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Sustainably Stylized Wedding Inspiration Shoot: 801 Main Street, Lakeland, FL

Spring is right around the corner, friends! We wanted to take a moment to highlight a recent boho-centric, sustainably stylized, wedding inspiration shoot, put together by some amazing vendors that give back, based in Central Florida! Each vendor incorporated sustainability or giving back into this stylized shoot’s vision or is actively involved in their communities. Read about how each participating vendor gives back and/or shows value in sustainability and helping others. View More:
Amber Veatch (Amber Vetch Designs & Set RentalsFlorals and Design) : 
‘I volunteer through the Junior League of Tampa. I visit Eckerd Readiness Academy once a month with a group of other Junior League members and teach foster teens proper nutrition and health. These are kids who are working toward their GED and career goals, as they will soon be aging out of the foster care system. I also volunteer at my daughter’s elementary school and regularly look for ways to use my talents to give back to our community. I was excited to use the space at 801, because it encourages community involvement and supporting local goods by selling them in their store.’ *Editor Note: Amber is actively involved in the local wedding community and has donated her time, talents and goods in the past to BSB’s Wedding World Changer Charity Wedding.
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Samantha Dahlberg (Samantha Lee Photography) : 
‘Giving back is something that I have always been passionate about, but to be honest I have been less active than I would like to admit. But, coming in 2017 that is going to change for the better. I will be using photography, to bring memories and photographs to families struggling with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This disease has hit my family hard the last couple of years, and I finally realized I can do something to make a difference to the families. My goal is to donate a family session to at least one family a month, to families who are going through the same struggle. My hope is to capture these families with their loved one, before they are no longer themselves. To give them photographs to look back on, so they are able to remember the good times. But I am turning this into a group, and am creating a Facebook group “The Memory Keepers”  for photographers and other creatives to come together and donate their talents to families affected by other diseases that are close to they hearts. A sort-of “home base” for us to share our stories and encourage one-another to give back and use what we do to make a difference. I am also very passionate about using natural light. Not only does it showcase the natural environment around us, but it uses less energy. I love taking my clients to parks, fields, greenery, and all places natural. It’s therapeutic and a great way to bring my clients back to nature, and it’s also what sparked my love for photography in the first place.’
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801 E Main St. is a multi dimensional haven from the mundane side of life. Come experience it yourselves and then share it with the ones you love. 801 E. Main, The Poor Porker and the Corner Store provide a multi-function space, with beignets, coffee, local and artisan made goodies and just plain awesomeness. They have a huge passion for connecting the local community with Lakeland based business owners and upcycling their way into greatness.
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Alicia Rohan (A&P Design:
‘We are a letterpress company that each invitation is printed on our 100 year old antique printing press. It uses no energy and is foot & hand fed. We always print on 100% cotton paper stock which is tree free. Our inks are all soy based. We recycle all old letterpress plates & paper scraps.
We also give back throughout the year to local charities, our church and various foundations we are lucky enough to print for.
Corkskin is one of the most unique papers on the market today. Corkskin is handmade in Portugal and is a versatile, naturally water-resistant sheet with a multitude of applications. Additionally, corkskin is environmentally friendly as only the outer layer of tree bark is used and the tree is not cut down, but left to grow a new outer bark over and over again.’
View More: (Malindy Elene:
‘The gown was designed by Anna Campbell Bridal! She is based out of Australia and has always had a goal to source local and provide ethical fabrics for her garments.  The lace on the gown is hand designed by Anna and then made locally with a small local company in Australia. Her gowns are not mass produced but are made by a small team of women who work in her studio in Australia. No mass production (or poor labor standards) here!  The same goes for her beading on the gown.  We love our designers that are conscious of where and who is involved in the production of their products and are proud of include Anna Campbell in that group!’ *Editor Note: Malindy Elene Couture is actively involved in the local wedding community and has donated several gowns to various charity organizations. BSB has personally received multiple donated gowns from Megan that were sent to Dominican Republic, for a mass charity wedding of over 20 couples. Thank you for all you do, Megan!
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Participating Vendors:
(BSB Vendor) Design & Florals: Amber Vetch Designs | (BSB Vendor) Rentals: Set Rentals |Photography: Samantha Lee Photography | Venue: 801 E. Main | Beignets: Poor Porker | Invitation Suite/Paper Goods: A&P Design | Bridal Boutique: Malindy Elene | Gown Designer: Anna Campbell Bridal | Hair and Makeup: Style Hair and Makeup | Models: Elizabeth Dugan and Tyler Ammons

