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Military Weddings that Gives Back – Michelle & Dave, Austin, TX

This Memorial Day we wanted to revisit one of our favorite military wedding features in honor of all those that have served and sacrificed their lives for our country. Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311031714 So grateful for today’s featured Real Wedding and how it brings honor and love to those that serve our country! Not only is the groom a selfless man of service, this gorgeous couple is also socially conscious. They decided to get married at the Barr Mansion, ‘The Nation’s only Certified Organic Event Facility’, and donated a portion of their budget t a charity fighting human trafficking, The Polaris Project. Talk about amazing! Their wonderful photographers, at Amanda Summerlin Photography, also pride’s themselves on being green and eco-conscious, as well as donating a portion of their profits to one of several organizations. As a gift for clients that book their wedding day, Amanda Summerlin Photography, provides their couples with a Kiva Card (which provided micro loans to entrepeuners around the world). To date they have provided the Kiva community with over 94 micro loans. Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding2013110345 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding2013110369 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103203 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103249 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103390 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103454 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103536 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103618 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103784 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103810 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103822 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103826 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103837 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103842 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103857 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding20131103870 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311031073 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311031171 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311031344 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311031682 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311031686 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311031708 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311032482 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311032572 Bouvier_Myers_Amanda_Summerlin_Photography_Wedding201311032911 Venue: Barr Mansion | Photographer: Amanda Summerlin | Floral: Stems Floral | Cake: Polkadots Cup Cake Factory

The Biggest Fake Wedding Recap – Atlanta

My home away from home, as of late, is Atlanta, GA. It’s a quick 1 hour plane ride and friendly face (with coffee in hand) awaiting my arrival, formally referred to as Liz Townsend of Liddabits Designs. Earlier this month I made a quick trip up there and had the privilege to share space with some of the most creative, inspiring and hard working industry leaders across the nation at the ‘Biggest Fake Wedding‘. For those less familiar with The Big Fake Wedding experience, it is simply put a ‘fake wedding’ (as listed in their title) which is designed and created by an amazing collaboration of wedding vendors across the nation. The wedding ceremony is actually a vow renewal ceremony for an already married couple. When we heard Gina and Edward would be the couple we couldn’t wait to meet them in person, because we featured their socially conscious REAL wedding earlier in the year! The best surprise of the night was when we found out we would actually be witnessing a REAL Wedding (that occurred immediately after Gina and Edward’s vow renewal) shown in the second half of this post. I can’t look at these photos without tearing up, the night was truly special to me (and so many others) … Excited to share more news about our partnership with The Big Fake Wedding in the next week! Photography courtesy of Kaitie Bryant Photography BiggestFakeWedding-1 BiggestFakeWedding-2 BiggestFakeWedding-10 BiggestFakeWedding-18 BiggestFakeWedding-24 BiggestFakeWedding-29 BiggestFakeWedding-100 BiggestFakeWedding-104 BiggestFakeWedding-109 BiggestFakeWedding-114 BiggestFakeWedding-117 BiggestFakeWedding-119 BiggestFakeWedding-122 BiggestFakeWedding-135 BiggestFakeWedding-139 BiggestFakeWedding-143 BiggestFakeWedding-150 BiggestFakeWedding-156 BiggestFakeWedding-159 BiggestFakeWedding-172  BiggestFakeWedding-175 BiggestFakeWedding-176 BiggestFakeWedding-178 BiggestFakeWedding-180 BiggestFakeWedding-185 BiggestFakeWedding-198 BiggestFakeWedding-208 BiggestFakeWedding-235 BiggestFakeWedding-237  BiggestFakeWedding-245 BiggestFakeWedding-247 BiggestFakeWedding-254 BiggestFakeWedding-255 BiggestFakeWedding-262 BiggestFakeWedding-268 BiggestFakeWedding-270 BiggestFakeWedding-276 BiggestFakeWedding-278 BiggestFakeWedding-289 BiggestFakeWedding-291 BiggestFakeWedding-292 BiggestFakeWedding-295 BiggestFakeWedding-297 BiggestFakeWedding-301 BiggestFakeWedding-305 BiggestFakeWedding-307 BiggestFakeWedding-310 BiggestFakeWedding-316 Photography courtesy of Love Ya Jess –  As you will see in the images below, Jess was in charge of photographing our real (surprise) wedding couple Ben & McKenzie. W82A2645 W82A2667 W82A2674 W82A2717 W82A2729 W82A2730 W82A2750 W82A2759 W82A2813  W82A2831 W82A2865 W82A2878 W82A2892 W82A2911 W82A2920 W82A2951 W82A2953 W82A2956 W82A2963 W82A2965 W82A2983 W82A2986 W82A3004 W82A3025 W82A3031 W82A3048 W82A3059 W82A3063 W82A3082 W82A3106 W82A3260 W82A3293  W82A3345 W82A3415 W82A3418 W82A3420 W82A3493 W82A3500 Up & Up Weddings was there capturing all the details in motion and created this stellar trailer. The Biggest Fake Wedding – Trailer from Up & Up Weddings on Vimeo. Gina and Edward also worked with Melody Wed to create a custom love song based on their personal story. Participating Black Sheep Bride vendors: Banners + Flags : Liddabits Paper  | Programs + Party Goods: Custom Cups and Napkins – Cherish Creations Remaining participating vendors:  Bowtie Favors: xoelle  | Bridesmaid Dresses : Adore Bridal Boutique | Calligraphy + Design : Estudio Rojo | Catering : Sun In My Belly | Custom First Dance Song: MelodyWed | Custom Favors: Record Art Q Made It | Day-Of Coordination : Cape Cod Celebrations | Desserts: Marshmallows Malvi | DJ + Emcee : DJ Josh Whitlock | Event Rentals: Clear Chair Atlanta | Floral + Event Design:Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Flower Crown + Tables 2, 5, 8, 11 : Rosemary + Finch | Floral + Event Design: Ceremony Backdrop + Tables 3, 6, 9, 12: Kara Nash Designs | Floral + Event Design: Head Table + Tables 1, 4, 7, 10: Holland Daze Expressions In Bloom | Glassware: Eikoh Design Studio | Hair : 139 Hair By Heidi |Invitations + Atlanta Infographic: Jankun Creative Studio, A Labor Of Love | Makeup : Concepts By Anastasia | Menswear: The Modern Gent | Pearl Jewelry: The Cultured Pearl Of Charleston | Photography: Love Ya Jess | Photography: Kaitie Bryant Photography | Wooden Signage + Custom Stained Glass “Guestbook”: Ever Laser| Venue: Amy Osaba Studio | Videography: Up + Up Weddings | Vintage Rentals: Miss Milly’s Event Rentals + Design | Wedding Cake: Pêche Petite Boutique Bakery | Wedding Dress: Borrowing Magnolia | Wedding Vow Art: The Standard Canvas | National Sparkling Wine Sponsor: Ferrari

