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District Bliss NYC Vendor Social Recap

Here is a super fun recap from a recent Vendor Social via District Bliss, one of our national publication partnerships! LOVING all these pop’s of color and the bamboo flatware/plates! Well done friends!
Their next couples social is in Washington, D.C. at Fathom Gallery on March 9th. Register now, before it’s too late at their Eventbrite link with all the info.
 district-bliss-couples-social-01 district-bliss-couples-social-04 9.26.46 AM district-bliss-couples-social-06 district-bliss-couples-social-07 district-bliss-couples-social-09 district-bliss-couples-social-11 district-bliss-couples-social-12 district-bliss-couples-social-13 9.26.46 AM district-bliss-couples-social-14 district-bliss-couples-social-15 district-bliss-couples-social-16 district-bliss-couples-social-17 9.26.46 AM district-bliss-couples-social-19 district-bliss-couples-social-20 district-bliss-couples-social-21 9.26.46 AM district-bliss-couples-social-25 district-bliss-couples-social-26 district-bliss-couples-social-31 district-bliss-couples-social-32 district-bliss-couples-social-33 district-bliss-couples-social-35 district-bliss-couples-social-44 district-bliss-couples-social-48 district-bliss-couples-social-49
Participating Vendors:
Happily Ever Borrowed | Accessory Rental | Hoopla Events ı Wedding, Event Planning | Rima Brinamour Photography ı Photography/Photo booth | 501 Union ı Venue | Susty Party ı Eco-Friendly Paper Goods | Acute Inflections ı Live Music, Band | Menagerie ı Online Wedding Community | Park Slope Press | Designer | Sydney Sweets | Dessert | Jetaway Guru | Honeymoon
Their next couples social is in DC at Fathom Gallery on March 9th. Register at the Eventbrite link for all the info.