Weddings that Give Back: Gina and Nate- Anderson Hall, CA

There is something nostalgic and magical about seeing such a talented and loving couple come together to be wed, with the communal help of their family and friends. Today’s wedding feature, of Gina and Nate’s wedding day, is slap full of intentionality, handmade tenderness, local community support and oozie amounts of great love! Thanks to our BSB Vendor, Michelle Feileacan Photography, for sharing their images, and their giving story with us! Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng029 Gina (the bride) is an amazing jewelry artist and created her squash blossom, necklaces for her bridesmaids, bolo ties for the groomsmen and even crafted their rings! On top of that, she also sought out the perfect vintage boho dress to walk down the aisle in! Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng498Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng458 The flowers were all grown locally. Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng043Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng508 Their ceremony was held under the redwoods and included lots of laughter, tears, and tattoos. The redwood grove is down the road from their house, and they live in the very same woods they were wed. The trees have a lot of significance in their lives (her business is Talking Tree Designs) so it couldn’t be a more perfect, intentional, space to vow their love. Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng067 Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng499 Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng495 Even their ceremony was community-driven, they were married by the groom’s father, a local woman played violin, their friends performed music at the ceremony. Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng103 Nate is a tattoo artist and two of his coworkers gave the happy couple matching tattoos, as part of their ceremony. Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng115 Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng130 Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng147 Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng151 Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng156 Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng419 Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng440  Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng475 Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng483   Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng529 At the reception, hosted at a neighborhood hall, the community amazingness continued with friends and family bringing the most amazing display of food to share. The served a locally raised pig and then the rest was potluck to save on catering waste.  Friends and family provided the food, made flowers, baked biscuits, it was an amazing experience to witness. People were sharing recipes, swapping stories and marveling over the spread. Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng188 Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng264 The band members were also friends of the couple and treated everyone to a great time. Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng331 Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng335Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng268 Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng306   Pinzari_Glomb_MichelleFeileacanPhotography_mfpng520 BSB VENDOR- Photographer:  Michelle Feileacan Photography//Event Venue: Anderson Hall//Floral Designer: California sister//  

Weddings That Give Back: Samantha and Ricky – Orlando, FL

We love alternative, tiny, weddings that have intention and generosity at their core! Skipping the traditional wedding HOOPLA, Samantha and Ricky went for a wetter alternative and decided to tie the knot the best way the knew how… in the water at Typhoon Lagoon! Instead of a first dance, they choose to ride their first wave as man and wife and we couldn’t be more in love with their non-confirmative way of getting hitched! Well done guys! Read more from Ricky below. img_0020 “Samantha and I chose to have the ceremony we did because we wanted it to be a genuine expression of who we are, doing something we both love to do, with the people we love. Our intent was to keep it simple, fun, and relaxed for the small group that came. Part of our strength, as a couple, comes from supporting, encouraging, and inspiring each other, and those around us, to be our best and pursue our dreams. Whether it be making a difference directly through our work, Sam through her art and me through my books, speaking engagements, and You Are Valued – the movement to value others, or a random person we feel inspired to help, giving is instrumental in the richness of our relationship.” The best part of their wedding story was that they packed up all their goods in storage and went on a cross-country road trip spreading the love and mission behind You Are Valued across the United States. img_0016img_0015 img_0014 img_0013 You Are Valued is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing about change in our society by reminding people of the value in who they are and what they have to offer the world around them. From bullying, to teen suicide, to drug abuse, low self esteem is at the root of the negative behavior. When someone feels better about who they are, the more likely they are to make healthier choices. By embracing the value of others through various initiatives, lasting change will be inspired, cultivating peace in our world. 12888527_1172756852758812_2887051769852874617_o Their programs on Empowerment, Goal Development, Cultivating Peace/Promoting Compassion for others, and Building Community/Being the Change have received approval by Pinellas County, Florida School Board to be used in the schools health education programs in their Middle School Health Education Classes, High School Classes (Hope, Life Managment Skills, Teen Pregnancy or Teen Parenting Classes, other Health Education or Family and Consumer Science Classes). Other organizations that have used the programs are the Pinellas County Council of PTA’s, FACE IT Program (Families Acting Collaborativel To Educate And Involve Teens), the Coordinated Childcare of Pinellas Overlay program, as well as various private schools and community centers. 11703090_1028399203861245_6221359091926291027_n 11902591_1041374219230410_3785935885208965801_n Wedding Photos by Keith Burnson

