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Weddings That Give Back: Tom + Dustin- New York City, NY

This is the love story about the parents of a cute Maltipoo. Her name is Captain. BlackSheepBride_0067 Captain’s parents, Tom and Dustin, met while attending Yale University and fell in love on an adventure-date hiking to the top of East Rock in New Haven. From that day on, they were inseparable and their adventuring continued with their beloved pup right by their side. February 11th, 2016 holds special significance for their story. On this day there was a worldwide announcement that a LIGO experiment discovered gravity waves. Tom is a mathematics teacher at a collegiate school in Brooklyn and Dustin is also in the field of science and math, as a Data Scientist for Capital One. February 11th was also the day they got engaged in their home in Washington, D.C.! As they planned their intimate wedding day they intentionally choose to focus on their love and their community more than anything else. They wanted to be true to who they were and what was important to them, and their wedding reflected accordingly. BlackSheepBride_0042 They kept their attire simple and encouraged their wedding party to wear what they wanted, so long as they rocked out black leather bomber jackets. They wanted the Rare Book Room to speak for itself, as it did, and added minimal florals and punk-rock accents to make it their own. They choose BSB vendor, Modern Rebel Co., to plan and coordinate their day and through her giving-back business model donated a portion of their wedding budget to Homes for the Homeless. This donation benefits a homeless youth summer camp that empowers and equips youth through a variety of programs and services. Tom and Dustin also donate regularly to MSF and SPLC. They are also incredibly passionate about education and making STEM accessible to all students. BlackSheepBride_0034 BlackSheepBride_0035 BlackSheepBride_0036 BlackSheepBride_0037 BlackSheepBride_0038 BlackSheepBride_0039 BlackSheepBride_0040 BlackSheepBride_0041  BlackSheepBride_0043 BlackSheepBride_0044 BlackSheepBride_0045 BlackSheepBride_0046 BlackSheepBride_0047 BlackSheepBride_0048 BlackSheepBride_0049 BlackSheepBride_0050 BlackSheepBride_0051 BlackSheepBride_0052  BlackSheepBride_0054 BlackSheepBride_0055 BlackSheepBride_0056 BlackSheepBride_0057 BlackSheepBride_0058 BlackSheepBride_0059 T&DWedding-316BlackSheepBride_0060 BlackSheepBride_0061 BlackSheepBride_0062 BlackSheepBride_0063 BlackSheepBride_0064 BlackSheepBride_0065 BlackSheepBride_0066 Participating Vendors: Wedding Planner: Modern Rebel Co. | Photography: Aaron and Whitney Photography | Paper Goods: Penny Ann Designs | Venue: The Rare Book Room at Strand Book Store | Florals: Brooklyn Blooms | DJ: 74 Events | Catering: Red Egg NYC | Cake: Baked NYC | Rings: Macha Jewelry Weddings That Give Back: Tom + Dustin- New York City, NY

Thankful Thursdays: Hello World Paper Co.

Thankful Thursdays is a series we started at the beginning of 2016 to bring awareness to our amazing BSB Vendors that Give Back and share how they use their businesses to serve the environment and their local and global communities! Today we are sharing The Giving Back Story of one of our national product based vendors, Hello World Paper Co., based out of St. Louis. unnamed-62 Hello World Paper Co. is a St. Louis based design company specializing in rubber stamp and stationery design. Hello World Paper Co. was founded by retired teacher Kelly Parker Smith in 2014. Kelly combines her love of typography along with her handlettering and illustrations to create unique products to celebrate your new beginnings. Whether you are getting married, moving to a new home, or starting a new company, Hello World Paper Co. can make your new beginning look fabulous. They truly believe that your new beginning can also be a new beginning for others which is why Kelly started giving back 10% of her proceeds to various charities. Recently though, the company decided to give back in a more meaningful way!   unnamed-64 Kelly was a third grade teacher for 10 years in a high poverty area and saw first hand the impact that a good education can have on a child’s future. She is passionate about education, especially literacy, and has given her time and a portion of her proceeds to various educational and humanitarian organizations over the years. She believes in giving back with abandon and never hesitates to support a worthy cause, however she yearned to help more kids in particular, so she decided to build a school like the one pictured below. That’s right, a school.   unnamed-66 Secretly she always dreamed of building a school for kids in need, but it felt overwhelming until she found Pencils of Promise. Pencils of Promise is an organization that allows you to pledge money to support the education of children around the world or you can pledge to build an entire school. Kelly went for her big scary dream. She has pledged to build a school through Pencils of Promise with the help of her clients – brides, grooms, new home owners, teachers, and business owners. Ten percent of the proceeds from every purchase through Hello World Paper Co.’s various shops will go to the campaign and once the money is raised Pencils of Promise not only builds the school, but monitors and supports it through their organization. Once the school is built Kelly and the Hello World Paper Co. team would love to be able to travel there and visit the kids to read them their favorite books. That’s the dream.   Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.52.40 PM If you would like to be a part of Hello World Paper Co.’s campaign to build a school you can visit one of their shops Hello World Paper Co. or Hello World Stamps or donate directly to the campaign here:

