these amazing photos weren’t enough… grab the hankie and watch this super endearing video, courtesy of Up and Up Weddings :
Participating Vendors:  Flowers : Holland Daze Weddings | Vintage Rentals: Miss. Milly’s | Cake : GS Bakery | Catering : Farm Burger | Officiant : Bill Murray | Hand Lettering: Fleecher Designs | Photography : Jonathan and Kaye Photography | Ceremony Dress: Rent the Runway | Reception Dress: Wedding Angels | Videography: Up and Up Weddings | Music : Jonathan Wisdom | Coffee Truck: Refuge Coffee Co. | Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel by Brette  | ‘Yay Flag’ : Liddabits Design Shop