Real Wedding that Gives Back: Erin & Kevin, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

One of our newest Black Sheep Bride vendors,  ‘Cause We Can Events, recently shared this Real Wedding submission with us and we couldn’t wait to share the Botanical Goodness of this wedding day! Not only did the couple invest in a non-profit venue, South Coast Botanic Garden , they also used aromatic/multi-purposed herbs instead of traditional floral centerpieces, and reusable mason jugs as gifts/drink containers throughout the night, to help keep unwanted waste at a minimum. On top of all of that, the groom is a musician and has a heart for young talent, so they hired a few local high school music students to play a little jazz during their cocktail to help support their efforts!
Photography courtesy of Danto Photography
 JD1_6990 JD1_7012 JD1_7020 JD1_7039 ALP_7668JD2_3318JD1_7060 JD1_7064 JD1_7067 JD1_7097 JD1_7110 JD1_7116 JD1_7125    ALP_7994 JD1_7237ALP_8178 ALP_8192  ALP_8199 ALP_8195JD2_3688 ALP_8372 ALP_8374 ALP_7870ALP_7608ALP_8437 JD2_3824  ALP_8644 JD1_7462

Fair Trade Vintage Boho Wedding Ideas that Give Back

2014-09-26_0019 When Celia Grace first connected with Black Sheep Bride, they shared this amazing gallery of images from a recent Fair Trade Dress shoot and we were totally swooning over the collaborative masterpiece that was created to accent the bride’s beautiful Fair Trade/vintage style. Loveridge Photography did an outstanding job taking this vision to a whole new level with the warm, organic and earthy scenes captured from her artistic perspective. Hello Friday Event Design provided styling and graphics. The wedding dress was contributed by Celia Grace, a fair trade company that provides fair wages to global artisan cooperatives for their labor. Each Celia Grace wedding dress sold provides a water filter to someone in need around the world!  2014-09-26_0011 The venue was set within the beautiful garden space of Dana Powers House with bold and whimsy local bloom arrangements designed by Lori Boe Floral Design . The vintage rusty chic chairs were provided by Embellish Vintage Rentals. 2014-09-26_0029 2014-09-26_0004 HumanKind  (a fair trade shop that provides artisans around the world a fair wage for their work) provided some of the gorgeous textiles and design elements.  Lisa Leonard‘s fair trade necklace and bracelets are made by several Ecuadorian women, each piece of jewelry purchased helps children in Ecuador go to school, through Jungle Kids. 2014-09-26_0020 2014-09-26_0005 2014-09-26_0006  2014-09-26_0008 2014-09-26_0009 2014-09-26_0010  2014-09-26_0012 2014-09-26_0013 2014-09-26_0014 2014-09-26_0015 2014-09-26_0016 2014-09-26_0017    2014-09-26_0021 2014-09-26_0022 The yummy cupcakes came from It Takes a Bakery, who’s goal is to hire and empower at risk teens through teaching them the art of baked goods!  And those detectable truffles are made with all natural and fair trade ingredients by Mama Ganache . 2014-09-26_0023 2014-09-26_0024 2014-09-26_0025 2014-09-26_0026 2014-09-26_0027 2014-09-26_0028  2014-09-26_0030 2014-09-26_0031 2014-09-26_0007 We hope this gives your wedding planning ideas a little more global vision! It is so easy and holds so much value to consciously incorporate vendors and products into your day that help others! How will your Big Day help others!? Collaborative Vendor Team: Photography: Loveridge Photography, Venue: Dana Powers House, Dress: Celia Grace, Hair and Make Up: Sammy Williams Hair and Make Up, Accessories: Lisa Leonard, Baked Goods: It Takes a Bakery, Truffles: Mama Ganache, Decor: Humankind Fair Trade, Styling and Paper Goods: Hello Friday Events, Florals: Lori Boe Florals, Vintage Rentals: Embellish Vintage Rentals