Thankful Thursday: Carolyn A. Events, Atlanta, GA

Thankful Thursday’s is a series we started at the beginning of 2016 to bring awareness to our amazing BSB Vendors that Give Back and share how they use their businesses to serve the environment and their local and global communities! Today we are sharing The Giving Back Story of one of our newest BSB vendors, Carolyn A. Events. Also take a moment to be inspired by their amazing wedding design work in action. Gracie Blue Photography colorful-country-wedding-1Carolyn A. Events was founded in 2011 with the purpose of fusing the natural design process with wedding and event planning. The result is exquisitely designed and executed luxury weddings, in the southeastern United States and beyond.
During the first few years of business we were desperately looking for a way to give back, but the given opportunities never felt completely in sync with our business model or beliefs. Then, it struck us; we were women, operating a successful business and defying the norms that many women experience today. How could we translate our skills into tangible ways to give back to our community?
Not long after that we were introduced to the founder [and BSB friend and mentor] of Love Gives Way, a vendor collective that partners with organizations that fight sex trafficking. Through Love Gives Way (LGW) we were connected with Wellspring Living and the work they do to rescue and restore victims of sex trafficking, specifically women. When women enter the Wellspring Living program they are coached in life skills ranging from basic budgeting to personal care to specialized business skills. All of our lead planners, associate planners, and interns commit to volunteering with wellspring living and we ask that couples partner with us financially. If a couple books our LGW package we donate 10% of their final rate to Wellspring Living in their name on their wedding day.
Our relationship with Wellspring Living and the greater “vendors that give back” community has not only given us a platform to stand on and support our local organizations, but it has encouraged and strengthened us as powerful women in the business and entrepreneurial world.’
colorful-indian-wedding-1 colorful-indian-wedding-2
For more information visit Carolyn A. Events website today!

For Vendors: Strategizing Giving Back with Your Business

In the last year and a half we have been at this wonderful thing called Black Sheep Bride, we have received hundreds and hundreds of applications from vendors sharing ways they give back. It is always so impressive and inspiring, but I am always left intrigued by the ways people give so differently. Some are liberal with their giving and choose to donate, serve, help out whenever they see the opportunity arise, while others a bit more strategic in their giving and have a very thought out plan on how their business will effectively help others throughout the year!
There are 3 basic ways your business can begin giving back right now! It is up to the business owner to identify in what ways they want to give. Here is the breakdown:
1. Using your Time/Skill to serve others, ex. if you are a photographer donating your photography skills to capture a charity event;
2. Using your Product, ex. donating x amount of cupcakes to a charity each month;
3. Using your Profit and donating to a cause directly related to you, your passions and convictions.
In whatever way you choose to give, make sure you share your giving, write about it, capture the giving, not only do potential clients want to see your business is involved in the community, you could very well start a movement of giving in your own little circle of influence. IT’S WORTH IT!
If you are looking for wedding vendors and products that have a heart for giving back, please check out our BSB Vendor Directory, over at our BSB Market. Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 10.40.57 AM
Here are a few examples of ways vendors are helping others with their time, product, &/or profits:
In 2016 our goal is to sponsor another Living Water International water well!
Kate Franzen, Glint Events
Our team at Glint Events takes time out each month to volunteer at FeedMore in Richmond, VA.  Whether it’s packing up lunches in backpacks for kids or assembling meals to be delivered to those in need, we make sure to be there every last Wednesday of the month with our hairnets, aprons, and gloves.  We are thankful for all that we have, so we understand the importance of giving our time to make sure others can get what they may not be lucky enough to have. In the world of event planning, it can be easy to get lost in the unnecessary purchases and emotional decisions, so giving back to the community helps to keep us grounded. Not only that, but it’s a nice team-building activity and it gets us out of the office for an afternoon while still doing something meaningful.
 Audrey Isaac, 100 Candles
We take pride in our community involvement and are always looking for ways to give back. Most recently, we donated  candles for a vigil to honor the victims of the San Bernardino tragedy. In addition, we donated candles as of late for a memorial in Hollywood to commemorate John Lennon’s birthday. We’ve also partnered with the Mea’Alofa Autism Support Center, where they use our hydro orbs in sensory classes with children.
Jennifer Taylor, Taylor’d Events
Each year in Seattle, we have a group that creates a wedding garage sale  so couples have an area location to donate. The proceeds go to Get Hitched Give Hope, which gives money to the Young Survivor Coalition and Dream Foundation. In the past, we have also donated on behalf of our clients to Northwest Harvest, which is a statewide hunger relief agency in Washington.
(Photo Credit: Laura Marchbanks Photo)
Meghan Ely, OFD Consulting
With my company (OFD Consulting), we have traded end-of-the-year client gifts for donations to particular charities on behalf of our clients. We select the charities yearly (2-3) and while we have one in particular that we always donate to Prevent A Litter, and others. This year we have plans to also create a Service Day 1-2x annually with our new team, where we take a (paid) day off to give back locally.
We offer weekly photos at the animal shelter and then quarterly photo booths for charity to help with particular dogs vet bills.
Shelya Quimby, Aerie Lane
We commit to giving to one organization per month and have a standard giveaway package.
Now that you’ve been inspired by these wedding vendors and products that have a heart for giving back, check out our BSB Vendor Directory, over at our BSB Market for more amazing examples of others with hearts to help others, as well!