Big Fake Wedding NYC Recap

Over the past year, of partnering, participating and promoting Big Fake Wedding, we have noticed one special nugget of goodness: when there are children involved… They come very close to stealing the show and at the Big Fake Wedding NYC…nothing was getting in the way of this family’s cuteness!
We just love the way the brick-walled beer hall venue complimented the feminine soft dainty florals and design elements incorporated into the big city experience. With ‘European Sky’ as the main focus of inspiration the vendor collaboration and vision was a piece of …BIG APPLE Pie, see what I did… BIG APPLE, instead of cake… HA! I kill me!
Photos below : Laura Lee Photography
SophieKawalekPhotography (10 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (22 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (57 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (81 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (105 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (148 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (187 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (213 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (223 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (233 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (238 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (259 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (276 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (294 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (300 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (317 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (319 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (356 of 506) SophieKawalekPhotography (361 of 506)
 IMG_0927 IMG_1034 IMG_1073 IMG_1116 IMG_1142 IMG_1209 IMG_1318 IMG_1431 IMG_1438 IMG_1447 IMG_1456 IMG_1475 IMG_1490 IMG_1535 IMG_1667 IMG_1674 IMG_1767 IMG_1781 IMG_1784 IMG_1842 IMG_1885 IMG_1939 IMG_1979 IMG_2010 IMG_2059 IMG_2079 IMG_2109 IMG_2186 IMG_2202 IMG_2305 IMG_2327 IMG_2353 IMG_2399 IMG_2459 IMG_2510 IMG_2642 IMG_2669 IMG_2678 IMG_2794 IMG_2963 IMG_3202
And you can never go wrong with a fun highlight video either:
Participating Vendors:
Bath + Body: Olivenar | Bridal Party Gifts: Things Remembered | Catering + Venue: Houston Hall | Ceremony Musician: Natalie Hall Classic Strings | Day-Of Coordination: Look Sharp Events | Dessert Bar: Got Cake! Cake Bar | Entertainment (DJ Shelly): EastCoast Entertainment | Floral + Event Design (Bouquets/Boutonnieres + Tables 4, 8): Flowers by G Bella | Floral + Event Design (Ceremony Backdrop + Table 2): LVR Events | Floral + Event Design (Head Table + Tables 3, 6): White Elephant Events | Floral + Event Design (Registration Area + Tables 5, 7, 9): Ashley Peraino Events | Groomsmen Attire: The Tailory New York | Guest Book: MDB Weddings | Hair + Makeup: Kookla | Hair Accessories: Kerry Ann Stokes | Hotel: Cambria Hotels + Suites NYC – Chelsea | Invitations (Gold Rush Suite): Cariad Lane Calligraphy | Invitations (Golden Floral): Engaging Papers | Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel | Paper Accents: Park Slope Press | Party Favors: Moments On Magnets | Photo Booth: Poppy Booth | Photography: Laura Lee Photography | Photography: Samantha Lauren Photographie | Photography: Sophie Kawalek Photography | Programs: My Darlin’ | Signage: Buffy Weddings | Videography: First Take Filmworks | Wedding Cake: Cake Heights | Wedding Dress: Theia | Whoopie Pies, Mini Brooksters + Mini Bars: Baked | National Sparkling Wine Sponsor: Ferrari Sparkling Wine | National Travel Vendor: Bliss by Luxury Concierge|